Advanced intelligent computing theories and applications. 6th international conference on intelligent computing, Changsha, China, August 18–21, 2010. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1200.68009

Communications in Computer and Information Science 93. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-14830-9/pbk; 978-3-642-14831-6/ebook). xviii, 575 p. (2010).

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Zhou, Yongquan; Du, Yanlian; Huang, Zhengxin, Complex functional network Hebbian-type learning algorithm and convergence, 1-7 [Zbl 1202.68331]
Du, Pengying; Luo, Xiaoping, A new intelligent control strategy of high-voltage power supply for ECRH based on CMAC neural network, 8-15 [Zbl 1198.93080]
Ather, Maleeha; Khan, Malik Jahan, Self-configuration using artificial neural networks, 16-21 [Zbl 1202.68304]
Zeng, Jun-Ying; Cao, Xiao-Hua; Gan, Jun-Ying, An improvement of AdaBoost for face detection with random forests, 22-29 [Zbl 1202.68368]
Liu, Yuzhen; Li, Shoufu, Hybrid good point set evolutionary strategy for constrained optimization, 30-39 [Zbl 1202.90241]
Wu, Jue; Chen, Lixue; Yang, Lei; Peng, Lingxi, Research of modified quantum genetic algorithm and it’s application in collision detection, 40-47 [Zbl 1202.68205]
An, Qinli, A new method of attribute reduction and prediction in fuzzy decision system, 48-52 [Zbl 1202.68391]
Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza; Azarkish, Mojgan; Sadeghnejad, Azar, A new hybrid multi-objective Pareto archive PSO algorithm for a classic job shop scheduling problem with ready times, 61-68 [Zbl 1202.68075]
Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza; Jafari-Zarandini, Yaser; Gholipour-Kanani, Yousef, Multi-objective particle swarm optimization for sequencing and scheduling a cellular manufacturing system, 69-75 [Zbl 1197.90232]
Wang, Yujia; Xue, Yunfeng; Zhang, Liping, A hybrid PSO algorithm with transposon for multiobjective optimization, 76-84 [Zbl 1202.90234]
Rotili, Rudy; De Simone, Claudio; Perelli, Alessandro; Cifani, Simone; Squartini, Stefano, Joint multichannel blind speech separation and dereverberation: a real-time algorithmic implementation, 85-93 [Zbl 1200.94027]
Ge, Fei; Ma, Jinwen, An efficient pairwise kurtosis optimization algorithm for independent component analysis, 94-101 [Zbl 1202.62089]
Shen, Jianwei; Miao, Baojun; Xu, Yong, Oscillatory dynamics of double negative feedback loop motif by microRNAs, 119-123 [Zbl 1201.92030]
Jongsawat, Nipat; Premchaiswadi, Wichian, Aggregating and weighting expert knowledge in group decision making, 138-146 [Zbl 1202.68396]
Zhao, Hua; Qin, Keyun; Qiu, Xiaoping, A new heuristic feature selection algorithm based on rough sets, 147-153 [Zbl 1202.68330]
Haeri, Abdorrahman; Tavakoli-Moghaddam, Reza, Developing a procedure to obtain knowledge of optimum solutions in a travelling salesman problem, 154-159 [Zbl 1202.90225]
Yuan, Bo; Li, Cheng; Chen, Wei, Training a pac-man player with minimum domain knowledge and basic rationality, 169-177 [Zbl 1202.68328]
Lin, Cheng Sheng; Fan, Chin-Yuan; Fan, Pei-Shu; Wang, Yen-Wen, Hybrid self-organizing map and neural network clustering analysis for technology professionals turnover rate forecasting, 178-185 [Zbl 1214.68292]
Bernard, Simon; Heutte, Laurent; Adam, Sébastien, A study of strength and correlation in random forests, 186-191 [Zbl 1198.68206]
Cheng, Yong; Sun, Chengjie; Lin, Lei; Liu, Yuanchao, A comparison study of conditional random fields toolkits, 192-199 [Zbl 1214.68419]
Shao, Jie; Yang, Jing-Yu, Robot reinforcement learning based on learning classifier system, 200-207 [Zbl 1214.68299]
Bevilacqua, Vitoantonio; Picardi, Ernesto; Pesole, Graziano; Ranieri, Daniele; Stola, Vincenzo; Reno, Vito, New tools for expression alternative splicing validation, 222-231 [Zbl 1198.92015]
Jiao, Jian; Yao, Shan; Xia, Chunehe, Application for artificial bee colony algorithm in migration of mobile agent, 232-238 [Zbl 1214.68357]
Bevilacqua, Vitoantonio; Menolascina, Filippo; Aurora, Domenico; Lucivero, Sergio; Quatela, Nicola Francesco, A novel tool for assisted in-silico cloning and sequence editing in molecular biology, 239-245 [Zbl 1198.92014]
An, Qinli; Feng, Youqian; Gao, Dahua; Yu, Fuping, A new method using table to sparse representation in pairs of bases with matching pursuits, 246-249 [Zbl 1214.94020]
Shang, Li; Su, Pingang; Dai, Guiping; Gu, Yunian; Zhao, Zhiqiang, Palmprint recognition method using WTA-ICA based on 2DPCA, 250-257 [Zbl 1214.68328]
Zhang, Shuai; Zhang, Hongbin, JPEG steganalysis using estimated image and Markov model, 281-287 [Zbl 1209.68247]
Zeng, Jun-Ying; Gan, Jun-Ying; He, Si-Bin, Applications of two-dimensional heteroscedastic discriminant analysis in face recognition, 288-295 [Zbl 1210.68097]
Tao, Junli; Li, Shutao; Yang, Bin, Multimodal image fusion algorithm using dual-tree complex wavelet transform and particle swarm optimization, 296-303 [Zbl 1200.94016]
Liu, Shaohui; Jiang, Feng; Yao, Hongxun; Zhao, Debin, An image data hiding method using pixel-based JND model, 312-319 [Zbl 1209.68230]
Kieu-Xuan, Thuc; Koo, Insoo, A sequential test based cooperative spectrum sensing scheme using fuzzy logic for cognitive radio networks, 326-333 [Zbl 1207.68046]
Krishnamurthi, Rajalakshmi; Kumar, Prakash; Bindu, Hima M., Solving base station subsystem assignment problem in mobile communication networks using hybridized heuristic algorithm, 334-342 [Zbl 1207.68047]
Nguyen-Thanh, Nhan; Insoo, Koo, A sequential cooperative spectrum sensing scheme based on Dempster Shafer theory of evidence, 343-350 [Zbl 1207.68390]
Zhu, Xueguang, High resolution direction finding of multiple coherent signals, 351-357 [Zbl 1200.94036]
Lee, Youngdu; Koo, Insoo, A neural network-based cooperative spectrum sensing scheme for cognitive radio systems, 364-371 [Zbl 1207.68050]
Zhou, Jian; Kang, Hee-Jun; Ro, Young-Shick, Comparison of the observability indices for robot calibration considering joint stiffness parameters, 372-380 [Zbl 1207.68399]
Hadavandi, Esmaeil; Ghanbari, Arash; Abbasian-Naghneh, Salman, Developing an evolutionary neural network model for stock index forecasting, 407-415 [Zbl 1210.68081]
Olsen, Martin Aastrup; Hartung, Daniel; Busch, Christoph; Larsen, Rasmus, Contrast enhancement and metrics for biometric vein pattern recognition, 425-434 [Zbl 1207.68304]
Choraś, Michał; Kozik, Rafał, Feature extraction method for contactless palmprint biometrics, 435-442 [Zbl 1207.68269]
Wang, Zhanping, Numerical analysis for stochastic investment system with Poisson jumps, 443-453 [Zbl 1198.91231]
Zhou, Changxiong; Hu, Zhifeng; Wang, Feng; Fan, Haijiang; Shang, Li, Quantum collapsing median filter, 454-461 [Zbl 1207.68432]
Zhang, Pei; Tao, Zhifu; Wang, Yiming; Zhou, Changxiong, An impulse C application in the LDPC decoding algorithm, 462-468 [Zbl 1213.68224]
Zhang, Congpin; Wu, Changmao; Zhao, Lili, Research on algorithm of parallel garbage collection based on LISP 2 for multi-core system, 469-476 [Zbl 1213.68198]
Dai, Guiping, Rotating machinery fault diagnosis based on EMD-approximate entropy and LS-SVM, 485-492 [Zbl 1207.68271]
Zhang, Li, Study of applications based on measurement technology in the future smart grid, 493-498 [Zbl 1207.68078]
Huai, Wenjun; Shang, Li, Palm line extraction using FRIT, 499-506 [Zbl 1210.68091]
Zhou, Yan; Zhao, Zhiqiang, Fast ICA for multi-speaker recognition system, 507-513 [Zbl 1207.68335]
Cao, Fengwen; Wang, Yiwang, Variable universe adaptive fuzzy-PI compound control applied in maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic energy generation system, 514-519 [Zbl 1202.93072]
Hui, Zhanwei; Huang, Song, Software security testing of web applications based on SSD, 527-534 [Zbl 1209.68034]
Niu, Ben; Fan, Yan; Tan, Lijing; Rao, Junjun; Li, Li, A review of bacterial foraging optimization. I: Background and development, 535-543 [Zbl 1202.68398]
Niu, Ben; Fan, Yan; Tan, Lijing; Rao, Junjun; Li, Li, A review of bacterial foraging optimization. II : Applications and challenges, 544-550 [Zbl 1202.68399]
Niu, Ben; Xiao, Han; Tan, Lijing; Fan, Yan; Rao, Junjun, Liquidity risk portfolio optimization using swarm intelligence, 551-558 [Zbl 1197.91179]
Liu, Xiaoming; Wang, Zhaohui; Liu, Jun; Feng, Zhilin, Dimension reduction with semi-supervised pairwise covariance-preserving projection, 559-565 [Zbl 1214.68324]


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