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Information processing and management of uncertainty in knowledge-based systems. Applications. 13th international conference, IPMU 2010, Dortmund, Germany, June 28–July 2, 2010. Proceedings. Part II. (English) Zbl 1200.68011
Communications in Computer and Information Science 81. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-14057-0/pbk; 978-3-642-14058-7/ebook). xxv, 762 p. (2010).

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Indexed articles:
Badaloni, Silvana; Falda, Marco, Coping with uncertainty in temporal gene expressions using symbolic representations, 11-20 [Zbl 1202.68126]
Moreno-Garcia, Juan; Jimenez Linares, Luis; Rodriguez-Benitez, Luis; Solana-Cipres, Cayetano, Olive trees detection in very high resolution images, 21-29 [Zbl 1202.68353]
Sadeghi-Tehran, Pouria; Angelov, Plamen; Ramezani, Ramin, A fast recursive approach to autonomous detection, identification and tracking of multiple objects in video streams under uncertainties, 30-43 [Zbl 1211.68361]
Martin, Trevor; Shen, Yun; Majidian, Andrei, Soft concept hierarchies to summarise data streams and highlight anomalous changes, 44-54 [Zbl 1198.68217]
Rügheimer, Frank, Using enriched ontology structure for improving statistical models of gene annotation sets, 55-64 [Zbl 1202.68148]
Fialho, André S.; Cismondi, Federico; Vieira, Susana M.; Sousa, João M. C.; Reti, Shane R.; Howell, Michael D.; Finkelstein, Stan N., Predicting outcomes of septic shock patients using feature selection based on soft computing techniques, 65-74 [Zbl 1202.68414]
De Tré, Guy; Bronselaer, Antoon; Matthé, Tom; Van de Weghe, Nico; De Maeyer, Philippe, Consistently handling geographical user data context-dependent detection of co-located POIs, 85-94 [Zbl 1201.68142]
Bosc, Patrick; Pivert, Olivier; Smits, Grégory, A model based on outranking for database preference queries, 95-104 [Zbl 1198.68123]
Hachani, Narjes; Derbel, Imen; Ounelli, Habib, Incremental membership function updates, 105-114 [Zbl 1202.68140]
Bashon, Yasmina; Neagu, Daniel; Ridley, Mick J., A new approach for comparing fuzzy objects, 115-125 [Zbl 1348.68042]
Medina, Juan Miguel; Barranco, Carlos D.; Campaña, Jesús R.; Jaime-Castillo, Sergio, Generalized fuzzy comparators for complex data in a fuzzy object-relational database management system, 126-136 [Zbl 1198.68131]
Matthé, Tom; De Tré, Guy, The bipolar semantics of querying null values in regular and fuzzy databases dealing with inapplicability, 137-146 [Zbl 1198.68130]
Martínez-Cruz, Carmen; Blanco, Ignacio J.; Vila, M. Amparo, Describing fuzzy DB schemas as ontologies: A system architecture view, 147-157 [Zbl 1211.68163]
Martín-Bautista, M. J.; Molina, C.; Tejeda, E.; Vila, M. Amparo, Using textual dimensions in data warehousing processes, 158-167 [Zbl 1198.68129]
Rein, Kellyn; Schade, Ulrich; Kawaletz, Silverius, Uncertainty estimation in the fusion of text-based information for situation awareness, 168-177 [Zbl 1209.68196]
Felix, Rudolf, Aggregation of partly inconsistent preference information, 178-187 [Zbl 1209.68512]
Capotorti, Andrea; Regoli, Giuliana; Vattari, Francesca, Risk neutral valuations based on partial probabilistic information, 188-197 [Zbl 1200.91288]
Destercke, Sebastien, A new contextual discounting rule for lower probabilities, 198-207 [Zbl 1209.68543]
Yager, Ronald R., The power average operator for information fusion, 208-220 [Zbl 1209.68608]
Soria-Frisch, Aureli; Repucci, Antonio; Moreno, Laura; Caparrini, Marco, Performance comparison of fusion operators in bimodal remote sensing snow detection, 221-230 [Zbl 1211.68432]
Bombardier, Vincent; Schmitt, Emmanuel; Charpentier, Patrick, Color recognition enhancement by fuzzy merging, 231-240 [Zbl 1209.68595]
Pedrycz, Witold; Kacprzyk, Janusz; Zadroẓny, Sławomir, Towards a new generation of indicators for consensus reaching support using type-2 fuzzy sets, 241-250 [Zbl 1209.68550]
Maturo, Antonio; Ventre, Aldo G. S., Multiagent decision making, fuzzy prevision, and consensus, 251-260 [Zbl 1209.68515]
Eklund, Patrik; Fedrizzi, Mario; Nurmi, Hannu, A categorical approach to the extension of social choice functions, 261-270 [Zbl 1202.18003]
Inoue, Hiroshi; Miyake, Masatoshi, A default risk model in a fuzzy framework, 280-288 [Zbl 1197.91192]
Ohnishi, Shin-Ichi; Yamanoi, Takahiro; Imai, Hideyuki, On a fuzzy weights representation for inner dependence AHP, 289-297 [Zbl 1198.90240]
Rodríguez-Muñiz, Luis J.; López-Díaz, Miguel, Different models with fuzzy random variables in single-stage decision problems, 298-305 [Zbl 1198.62006]
Kluck, Nora, Some notes on the value of vagueness in everyday communication, 344-349 [Zbl 1209.68566]
Yüksel, Yücel, On Zadeh’s “The birth and evolution of fuzzy logic”, 350-355 [Zbl 1207.03003]
Seising, Rudolf, Complexity and fuzziness in 20th century science and technology, 356-365 [Zbl 1207.03018]
Galindo, José; León-González, Enrique, Educational software of fuzzy logic and control, 366-375 [Zbl 1198.00011]
Abbasbandy, Saeid; Hajighasemi, Saeide, A fuzzy distance between two fuzzy numbers, 376-382 [Zbl 1207.03058]
Ramli, Nazirah; Mohamad, Daud, On the Jaccard index with degree of optimism in ranking fuzzy numbers, 383-391 [Zbl 1206.68303]
Casasnovas, Jaume; Riera, J. Vicente, Negation functions in the set of discrete fuzzy numbers, 392-401 [Zbl 1207.03062]
Grzegorzewski, Przemysław, Trapezoidal approximation of fuzzy numbers based on sample data, 402-411 [Zbl 1202.26045]
Deschrijver, Glad, Multiple products and implications in interval-valued fuzzy set theory, 412-419 [Zbl 1206.03046]
Carlsson, Christer; Brunelli, Matteo; Mezei, Jozsef, Fuzzy ontology and information granulation: an approach to knowledge mobilisation, 420-429 [Zbl 1209.68406]
Medina, Jesús, Adjoint pairs on interval-valued fuzzy sets, 430-439 [Zbl 1209.68547]
Boukezzoula, Reda; Galichet, Sylvie, Optimistic arithmetic operators for fuzzy and gradual intervals. I: Interval approach, 440-450 [Zbl 1207.68382]
Boukezzoula, Reda; Galichet, Sylvie, Optimistic arithmetic operators for fuzzy and gradual intervals. II: Fuzzy and gradual interval approach, 451-460 [Zbl 1207.68383]
Haag, Thomas; Hanss, Michael, Model assessment using inverse fuzzy arithmetic, 461-470 [Zbl 1206.65018]
Stefanini, Luciano, New tools in fuzzy arithmetic with fuzzy numbers, 471-480 [Zbl 1206.68304]
Khezerloo, M.; Allahviranloo, T.; Salahshour, S.; Kiasari, M. Khorasani; Ghasemi, S. Haji, Application of Gaussian quadratures in solving fuzzy Fredholm integral equations, 481-490 [Zbl 1200.65111]
Hajighasemi, S.; Allahviranloo, T.; Khezerloo, M.; Khorasany, M.; Salahshour, S., Existence and uniqueness of solutions of fuzzy Volterra integro-differential equations, 491-500 [Zbl 1201.45008]
Khezerloo, S.; Allahviranloo, T.; Ghasemi, S. Haji; Salahshour, S.; Khezerloo, M.; Khorasan Kiasary, M., Expansion method for solving fuzzy Fredholm-Volterra integral equations, 501-511 [Zbl 1201.65222]
Salahshour, Soheil; Haghi, Elnaz, Solving fuzzy heat equation by fuzzy Laplace transforms, 512-521 [Zbl 1201.35182]
Allahviranloo, Tofigh; Salahshour, Soheil, A new approach for solving first order fuzzy differential equation, 522-531 [Zbl 1206.34008]
Jurio, Aranzazu; Pagola, Miguel; Galar, Mikel; Lopez-Molina, Carlos; Paternain, Daniel, A comparison study of different color spaces in clustering based image segmentation, 532-541 [Zbl 1207.68288]
Chamorro-Martínez, Jesús; Martínez-Jiménez, Pedro Manuel; Soto-Hidalgo, Jose Manuel, Retrieving texture images using coarseness fuzzy partitions, 542-551 [Zbl 1211.68177]
Bauer, Alexander, Probabilistic scene models for image interpretation, 562-571 [Zbl 1209.68563]
Solana-Cipres, Cayetano J.; Rodriguez-Benitez, Luis; Moreno-Garcia, Juan; Jimenez-Linares, Luis, Motion segmentation algorithm for dynamic scenes over H.264 video, 572-581 [Zbl 1214.68415]
Paúl, Rui; Aguirre, Eugenio; García-Silvente, Miguel; Muñoz-Salinas, Rafael, Using stereo vision and fuzzy systems for detecting and tracking people, 582-591 [Zbl 1202.68355]
Chertov, Oleg; Tavrov, Dan, Group anonymity, 592-601 [Zbl 1202.94178]
Martínez, Sergio; Valls, Aida; Sánchez, David, Anonymizing categorical data with a recoding method based on semantic similarity, 602-611 [Zbl 1202.94191]
Pearson, Siani, Addressing complexity in a privacy expert system, 612-621 [Zbl 1202.68417]
Mitsugami, Ikuhisa; Mukunoki, Masayuki; Kawanishi, Yasutomo; Hattori, Hironori; Minoh, Michihiko, Privacy-protected camera for the sensing web, 622-631 [Zbl 1202.68060]
Tabia, Karim; Leray, Philippe, Bayesian network-based approaches for severe attack prediction and handling IDSs’ reliability, 632-642 [Zbl 1202.68083]
Taniguchi, Rin-Ichiro; Shimada, Atsushi; Kawaguchi, Yuji; Miyata, Yousuke; Yoshinaga, Satoshi, Structuring and presenting the distributed sensory information in the sensing web, 643-652 [Zbl 1202.68063]
Yamamoto, Kazumasa; Nakagawa, Seiichi, Evaluation of privacy protection techniques for speech signals, 653-662 [Zbl 1202.68064]
Takehara, Takumi; Nakashima, Yuta; Nitta, Naoko; Babaguchi, Noboru, Digital diorama: sensing-based real-world visualization, 663-672 [Zbl 1202.68442]
Mitsuda, Naruki; Ajisaka, Tsuneo, The open data format and query system of the sensing web, 680-689 [Zbl 1202.68059]
Ohta, Yuichi; Kameda, Yoshinari; Kitahara, Itaru; Hayashi, Masayuki; Yamazaki, Shinya, See-through vision: a visual augmentation method for sensing-web, 690-699 [Zbl 1202.68061]
Balázs, Krisztián; Kóczy, László T., A remark on adaptive scheduling of optimization algorithms, 719-728 [Zbl 1206.90237]
Berlik, Stefan; Nasiri, Maryam, An adaptive fuzzy model predictive control system for the textile fiber industry, 729-736 [Zbl 1201.93069]
Carlsson, Christer; Fullér, Robert, Predictive probabilistic and possibilistic models used for risk assessment of SLAs in grid computing, 747-757 [Zbl 1202.68019]

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