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Numerical mathematics and advanced applications 2009. Proceedings of ENUMATH 2009, the 8th European conference on numerical mathematics and advanced applications, Uppsala, Sweden, June 29–July 3, 2009. (English) Zbl 1201.65003
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-11794-7/hbk; 978-3-642-11795-4/ebook). xviii, 939 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1145.65001).
Indexed articles:
Boffi, Daniele, Discrete differential forms, approximation of eigenvalue problems, and application to the \(p\) version of edge finite elements, 3-14 [Zbl 1215.65172]
Dolejší, Vít; Holík, M., Semi-implicit DGFE discretization of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations: efficient solution strategy, 15-27 [Zbl 1311.76055]
Le Bris, Claude, Some numerical approaches for weakly random homogenization, 29-45 [Zbl 1311.74101]
Alauzet, Frederic; Hassan, Wissam; Picasso, Marco, Goal oriented, anisotropic, a posteriori error estimates for the Laplace equation, 47-58 [Zbl 1215.65167]
Abbas, Qaisar; van der Weide, Edwin; Nordström, Jan, Energy stability of the MUSCL scheme, 61-68 [Zbl 1311.76076]
Adolph, Torsten; Schönauer, Willi; Niessen, Markus; Schulz, Wolfgang, Numerical stabilization of the melt front for laser beam cutting, 69-76 [Zbl 1230.78023]
Alvarez-Vázquez, Lino J.; Fernández, Francisco J.; Martínez, Aurea, Numerical optimization of a bioreactor for the treatment of eutrophicated water, 77-85 [Zbl 1311.76099]
Amara, Mohamed; Pétrau, Agnès; Trujillo, David, Finite element approximation of a quasi-3D model for estuarian river flows, 87-95 [Zbl 1311.76039]
Asadzadeh, Mohammad; Kowalczyk, Piotr, Convergence of a mixed discontinuous Galerkin and finite volume scheme for the 3 dimensional Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck system, 97-105 [Zbl 1311.76040]
Bastian, Peter; Buse, Gerrit; Sander, Oliver, Infrastructure for the coupling of dune grids, 107-114 [Zbl 1311.76100]
Bauer, Petr; Suzuki, Atsushi; Jaňour, Zbyněk, FEM for flow and pollution transport in a street canyon, 115-123 [Zbl 1311.76041]
Bause, Markus, Stabilized finite element methods with shock-capturing for nonlinear convection-diffusion-reaction models, 125-133 [Zbl 1216.65152]
Becker, Roland; Capatina, Daniela, Finite element discretization of the Giesekus model for polymer flows, 135-143 [Zbl 1311.76042]
Becker, Roland; Capatina, Daniela; Joie, Julie, A dG method for the strain-rate formulation of the Stokes problem related with nonconforming finite element methods, 144-153 [Zbl 1311.76043]
Beneš, L.; Fürst, J., Numerical simulation of the stratified flow past a body, 155-162 [Zbl 1311.76087]
Bertaccini, Daniele; Sgallari, Fiorella, A flexible updating framework for preconditioners in PDE-based image restoration algorithms, 163-170 [Zbl 1213.94011]
Billaud, M.; Gallice, G.; Nkonga, B., Stabilized finite element method for compressible-incompressible diphasic flows, 171-179 [Zbl 1311.76046]
Bouchon, François; Peichl, Gunther H., An immersed interface technique for the numerical solution of the heat equation on a moving domain, 181-189 [Zbl 1216.65100]
Boyaval, Sébastien, Lid-driven-cavity simulations of Oldroyd-B models using free-energy-dissipative schemes, 191-198 [Zbl 1311.76047]
Bürger, Raimund; Ruiz-Baier, Ricardo, Adaptive multiresolution simulation of waves in electrocardiology, 199-207 [Zbl 1311.94016]
Campagna, R.; d’Amore, L.; Galletti, A.; Murli, A.; Rizzardi, M., On the numerical approximation of the Laplace transform function from real samples and its inversion, 209-216 [Zbl 1216.65177]
Casaburi, D.; D’Amore, L.; Marcellino, L.; Murli, A., A motion-aided ultrasound image sequence segmentation, 217-225 [Zbl 1311.94011]
Castro Díaz, M. J.; Lastra, M.; Mantas, J. M.; Ortega, S., A high order finite volume numerical scheme for shallow water system: an efficient implementation on GPUs, 227-235 [Zbl 1311.76079]
Cavoretto, R.; de Rossi, A.; Donatelli, M.; Serra-Capizzano, S., Spectral analysis for radial basis function collocation matrices, 237-244 [Zbl 1216.65167]
Chacón Rebollo, Tomás; Gómez Mármol, Macarena; Sánchez Muñoz, Isabel, Finite element solution of the primitive equations of the ocean by the orthogonal sub-scales method, 245-252 [Zbl 1311.76049]
Chacón Rebollo, Tomás; Gómez Mármol, Macarena; Sánchez Muñoz, Isabel, Solution of incompressible flow equations by a high-order term-by-term stabilized method, 253-260 [Zbl 1311.76050]
Collignon, T. P.; van Gijzen, M. B., Solving large sparse linear systems efficiently on Grid computers using an asynchronous iterative method as a preconditioner, 261-268 [Zbl 1216.65040]
De Siqueira, Denise; Devloo, Philippe R. B.; Gomes, Sônia M., Hierarchical high order finite element approximation spaces for H(div) and H(curl), 269-276 [Zbl 1216.65154]
Donat, Rosa; Higueras, Inmaculada; Martinez-Gavara, Anna, Some theoretical results about stability for IMEX schemes applied to hyperbolic equations with stiff reaction terms, 277-285 [Zbl 1216.65119]
Duru, Kenneth; Kreiss, Gunilla, Stable perfectly matched layers for the Schrödinger equations, 287-295 [Zbl 1216.65102]
Dyyak, Ivan I.; Prokopyshyn, Ihor I., Domain decomposition schemes for frictionless multibody contact problems of elasticity, 297-305 [Zbl 1311.74118]
Dörfel, Michael R.; Simeon, Bernd, Analysis and acceleration of a fluid-structure interaction coupling scheme, 307-315 [Zbl 1311.74146]
Fazio, Riccardo; Jannelli, Alessandra, Second order numerical operator splitting for 3D advection-diffusion-reaction models, 317-324 [Zbl 1216.65103]
Feistauer, Miloslav; Kučera, Václav; Najzar, Karel; Prokopová, Jaroslava, Space-time DG method for nonstationary convection-diffusion problems, 325-333 [Zbl 1216.65129]
Furmánek, Petr; Fürst, Jiří; Kozel, Karel, High order finite volume schemes for numerical solution of unsteady flows, 335-342 [Zbl 1311.76081]
Gaspar, F. J.; Lisbona, F. J.; Rodrigo, C., Multigrid finite element method on semi-structured grids for the poroelasticity problem, 343-350 [Zbl 1311.74122]
Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Lakkis, Omar, A posteriori error bounds for discontinuous Galerkin methods for quasilinear parabolic problems, 351-358 [Zbl 1216.65113]
Ginting, Victor, An a posteriori analysis of multiscale operator decomposition, 359-367 [Zbl 1216.65099]
Gonçalves, João L.; Devloo, Philippe R. B.; Gomes, Sônia M., Goal-oriented error estimation for the discontinuous Galerkin method applied to the biharmonic equation, 369-376 [Zbl 1216.65146]
Gordon, Andrew D.; Powell, Catherine E., Solving stochastic collocation systems with algebraic multigrid, 377-385 [Zbl 1216.65007]
Gottermeier, B.; Lang, J., Adaptive two-step peer methods for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, 387-395 [Zbl 1311.76104]
Gräser, Carsten; Kornhuber, Ralf; Sack, Uli, On hierarchical error estimators for time-discretized phase field models, 397-405 [Zbl 1216.65114]
Groß, Christian; Krause, Rolf; Walloth, Mirjam, Nonlinear decomposition methods in elastodynamics, 407-415 [Zbl 1311.74148]
Gustafsson, Magnus; Holmgren, Sverker, An implementation framework for solving high-dimensional PDEs on massively parallel computers, 417-424 [Zbl 1216.65117]
Hannukainen, Antti; Juntunen, Mika; Stenberg, Rolf, Benchmarking FE-methods for the Brinkman problem, 425-432 [Zbl 1311.76058]
Harbrecht, H., Finite element based second moment analysis for elliptic problems in stochastic domains, 433-441 [Zbl 1216.65008]
Heister, Timo; Lube, Gert; Rapin, Gerd, On robust parallel preconditioning for incompressible flow problems, 443-450 [Zbl 1311.76059]
Holmström, Mats, Hybrid modeling of plasmas, 451-458 [Zbl 1311.76105]
Hozman, J.; Dolejší, V., A priori error estimates for DGFEM applied to nonstationary nonlinear convection-diffusion equation, 459-467 [Zbl 1216.65115]
Jensen, Max; Müller, Rüdiger, Stable Crank-Nicolson discretisation for incompressible miscible displacement problems of low regularity, 469-477 [Zbl 1311.76060]
John, Volker; Roland, Michael, Simulations of 3D/4D precipitation processes in a turbulent flow field, 479-487 [Zbl 1311.76089]
Kluth, Gilles; Després, Bruno, 2D finite volume Lagrangian scheme in hyperelasticity and finite plasticity, 489-496 [Zbl 1311.74137]
Knobloch, Petr, Local projection method for convection-diffusion-reaction problems with projection spaces defined on overlapping sets, 497-505 [Zbl 1216.65157]
Kolk, M.; Pedas, A., Numerical solution of Volterra integral equations with weak singularities, 507-514 [Zbl 1216.65184]
Könnö, Juho; Stenberg, Rolf, Non-conforming finite element method tor the Brinkman problem, 515-522 [Zbl 1311.76062]
Kormann, Katharina; Nissen, Anna, Error control for simulations of a dissociative quantum system, 523-531 [Zbl 1215.81032]
Korotov, Sergey; Vejchodský, Tomáš, A comparison of simplicial and block finite elements, 533-541 [Zbl 1216.65030]
Křížek, Michal, Five-dimensional Euclidean space cannot be conformly partitioned into acute simplices, 543-549 [Zbl 1219.51018]
Kučera, Václav; Feistauer, Miloslav; Prokopová, Jaroslava, The discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion problems in time-dependent domains, 551-559 [Zbl 1216.65118]
Lambers, James V., A spectral time-domain method for computational electrodynamics, 561-569 [Zbl 1216.78009]
Larsson, Martin; Müller, Bernhard, Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction in human phonation: application, 571-578 [Zbl 1311.76090]
Leicht, Tobias; Hartmann, Ralf, Error estimation and anisotropic mesh refinement for aerodynamic flow simulations, 579-587 [Zbl 1311.76065]
Lemster, Wiebke; Lube, Gert, A MHD problem on unbounded domains: coupling of FEM and BEM, 589-597 [Zbl 1311.76066]
Lindström, Jens; Nordström, Jan, A stable and high order interface procedure for conjugate heat transfer problems, 599-607 [Zbl 1311.80008]
Lisitsa, Vadim; Reshetova, Galina; Tcheverda, Vladimir, Local time-space mesh refinement for finite difference simulation of waves, 609-616 [Zbl 1311.74144]
Loubère, R.; Maire, P.-H.; Váchal, P., Formulation of a staggered two-dimensional Lagrangian scheme by means of cell-centered approximate Riemann solver, 617-625 [Zbl 1432.76206]
Martínez, Aurea; Alvarez-Vázquez, Lino J.; Vázquez-Méndez, Miguel E.; Vilar, Miguel A., Optimal control for river pollution remediation, 627-635 [Zbl 1430.86005]
Menzel, A.; Waffenschmidt, T.; Alastrué, V., An anisotropic micro-sphere approach applied to the modelling of soft biological tissues, 637-644 [Zbl 1402.92039]
Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S., Anisotropic adaptation via a Zienkiewicz-Zhu error estimator for 2D elliptic problems, 645-653 [Zbl 1216.65147]
Morales de Luna, T.; Castro Díaz, M. J.; Parés Madroñal, C., On a sediment transport model in shallow water equations with gravity effects, 655-661 [Zbl 1431.86005]
Morin, P.; Nochetto, R. H.; Pauletti, M. S.; Verani, M., Adaptive SQP method for shape optimization, 663-673 [Zbl 1216.65077]
Muñoz-Ruiz, M. L.; Parés, C.; Castro Díaz, M. J., Convergence of path-conservative numerical schemes for hyperbolic systems of balance laws, 675-682 [Zbl 1216.65109]
Munteanu, M.; Pavarino, L. F.; Scacchi, S., A two-level Newton-Krylov-Schwarz method for the bidomain model of electrocardiology, 683-691 [Zbl 1402.92269]
Narbona-Reina, G.; Bresch, D., On a shallow water model for non-Newtonian fluids, 693-701 [Zbl 1431.76020]
Neustupa, Tomáš, On stationary viscous incompressible flow through a cascade of profiles with the modified boundary condition on the outflow and large inflow, 703-711 [Zbl 1431.76044]
Nordbotten, Jan Martin, Variational and heterogeneous multiscale methods, 713-720 [Zbl 1216.65078]
Pauš, Petr; Beneš, Michal; Kratochvíl, Jan, Discrete dislocation dynamics and mean curvature flow, 721-728 [Zbl 1216.82054]
Pennacchio, Micol; Simoncini, Valeria, Non-symmetric algebraic multigrid preconditioners for the bidomain reaction-diffusion system, 729-736 [Zbl 1402.65108]
Pettersson, Per; Abbas, Qaisar; Iaccarino, Gianluca; Nordström, Jan, Efficiency of shock capturing schemes for Burgers’ equation with boundary uncertainty, 737-745 [Zbl 1216.65110]
Ouazzi, A.; Damanik, H.; Hron, J.; Turek, S., FEM techniques for the LCR reformulation of viscoelastic flow problems, 747-754 [Zbl 1431.76090]
Repin, S., A posteriori estimates for variational inequalities, 755-762 [Zbl 1216.65081]
Rivara, Maria-Cecilia, Review on longest edge nested algorithms, 763-770 [Zbl 1216.65031]
Rundqvist, Robert; Mark, Andreas; Andersson, Björn; Ålund, Anders; Edelvik, Fredrik; Tafuri, Sebastian; Carlson, Johan S., Simulation of spray painting in automotive industry, 771-779 [Zbl 1385.93060]
Sarmah, P.; Glière, A.; Reboud, J.-L., Numerical simulation of the electrohydrodynamic generation of droplets by the boundary element method, 781-789 [Zbl 1431.76154]
Schraufstetter, Stefanie; Benk, Janos, A general pricing technique based on theta-calculus and sparse grids, 791-799 [Zbl 1213.91165]
Schröder, Andreas, A posteriori error estimation in mixed finite element methods for Signorini’s problem, 801-808 [Zbl 1431.74019]
Šimák, Jan; Pelant, Jaroslav, Solution of an inverse problem for a 2-D turbulent flow around an airfoil, 809-816 [Zbl 1431.76097]
Sjögreen, Björn; Yee, H. C., On skew-symmetric splitting and entropy conservation schemes for the Euler equations, 817-827 [Zbl 1431.35117]
Sobotíková, Veronika, Ideal curved elements and the discontinuous Galerkin method, 829-837 [Zbl 1216.65162]
Strachota, Pavel; Beneš, Michal; Grottadaurea, Marco; Tintěra, Jaroslav, Analysis of the parallel finite volume solver for the anisotropic Allen-Cahn equation in 3D, 839-846 [Zbl 1216.65111]
Sváček, Petr; Horáček, Jaromír, Stabilized finite element approximations of flow over a self-oscillating airfoil, 847-854 [Zbl 1431.76091]
Takacs, Stefan; Zulehner, Walter, Multigrid methods for elliptic optimal control problems with Neumann boundary control, 855-863 [Zbl 1216.65079]
ten Thije Boonkkamp, J. H. M.; Anthonissen, M. J. H., Extension of the complete flux scheme to time-dependent conservation laws, 865-873 [Zbl 1216.65121]
Tezer-Sezgin, M.; Aydın, S. Han; Neslitürk, A. I., Solution of Navier-Stokes equations using FEM with stabilizing subgrid, 875-882 [Zbl 1431.76092]
Vallejos, Michelle; Borzì, Alfio, Multigrid methods for control-constrained elliptic optimal control problems, 883-891 [Zbl 1216.65080]
van Wijngaarden, W. K.; Vermolen, F. J.; van Meurs, G. A. M.; Vuik, C., Modelling the new soil improvement method biogrout: extension to 3D, 893-900 [Zbl 1402.92466]
Vejchodský, Tomáš, Angle conditions for discrete maximum principles in higher-order FEM, 901-909 [Zbl 1216.65163]
Villedieu, N.; Koloszar, L.; Quintino, T.; Deconinck, H., Unsteady high order residual distribution schemes with applications to linearised Euler equations, 911-919 [Zbl 1216.65133]
Vlasák, Miloslav; Dolejší, Vít, Implicit-explicit backward difference formulae discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for convection-diffusion problems, 921-928 [Zbl 1216.65120]
Zemskov, S. V.; Vermolen, F. J.; Javierre, E.; Vuik, C., A cut-cell finite-element method for a discontinuous switch model for wound closure, 929-936 [Zbl 1402.92135]

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