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Foundations of software science and computational structures. 14th international conference, FOSSACS 2011, held as part of the joint European conferences on theory and practice of software, ETAPS 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, March 26 – April 3, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1213.68041
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6604. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-19804-5/pbk). xv, 473 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1185.68013.
Indexed articles:
Panangaden, Prakash, The search for structure in quantum computation, 1-11 [Zbl 1326.81050]
Jacobs, Bart, Coalgebraic walks, in quantum and Turing computation, 12-26 [Zbl 1326.68192]
Levy, Paul Blain, Similarity quotients as final coalgebras, 27-41 [Zbl 1326.68193]
Axelsen, Holger Bock; Glück, Robert, What do reversible programs compute?, 42-56 [Zbl 1326.68134]
Abel, Andreas, Irrelevance in type theory with a heterogeneous equality judgement, 57-71 [Zbl 1326.68076]
Atkey, Robert; Johann, Patricia; Ghani, Neil, When is a type refinement an inductive type?, 72-87 [Zbl 1326.68066]
Bernadet, Alexis; Lengrand, Stéphane, Complexity of strongly normalising \(\lambda \)-terms via non-idempotent intersection types, 88-107 [Zbl 1326.68067]
Bernardy, Jean-Philippe; Lasson, Marc, Realizability and parametricity in pure type systems, 108-122 [Zbl 1326.68068]
Piérard, Adrien; Sumii, Eijiro, Sound bisimulations for higher-order distributed process calculus, 123-137 [Zbl 1326.68203]
Aristizábal, Andrés; Bonchi, Filippo; Palamidessi, Catuscia; Pino, Luis; Valencia, Frank, Deriving labels and bisimilarity for concurrent constraint programming, 138-152 [Zbl 1326.68196]
Bonnet, Remi; Finkel, Alain; Haddad, Serge; Rosa-Velardo, Fernando, Ordinal theory for expressiveness of well structured transition systems, 153-167 [Zbl 1326.68198]
Dax, Christian; Klaedtke, Felix, Alternation elimination for automata over nested words, 168-183 [Zbl 1326.68175]
Boker, Udi; Kupferman, Orna, Co-Büching them all, 184-198 [Zbl 1326.68174]
Halamish, Shulamit; Kupferman, Orna, Minimizing deterministic lattice automata, 199-213 [Zbl 1326.68194]
Caucal, Didier; Dinh, Trong Hieu, Regularity and context-freeness over word rewriting systems, 214-228 [Zbl 1326.68169]
Jaubert, Rémi; Reynier, Pierre-Alain, Quantitative robustness analysis of flat timed automata, 229-244 [Zbl 1326.68185]
Bertrand, Nathalie; Stainer, Amélie; Jéron, Thierry; Krichen, Moez, A game approach to determinize timed automata, 245-259 [Zbl 1326.68173]
Kobayashi, Naoki, A practical linear time algorithm for trivial automata model checking of higher-order recursion schemes, 260-274 [Zbl 1326.68187]
Velner, Yaron; Rabinovich, Alexander, Church synthesis problem for noisy input, 275-289 [Zbl 1326.68189]
Mio, Matteo, Probabilistic modal \(\mu \)-calculus with independent product, 290-304 [Zbl 1326.68202]
Schwinghammer, Jan; Birkedal, Lars; Støvring, Kristian, A step-indexed Kripke model of hidden state via recursive properties on recursively defined metric spaces, 305-319 [Zbl 1326.68105]
Hoshino, Naohiko, A modified GoI interpretation for a linear functional programming language and its adequacy, 320-334 [Zbl 1326.68097]
Clairambault, Pierre, Estimation of the length of interactions in arena game semantics, 335-349 [Zbl 1326.68069]
Ghica, Dan R.; Menaa, Mohamed N., Synchronous game semantics via round abstraction, 350-364 [Zbl 1326.68179]
Gabbay, Murdoch J.; Ciancia, Vincenzo, Freshness and name-restriction in sets of traces with names, 365-380 [Zbl 1241.68049]
Hamana, Makoto, Polymorphic abstract syntax via Grothendieck construction, 381-395 [Zbl 1326.68191]
Boreale, Michele; Pampaloni, Francesca; Paolini, Michela, Asymptotic information leakage under one-try attacks, 396-410 [Zbl 1326.94077]
Stahl, Christian; Vogler, Walter, A trace-based view on operating guidelines, 411-425 [Zbl 1326.68204]
Møller, Anders; Schwarz, Mathias, HTML validation of context-free languages, 426-440 [Zbl 1326.68038]
Delzanno, Giorgio; Sangnier, Arnaud; Zavattaro, Gianluigi, On the power of cliques in the parameterized verification of ad hoc networks, 441-455 [Zbl 1326.68040]
Cousot, Patrick; Cousot, Radhia; Mauborgne, Laurent, The reduced product of abstract domains and the combination of decision procedures, 456-472 [Zbl 1326.68089]

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68Qxx Theory of computing
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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