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IARCS annual conference on foundations of software technology and theoretical computer science (FSTTCS 2010), December 15–18, 2010, Chennai, India. (English) Zbl 1213.68048
LIPIcs – Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics 8. Wadern: Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Zentrum für Informatik (ISBN 978-3-939897-23-1). 516 p., electronic. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1213.68045.
Indexed articles:
Alur, Rajeev; Černý, Pavol, Expressiveness of streaming string transducers, 1-12, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68115]
Courcelle, Bruno, Special tree-width and the verification of monadic second-order graph properties, 13-29, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68133]
Pudlák, Pavel, On extracting computations from propositional proofs (a survey), 30-41, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68089]
Vempala, Santosh S., Recent progress and open problems in algorithmic convex geometry, 42-64, electronic only [Zbl 1245.52005]
Zielonka, Wiesław, Playing in stochastic environment: from multi-armed bandits to two-player games, 65-72, electronic only [Zbl 1245.91004]
Ganian, Robert; Hliněný, Petr; Obdržálek, Jan, Better algorithms for satisfiability problems for formulas of bounded rank-width, 73-83, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68108]
Ordyniak, Sebastian; Paulusma, Daniel; Szeider, Stefan, Satisfiability of acyclic and almost acyclic CNF formulas, 84-95, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68112]
Misra, Neeldhara; Philip, Geevarghese; Raman, Venkatesh; Saurabh, Saket, The effect of girth on the kernelization complexity of connected dominating set, 96-107, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68094]
Brázdil, Tomáš; Brožek, Václav; Etessami, Kousha, One-counter stochastic games, 108-119, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68099]
Da Costa, Arnaud; Laroussinie, François; Markey, Nicolas, ATL with strategy contexts: expressiveness and model checking, 120-132, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68135]
Mogavero, Fabio; Murano, Aniello; Vardi, Moshe Y., Reasoning about strategies, 133-144, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68138]
Chakraborty, Sourav; Fischer, Eldar; Matsliah, Arie; de Wolf, Ronald, New results on quantum property testing, 145-156, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68085]
Chailloux, André; Kerenidis, Iordanis; Sikora, Jamie, Lower bounds for quantum oblivious transfer, 157-168, electronic only [Zbl 1245.94070]
Khandekar, Rohit; Schieber, Baruch; Shachnai, Hadas; Tamir, Tami, Minimizing busy time in multiple machine real-time scheduling, 169-180, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68038]
Chakaravarthy, Venkatesan T.; Choudhury, Anamitra R.; Sabharwal, Yogish, A near-linear time constant factor algorithm for unsplittable flow problem on line with bag constraints, 181-191, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68032]
Bonnet, Rémi; Finkel, Alain; Leroux, Jérôme; Zeitoun, Marc, Place-boundedness for vector addition systems with one zero-test, 192-203, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68131]
Akshay, S.; Gastin, Paul; Mukund, Madhavan; Kumar, K. Narayan, Model checking time-constrained scenario-based specifications, 204-215, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68129]
Atig, Mohamed Faouzi, Global model checking of ordered multi-pushdown systems, 216-227, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68130]
Hague, Matthew; To, Anthony Widjaja, The complexity of model checking (collapsible) higher-order pushdown systems, 228-239, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68137]
Ge, Qi; Štefankovič, Daniel, A graph polynomial for independent sets of bipartite graphs, 240-250, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68092]
Chakaravarthy, Venkatesan T.; Pandit, Vinayaka; Roy, Sambuddha; Sabharwal, Yogish, Finding independent sets in unions of perfect graphs, 251-259, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68247]
Czerwiński, Wojciech; Lasota, Sławomir, Fast equivalence-checking for normed context-free processes, 260-271, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68134]
Silva, Alexandra; Bonchi, Filippo; Bonsangue, Marcello M.; Rutten, Jan J. M. M., Generalizing the powerset construction, coalgebraically, 272-283, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68141]
Radcliffe, Nicholas; Verma, Rakesh M., Uniqueness of normal forms is decidable for shallow term rewrite systems, 284-295, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68114]
Jansen, Maurice; Qiao, Youming; N., Jayalal Sarma M., Deterministic black-box identity testing \(\pi\)-ordered algebraic branching programs, 296-307, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68109]
Hunter, Paul; Bouyer, Patricia; Markey, Nicolas; Ouaknine, Joël; Worrell, James, Computing rational radical sums in uniform \(\mathrm{TC}^0\), 308-316, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68238]
Chattopadhyay, Arkadev; Torán, Jacobo; Wagner, Fabian, Graph isomorphism is not \(\mathrm{AC}^0\) reducible to group isomorphism, 317-326, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68101]
Arvind, V.; Das, Bireswar; Köbler, Johannes; Toda, Seinosuke, Colored hypergraph isomorphism is fixed parameter tractable, 327-337, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68098]
Capecchi, Sara; Giachino, Elena; Yoshida, Nobuko, Global escape in multiparty sessions, 338-351, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68019]
Backes, Michael; Maffei, Matteo; Mohammadi, Esfandiar, Computationally sound abstraction and verification of secure multi-party computations, 352-363, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68027]
Chadha, Rohit; Sistla, A. Prasad; Viswanathan, Mahesh, Model checking concurrent programs with nondeterminism and randomization, 364-375, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68132]
Asarin, Eugene; Degorre, Aldric, Two size measures for timed languages, 376-387, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68117]
Nicaud, Cyril; Pivoteau, Carine; Razet, Benoît, Average analysis of Glushkov automata under a BST-like model, 388-399, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68128]
Schewe, Sven, Beyond hyper-minimisation – minimising DBAs and DPAs is NP-complete, 400-411, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68096]
Boker, Udi; Kupferman, Orna; Steinitz, Avital, Parityizing Rabin and Streett, 412-423, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68120]
Berman, Piotr; Raskhodnikova, Sofya; Ruan, Ge, Finding sparser directed spanners, 424-435, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68246]
Goel, Gagan; Tripathi, Pushkar; Wang, Lei, Combinatorial problems with discounted price functions in multi-agent systems, 436-446, electronic only [Zbl 1245.90102]
Saket, Rishi, Quasi-random PCP and hardness of 2-catalog segmentation, 447-458, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68095]
Fellows, Michael; Jansen, Bart M. P.; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Rosamond, Frances A.; Saurabh, Saket, Determining the winner of a Dodgson election is hard, 459-468, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68091]
Genest, Blaise; Muscholl, Anca; Wu, Zhilin, Verifying recursive active documents with positive data tree rewriting, 469-480, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68078]
Kara, Ahmet; Schwentick, Thomas; Zeume, Thomas, Temporal logics on words with multiple data values, 481-492, electronic only [Zbl 1245.03021]
Schulz, Stefan, First-order logic with reachability predicates on infinite systems, 493-504, electronic only [Zbl 1245.03048]
Chatterjee, Krishnendu; Doyen, Laurent; Henzinger, Thomas A.; Raskin, Jean-François, Generalized mean-payoff and energy games, 505-516, electronic only [Zbl 1245.68090]

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