Theory of cryptography. 8th theory of cryptography conference, TCC 2011, Providence, RI, USA, March 28–30, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1213.94005

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6597. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-19570-9/pbk). xii, 631 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see Zbl 1181.94004.
Indexed articles:
Bogdanov, Andrej; Rosen, Alon, Input locality and hardness amplification, 1-18 [Zbl 1281.94016]
Holenstein, Thomas; Schoenebeck, Grant, General hardness amplification of predicates and puzzles. (Extended abstract), 19-36 [Zbl 1281.94031]
Tessaro, Stefano, Security amplification for the cascade of arbitrarily weak PRPs. Tight bounds via the interactive hardcore lemma, 37-54 [Zbl 1281.94058]
Trevisan, Luca, Dense model theorems and their applications, 55-57 [Zbl 1290.11016]
Jain, Abhishek; Pietrzak, Krzysztof, Parallel repetition for leakage resilience amplification revisited, 58-69 [Zbl 1290.94093]
Lewko, Allison; Rouselakis, Yannis; Waters, Brent, Achieving leakage resilience through dual system encryption, 70-88 [Zbl 1291.94118]
Malkin, Tal; Teranishi, Isamu; Vahlis, Yevgeniy; Yung, Moti, Signatures resilient to continual leakage on memory and computation, 89-106 [Zbl 1295.94185]
Halevi, Shai; Lin, Huijia, After-the-fact leakage in public-key encryption, 107-124 [Zbl 1295.94078]
Dziembowski, Stefan; Kazana, Tomasz; Wichs, Daniel, One-time computable self-erasing functions, 125-143 [Zbl 1295.94061]
Damgård, Ivan; Meldgaard, Sigurd; Nielsen, Jesper Buus, Perfectly secure oblivious RAM without random oracles, 144-163 [Zbl 1295.94046]
Döttling, Nico; Kraschewski, Daniel; Müller-Quade, Jörn, Unconditional and composable security using a single stateful Tamper-proof hardware token, 164-181 [Zbl 1295.94055]
Goyal, Vipul; O’Neill, Adam; Rao, Vanishree, Correlated-input secure hash functions, 182-200 [Zbl 1295.94075]
Brakerski, Zvika; Goldwasser, Shafi; Kalai, Yael Tauman, Black-box circular-secure encryption beyond affine functions, 201-218 [Zbl 1295.94028]
Rothblum, Ron, Homomorphic encryption: from private-key to public-key, 219-234 [Zbl 1295.94139]
Bellare, Mihir; Waters, Brent; Yilek, Scott, Identity-based encryption secure against selective opening attack, 235-252 [Zbl 1295.94020]
Boneh, Dan; Sahai, Amit; Waters, Brent, Functional encryption: definitions and challenges, 253-273 [Zbl 1295.94027]
Lin, Huijia; Pass, Rafael, Concurrent non-malleable zero knowledge with adaptive inputs, 274-292 [Zbl 1295.94104]
Katz, Jonathan; Vaikuntanathan, Vinod, Round-optimal password-based authenticated key exchange, 293-310 [Zbl 1295.94089]
Garg, Sanjam; Goyal, Vipul; Jain, Abhishek; Sahai, Amit, Bringing people of different beliefs together to do UC, 311-328 [Zbl 1295.94069]
Lindell, Yehuda; Pinkas, Benny, Secure two-party computation via cut-and-choose oblivious transfer, 329-346 [Zbl 1281.94037]
Green, Matthew; Hohenberger, Susan, Practical adaptive oblivious transfer from simple assumptions, 347-363 [Zbl 1295.94076]
Kraschewski, Daniel; Müller-Quade, Jörn, Completeness theorems with constructive proofs for finite deterministic 2-party functions, 364-381 [Zbl 1295.94096]
Kreitz, Gunnar, A zero-one law for secure multi-party computation with ternary outputs, 382-399 [Zbl 1295.94097]
Ullman, Jonathan; Vadhan, Salil, Pcps and the hardness of generating private synthetic data, 400-416 [Zbl 1295.94190]
Groce, Adam; Katz, Jonathan; Yerukhimovich, Arkady, Limits of computational differential privacy in the client/server setting, 417-431 [Zbl 1295.94077]
Gehrke, Johannes; Lui, Edward; Pass, Rafael, Towards privacy for social networks: a zero-knowledge based definition of privacy, 432-449 [Zbl 1295.94071]
Dachman-Soled, Dana; Lindell, Yehuda; Mahmoody, Mohammad; Malkin, Tal, On the black-box complexity of optimally-fair coin tossing, 450-467 [Zbl 1295.94044]
Hänggi, Esther; Wullschleger, Jürg, Tight bounds for classical and quantum coin flipping, 468-485 [Zbl 1295.94079]
Maji, Hemanta K.; Ouppaphan, Pichayoot; Prabhakaran, Manoj; Rosulek, Mike, Exploring the limits of common coins using frontier analysis of protocols, 486-503 [Zbl 1291.94124]
Bronson, Josh; Juma, Ali; Papakonstantinou, Periklis A., Limits on the stretch of non-adaptive constructions of pseudo-random generators, 504-521 [Zbl 1295.94029]
Miles, Eric; Viola, Emanuele, On the complexity of non-adaptively increasing the stretch of pseudorandom generators, 522-539 [Zbl 1295.94115]
Pass, Rafael, Concurrent security and non-malleability, 540 [Zbl 1295.94124]
Xiao, David, (Nearly) round-optimal black-box constructions of commitments secure against selective opening attacks, 541-558 [Zbl 1295.94159]
Brakerski, Zvika; Katz, Jonathan; Segev, Gil; Yerukhimovich, Arkady, Limits on the power of zero-knowledge proofs in cryptographic constructions, 559-578 [Zbl 1290.94049]
Pass, Rafael; Tseng, Wei-Lung Dustin; Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan, Towards non-black-box lower bounds in cryptography, 579-596 [Zbl 1290.94117]
Matsuda, Takahiro; Matsuura, Kanta, On black-box separations among injective one-way functions, 597-614 [Zbl 1290.94110]
Katz, Jonathan; Schröder, Dominique; Yerukhimovich, Arkady, Impossibility of blind signatures from one-way permutations, 615-629 [Zbl 1290.94152]


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