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Computational fluid dynamics 2010. Proceedings of the 6th international conference on computational fluid dynamics, ICCFD6, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 12–16, 2010. (English) Zbl 1216.76010
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-17883-2/hbk; 978-3-642-17884-9/ebook). xxxix, 954 p. (2011).

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Indexed articles:
Schuster, David M., The expanding role of applications in the development and validation of CFD at NASA, 3-29 [Zbl 1346.76174]
Godunov, S. K., Thermodynamically consistent systems of hyperbolic equations, 31-33 [Zbl 1346.76170]
Salas, Manuel D., A brief history of shock-Fitting, 37-53 [Zbl 1346.76173]
Hafez, Mohamed M., Understanding aerodynamics using computers, 55-56 [Zbl 1346.76171]
Wang, Z. J.; Gao, Haiyang; Haga, Takanori, A unifying discontinuous CPR formulation for the Navier-Stokes equations on mixed grids, 59-65 [Zbl 1346.76102]
Chikhaoui, Oussama; Gressier, Jérémie; Grondin, Gilles, Assessment of the spectral volume method on inviscid and viscous flows, 67-72 [Zbl 1346.76116]
Perrier, Vincent; Franquet, Erwin, Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method for multi-phase compressible flows, 73-79 [Zbl 1346.76093]
Yamaleev, Nail K.; Carpenter, M. H., Energy stable WENO schemes of arbitrary order, 81-87 [Zbl 1346.76115]
Dorogan, Kateryna; Hérard, Jean-Marc; Minier, Jean-Pierre, A hybrid method for two-phase flow simulations, 91-98 [Zbl 1346.76079]
Tokareva, Svetlana A.; Toro, Eleuterio F., HLLC-type Riemann solver for the Baer-Nunziato equations of compressible two-phase flow, 99-104 [Zbl 1346.76098]
Volkov, Alexey N.; O’connor, Gerard M., Parallel direct simulation Monte Carlo of two-phase gas-droplet laser plume expansion from the bottom of a cylindrical cavity into an ambient gas, 105-112 [Zbl 1346.76167]
Sporleder, F.; Dorao, Carlos A.; Jakobsen, H. A., Study of dispersed phase model for the simulation of a bubble column, 113-119 [Zbl 1346.76117]
Obikane, Yasuo; Ikeo, Shigeru, Application of invariant turbulence modeling of the density gradient correlation in the phase change model for steam generators, 121-127 [Zbl 1346.76054]
Toro, Eleuterio F.; Dumbser, Michael, Reformulated Osher-type Riemann solver, 131-136 [Zbl 1346.76099]
Roe, Philip L.; Zaide, Daniel W., Entropy traces in Lagrangian and Eulerian calculations, 137-143 [Zbl 1346.76094]
Lian, Chenzhou; Xia, Guoping; Merkle, Charles L., Automatic time step determination for enhancing robustness of implicit computational algorithms, 145-151 [Zbl 1346.76089]
Shur, Mikhail L.; Garbaruk, Andrey V.; Kravchenko, Sergey V.; Spalart, Philippe R.; Strelets, Mikhail Kh., LES-based numerical system for noise prediction in complex jets, 163-168 [Zbl 1346.76055]
Gassner, Gregor; Dumbser, Michael; Hindenlang, Florian; Munz, Claus-Dieter, Local time-stepping for explicit discontinuous Galerkin schemes, 171-177 [Zbl 1346.76082]
Park, Jin Seok; Kim, Chongam, Multi-dimensional limiting process for discontinuous Galerkin methods on unstructured grids, 179-184 [Zbl 1346.76147]
Billet, Germain; Ryan, Juliette, Runge Kutta discontinuous Galerkin to solve reactive flows, 185-190 [Zbl 1346.76123]
Tyliszczak, Artur; Marek, Maciej; Boguslawski, Andrzej, Comparison of the high-order compact difference and discontinuous Galerkin methods in computations of the incompressible flow, 191-196 [Zbl 1346.76113]
Richter, Andreas; Stiller, Jörg, On the boundary treatment for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations using high-order discontinuous Galerkin methods, 197-202 [Zbl 1346.76071]
Schütz, Jochen; May, Georg; Noelle, Sebastian, Analytical and numerical investigation of the influence of artificial viscosity in discontinuous Galerkin methods on an adjoint-based error estimator, 203-209 [Zbl 1346.76150]
Suzuki, Kensuke; Schmitz, Sven; Chattot, Jean-Jacques, Analysis of a swept wind turbine blade using a hybrid Navier-Stokes/vortex-panel model, 213-218 [Zbl 1346.76120]
Kamkar, Sean J.; Jameson, Antony; Wissink, Andrew M.; Sankaran, Venkateswaran, Using feature detection and Richardson extrapolation to guide adaptive mesh refinement for vortex-dominated flows, 219-224 [Zbl 1346.76108]
Kolář, V.; Moses, P.; Šístek, J., Triple decomposition method for vortex identification in two-dimensional and three-dimensional flows, 225-231 [Zbl 1346.76070]
Wijnen, Marcel; Chattot, Jean-Jacques, Multi-point optimization of wind turbine blades using helicoidal vortex model, 235-240 [Zbl 1346.76181]
Ezertas, Alper; Eyi, Sinan, Performance evaluation of the numerical flux Jacobians in flow solution and aerodynamic design optimization, 241-246 [Zbl 1346.76080]
Eyi, Sinan; Ezertas, Alper; Yumusak, Mine, Design optimization in non-equilibrium reacting flows, 247-252 [Zbl 1346.76179]
Lee, D. S.; Periaux, J.; Srinivas, K.; Gonzalez, L. F.; Qin, N.; Onate, E., Shock control bump design optimization on natural laminar aerofoil, 253-259 [Zbl 1346.76180]
Rumpfkeil, Markus P.; Yamazaki, Wataru; Mavriplis, Dimitri J., Uncertainty analysis utilizing gradient and Hessian information, 261-268 [Zbl 1346.76166]
Bresch, Didier; Fernandez-Nieto, Enrique D.; Ionescu, Ioan; Vigneaux, Paul, Augmented Lagrangian/well-balanced finite volume method for compressible viscoplastic flows, 271-277 [Zbl 1346.76077]
Tan, Lai-Wai; Chu, Vincent H., Stable simulation of shallow-water waves by block advection, 279-285 [Zbl 1346.76154]
Wang, Tao; Tan, Lai-Wai; Chu, Vincent H., Flood-waves simulation by classical method of consistent transport, 287-293 [Zbl 1346.76101]
Bruneau, C.-H.; Creusé, E.; Depeyras, D.; Gilliéron, P.; Mortazavi, I., Numerical simulation and control of the 3D flow around Ahmed body, 297-302 [Zbl 1346.76038]
Yamazaki, Yuuki; Oyama, Akira; Nonomura, Taku; Fujii, Kozo; Yamamoto, Makoto, Aerodynamic multiobjective design exploration of flapping wing using a Navier-Stokes solver, 303-307 [Zbl 1346.76182]
Huang, Jingbo; Xiao, Zhixiang; Fu, Song, Study into effects of vortex generators on a supercritical wing, 309-314 [Zbl 1346.76084]
Tenaud, C.; Fraigneau, Y.; Daru, V., Numerical simulation of the turbulent detached flow around a thick flat plate, 317-323 [Zbl 1346.76056]
Mockett, Charles; Thiele, Frank, Progress in DES for wall-modelled LES of complex internal flows, 325-331 [Zbl 1346.76053]
Basara, B.; Pavlovic, Z., Enhancement of the performance of the partial-averaged Navier-Stokes method by using scale-adaptive mesh generation, 333-339 [Zbl 1346.76049]
Maduta, Robert; Jakirlić, Suad, Sensitizing second-moment closure model to turbulent flow unsteadiness, 341-347 [Zbl 1346.76047]
Wervaecke, Christelle; Beaugendre, Héloïse; Nkonga, Boniface, High order scheme for compressible turbulent flows, 351-356 [Zbl 1346.76074]
Hejranfar, Kazem; Najafi, Mehdi; Esfahanian, Vahid, Receptivity of hypersonic flow over blunt-noses to freestream disturbances using spectral methods, 357-362 [Zbl 1346.76061]
Gambaruto, A. M.; Sequeira, A., Flow structures in physiological conduits, 365-370 [Zbl 1346.76218]
de Tullio, M. D.; Afferrante, L.; Napolitano, M.; Pascazio, G.; Verzicco, R., Fluid mechanics in aortic prostheses after a bentall procedure, 371-376 [Zbl 1346.76225]
Lee, C. J.; Townsend, S.; Srinivas, K., Optimisation of stents for cerebral aneurysm, 377-382 [Zbl 1346.76221]
Inthavong, Kiao; Tu, Jiyuan; Heschl, Christian, Micron particle deposition in the nasal cavity using the \(v^2\)-\(f\) model, 383-388 [Zbl 1346.76219]
Gusman, Marshall R.; Housman, Jeffrey A.; Kiris, Cetin C., Adjoint-based adaptive meshing in a shape trade study for rocket ascent, 391-400 [Zbl 1346.76130]
Katz, Aaron; Sankaran, Venkateswaran, Mesh quality effects on the accuracy of Euler and Navier-Stokes solutions on unstructured meshes, 401-407 [Zbl 1346.76138]
Swanson, R. C.; Turkel, E.; Yaniv, S., Analysis of a RK/implicit smoother for multigrid, 409-417 [Zbl 1346.76096]
Feodoritova, O.; Kamenetskii, D.; Kravchenko, S. V.; Martynov, A.; Medvedev, S.; Zhukov, V., Anisotropic adaptive technique for simulations of steady compressible flows on unstructured grids, 419-424 [Zbl 1346.76067]
Borrel, Michel; Halpern, Laurence; Ryan, Juliette, Euler-Navier-Stokes coupling for aeroacoustics problems, 427-433 [Zbl 1346.76124]
Obikane, Yasuo, Computational aeroacoustics on a small flute using a direct simulation, 435-441 [Zbl 1346.76111]
Margnat, Florent, An iterative procedure for the computation of acoustic fields given by retarded-potential integrals, 443-448 [Zbl 1346.76140]
Mery, Fabien; Casalis, Gregoire, Innovative tool for realistic cavity flow analysis: global stability, 449-454 [Zbl 1346.76040]
Hicken, Jason E.; Osusky, Michal; Zingg, David W., Comparison of parallel preconditioners for a Newton-Krylov flow solver, 457-463 [Zbl 1346.76106]
Sakai, Ryotaro; Sasaki, Daisuke; Nakahashi, Kazuhiro, Large-scale CFD data compression for building-cube method using wavelet transform, 465-470 [Zbl 1346.76148]
Monasse, Laurent; Daru, Virginie; Mariotti, Christian; Piperno, Serge, A conservative coupling method for fluid-structure interaction in the compressible case, 473-478 [Zbl 1346.76143]
Hejranfar, Kazem; Moghadam, Ramin Kamali, A preconditioned Euler flow solver for simulation of helicopter rotor flow in hover, 479-484 [Zbl 1346.76083]
Tang, Lei, A new type of gas-kinetic upwind Euler/N-S solvers, 485-491 [Zbl 1346.76155]
Kang, Hyungmin; Lee, Dongho; Lee, Dohyung; Kwak, Dochan; Seo, John, Efficiency enhancement in high order accurate Euler computation via AWM, 495-500 [Zbl 1346.76137]
Li, Wanai; Lei, Guodong; Ren, Yuxin, On the construction of high order finite volume methods, 501-507 [Zbl 1346.76088]
Michel, Bertrand; Cinnella, Paola; Lerat, Alain, Multiblock computations of complex turbomachinery flows using residual-based compact schemes, 509-514 [Zbl 1346.76091]
Shang, J. S.; Huang, P. G., A local resolution refinement algorithm using Gauss-Lobatto quadrature, 515-525 [Zbl 1346.76151]
Arıcı, Müslüm; Onur, Hüseyin Şinasi, Performance comparison of high resolution schemes, 527-533 [Zbl 1346.76168]
Khrabry, Alexander I.; Smirnov, Evgueni M.; Zaytsev, Dmitry K., Solving the convective transport equation with several high-resolution finite volume schemes: test computations, 535-540 [Zbl 1346.76085]
Berberović, Edin; Roisman, Ilia V.; Jakirlić, Suad; Tropea, Cameron, Computational study of hydrodynamics and heat transfer associated with a liquid drop impacting a hot surface, 543-548 [Zbl 1346.76076]
Kadioglu, Samet; Knoll, Dana; Sussman, Mark; Martineau, Richard, A second order JFNK-based IMEX method for single and multi-phase flows, 549-554 [Zbl 1346.76107]
Luppes, Roel; Veldman, Arthur; Wemmenhove, Rik, Simulation of two-phase flow in sloshing tanks, 555-561 [Zbl 1346.76110]
Ito, Kei; Kunugi, Tomoaki; Ohshima, Hiroyuki, High-precision reconstruction of gas-liquid interface in PLIC-VOF framework on unstructured mesh, 563-567 [Zbl 1346.76135]
Yamaleev, Nail K.; Diskin, Boris; Pathak, Kedar, Adjoint-based methodology for anisotropic grid adaptation, 571-576 [Zbl 1346.76175]
Ganesh, N.; Balakrishnan, N., Transient adaptive algorithm based on residual error estimation, 577-582 [Zbl 1346.76129]
Xia, Guoping; Lian, Chenzhou; Merkle, Charles L., Adaptive and consistent properties reconstruction for complex fluids computation, 583-590 [Zbl 1346.76157]
Melian, Sorana; Brix, Kolja; Müller, Siegfried; Schieffer, Gero, Space-filling curve techniques for parallel, multiscale-based grid adaptation: concepts and applications, 591-597 [Zbl 1346.76090]
de Tullio, M. D.; de Palma, P.; Napolitano, M.; Pascazio, G., Recent advances in the development of an immersed boundary method for industrial applications, 601-606 [Zbl 1346.76160]
Botella, Olivier; Cheny, Yoann, An overview of the LS-STAG immersed boundary method for viscous incompressible flows, 607-612 [Zbl 1346.76125]
Hassen, Yunus; Koren, Barry, A two-dimensional embedded-boundary method for convection problems with moving boundaries, 613-619 [Zbl 1346.76131]
Bouchon, François; Dubois, Thierry; James, Nicolas, A second-order immersed boundary method for the numerical simulation of two-dimensional incompressible viscous flows past obstacles, 621-626 [Zbl 1346.76126]
Li, Qibing; Xu, Kun; Fu, Song, A new high-order multidimensional scheme, 629-635 [Zbl 1346.76087]
Muljadi, Bagus Putra; Yang, Jaw-Yen, A direct Boltzmann-BGK equation solver for arbitrary statistics using the conservation element/solution element and discrete ordinate method, 637-642 [Zbl 1346.76145]
Housman, Jeffrey A.; Barad, Michael F.; Kiris, Cetin C.; Kwak, Dochan, Space-time convergence analysis of a dual-time stepping method for simulating ignition overpressure waves, 645-652 [Zbl 1346.76132]
Mcdonald, James G.; Groth, Clinton P. T., Numerical solution of maximum-entropy-based hyperbolic moment closures for the prediction of viscous heat-conducting gaseous flows, 653-659 [Zbl 1346.76141]
Yamamoto, Satoru; Furusawa, Takashi; Matsuzawa, Ryo, Supercritical-fluid flow simulations across critical point, 661-667 [Zbl 1346.76103]
Nishida, Hidetoshi, Seamless virtual boundary method for complicated incompressible flow simulation, 679-687 [Zbl 1346.76146]
Bergmann, Michel; Iollo, Angelo, Modeling, simulation and control of fish-like swimming, 689-694 [Zbl 1346.76226]
Degroote, Joris; Annerel, Sebastiaan; Vierendeels, Jan, Multi-level quasi-Newton methods for the partitioned simulation of fluid-structure interaction, 695-700 [Zbl 1346.76127]
Yasuda, Takahiro; Satofuka, Nobuyuki, Entropic lattice Boltzmann simulation for unsteady flow around two square cylinders arranged side by side in a channel, 701-706 [Zbl 1346.76165]
Morinishi, Koji; Fukui, Tomohiro, An Eulerian approach for fluid and elastic structure interaction problems, 707-714 [Zbl 1346.76144]
Schaefer, Philip; Gampert, Markus; Goebbert, Jens Henrik; Peters, Norbert, Dissipation element analysis of inhomogenous turbulence, 717-722 [Zbl 1346.76046]
Shende, Nikhil Vijay; Balakrishnan, N., A matrix-free viscous linearization procedure for implicit compressible flow solvers, 723-728 [Zbl 1346.76095]
Li, XinLiang; Fu, DeXun; Ma, YanWen; Liang, Xian, DNS of shock/boundary layer interaction flow in a supersonic compression ramp, 729-737 [Zbl 1346.76052]
Adamian, Dmitry; Travin, Andrey, An efficient generator of synthetic turbulence at RANS-LES interface in embedded LES of wall-bounded and free shear flows, 739-744 [Zbl 1346.76048]
Fraňa, Karel; Honzejk, Vít; Horáková, Kateřina, A numerical simulation of the magnetically driven flows in a square container using the delayed detached eddy simulation, 745-751 [Zbl 1346.76207]
Fauconnier, Dieter; Dick, Erik, On the performance of optimized finite difference schemes in large-eddy simulation of the Taylor-Green vortex, 753-759 [Zbl 1346.76104]
Naitoh, Ken; Nakamura, Kazushi; Emoto, Takehiro; Shimada, Takafumi, Wide-range single engine operated from subsonic to hypersonic conditions: designed by computational fluid dynamics, 763-768 [Zbl 1346.76172]
Araya, Guillermo; Evans, Ben; Hassan, Oubay; Morgan, Kenneth, Scale adaptive simulations over a supersonic car, 779-787 [Zbl 1346.76075]
Burda, Pavel; Novotný, Jaroslav; Šístek, Jakub, Singularities in lid driven cavity solved by adjusted finite element method, 799-805 [Zbl 1346.76066]
Šístek, Jakub; Burda, Pavel; Mandel, Jan; Novotný, Jaroslav; Sousedík, Bedřich, A parallel implementation of the BDDC method for the Stokes flow, 807-812 [Zbl 1346.76153]
Iacono, Francesca; May, Georg; Müller, Siegfried; Schäfer, Roland, An adaptive multiwavelet-based DG discretization for compressible fluid flow, 813-820 [Zbl 1346.76133]
Veremieiev, Sergii; Gaskell, Philip H.; Lee, Yeaw Chu; Thompson, Harvey M., Predicting three-dimensional inertial thin film flow over micro-scale topography, 833-838 [Zbl 1346.76017]
Zuzio, Davide; Estivalezes, Jean-Luc, A parallel adaptive projection method for incompressible two phase flows, 841-846 [Zbl 1346.76159]
Beaugendre, Héloïse; Huberson, S.; Mortazavi, I., Hybrid particle level-set method for convection-diffusion problems in porous media, 847-853 [Zbl 1346.76121]
Alekseev, Gennady; Tereshko, Dmitry, Numerical solution of boundary control problems for Boussinesq model of heat convection, 857-858 [Zbl 1346.76037]
Barbeiro, Iago C.; Meneghini, Julio R.; Aranha, J. A. P., Adaptive meshes to improve the linear stability analysis of the flow past a circular cylinder, 867-868 [Zbl 1346.76065]
Moguen, Yann; Kousksou, Tarik; Dick, Erik; Bruel, Pascal, On the role of numerical dissipation in unsteady low Mach number flow computations, 873-878 [Zbl 1346.76092]
Isaev, Vadim; Shapeev, Vasily, High order versions of the collocations and least squares method for Navier-Stokes equations, 883-884 [Zbl 1346.76134]
Kojima, Ryoji; Nonomura, Taku; Oyama, Akira; Fujii, Kozo, Large-eddy simulation of the flow over a thin airfoil at low Reynolds number, 885-886 [Zbl 1346.76051]
Kuzmin, Alexander, Adverse free-stream conditions for transonic airfoils with concave arcs, 887-891 [Zbl 1346.76060]
Jung, Mun Seung; Kwon, Oh Joon, Development of a conservative overset mesh method on unstructured meshes, 893-895 [Zbl 1346.76136]
Marchevsky, I. K.; Scheglov, G. A., Symmetrical vortex fragmenton as a vortex element for incompressible 3D flow simulation, 897-898 [Zbl 1346.76119]
Cheprasov, S. A.; Lyubimov, D. A.; Secundov, A. N.; Yakubovsky, K. Ya.; Birch, S. F., Computational modeling of the flow and noise for 3-D exhaust turbulent jets, 903-908 [Zbl 1346.76169]
Šidlof, Petr; Müller, Bernhard; Horáček, Jaromír, Numerical analysis of airflow in human vocal folds using finite element and finite volume method, 917-919 [Zbl 1346.76222]
Margnat, Florent; Fortuné, Véronique; Jordan, Peter; Gervais, Yves, Analysis of free-shear flow noise through a decomposition of the Lighthill source term, 923-928 [Zbl 1346.76187]
Markov, Andrey; Filimonov, Igor; Martirosyan, Karen, Thermal reaction wave simulation using micro and macro scale interaction model, 929-936 [Zbl 1346.76206]

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