Guaranteeing seamless mobility with user redials and automatic handover retrials. (English) Zbl 1217.68036

Summary: In communication systems that guarantee seamless mobility of users across service areas, repeated attempts occur as a result of user behavior but also as automatic retries of blocked requests. Both phenomena play an important role in the system performance and therefore should not be ignored in its analysis. On the other hand, an exact Markovian model analysis of such systems has proven to be infeasible and resorting to approximate techniques is mandatory. We propose an approximate methodology which substantially improves the accuracy of existing methods with a negligible increase of the computational time from the human point of view. A numerical evaluation of the model is carried out to investigate the impact on performance of the parameters related to the retry phenomena. As a result, some useful guidelines for setting up the automatic retries are provided. Finally, we also show how our model can be used to obtain a tight performance approximation in the case where reattempts have a deterministic nature.


68M15 Reliability, testing and fault tolerance of networks and computer systems
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