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Computer algebra in scientific computing. 13th international workshop, CASC 2011, Kassel, Germany, September 5–9, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1221.68017
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6885. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-23567-2/pbk). xi, 359 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see Zbl 1195.68004.
Indexed articles:
Abrahamyan, Sergey; Kyureghyan, Melsik, A recurrent method for constructing irreducible polynomials over finite fields, 1-9 [Zbl 1241.11133]
Abramov, S. A.; Barkatou, M. A.; Pflügel, E., Higher-order linear differential systems with truncated coefficients, 10-24 [Zbl 1344.68290]
Alcázar, Juan Gerardo, Topology of families of implicit algebraic surfaces depending on a parameter, 25-36 [Zbl 1344.68291]
Andrianov, Serge N., A modular approach for beam lines design, 37-48 [Zbl 1344.68292]
Berghammer, Rudolf; Rusinowska, Agnieszka; de Swart, Harrie, Computations on simple games using RelView, 49-60 [Zbl 1232.68187]
Boulier, François; Lemaire, François; Sedoglavic, Alexandre, On the regularity property of differential polynomials modulo regular differential chains, 61-72 [Zbl 1344.68294]
Boulier, François; Lemaire, François; Petitot, Michel; Sedoglavic, Alexandre, Chemical reaction systems, computer algebra and systems biology. (Invited talk), 73-87 [Zbl 1344.68293]
Budzko, Dzmitry A.; Prokopenya, Alexander N., On the stability of equilibrium positions in the circular restricted four-body problem, 88-100 [Zbl 1343.70013]
Chen, Changbo; Moreno Maza, Marc, Semi-algebraic description of the equilibria of dynamical systems, 101-125 [Zbl 1316.14109]
Edneral, Victor; Romanovski, Valery G., Normal forms of two \(p: - q\) resonant polynomial vector fields, 126-134 [Zbl 1344.68296]
Errami, Hassan; Seiler, Werner M.; Sturm, Thomas; Weber, Andreas, On Muldowney’s criteria for polynomial vector fields with constraints, 135-143 [Zbl 1344.68297]
Fabregat-Traver, Diego; Bientinesi, Paolo, Knowledge-based automatic generation of partitioned matrix expressions, 144-157 [Zbl 1344.68298]
Gerdt, Vladimir P.; Blinkov, Yuri A., Involutive division generated by an antigraded monomial ordering, 158-174 [Zbl 1344.68299]
Gusev, A. A.; Vinitsky, S. I.; Chuluunbaatar, O.; Gerdt, V. P.; Rostovtsev, V. A., Symbolic-numerical algorithms to solve the quantum tunneling problem for a coupled pair of ions, 175-191 [Zbl 1308.81007]
Gutnik, Sergey A., Symbolic-numeric investigation of the aerodynamic forces influence on satellite dynamics, 192-199 [Zbl 1308.70042]
Hart, William; Novocin, Andrew, Practical divide-and-conquer algorithms for polynomial arithmetic, 200-214 [Zbl 1308.12007]
Hauser, Matthias; Salzig, Christian; Dreyer, Alexander, Fast and robust symbolic model order reduction with Analog Insydes, 215-225 [Zbl 1308.94118]
Irtegov, Valentin; Titorenko, Tatyana, On invariant manifolds of Lagrange systems, 226-238 [Zbl 1308.70034]
Iwane, Hidenao; Kira, Akifumi; Anai, Hirokazu, Construction of explicit optimal value functions by a symbolic-numeric cylindrical algebraic decomposition, 239-250 [Zbl 1308.65092]
Karasözen, Bülent; Trofimova, Anastasia; Tsybulin, Vyacheslav, Convection in a porous medium and mimetic scheme in polar coordinates, 251-262 [Zbl 1308.76199]
Kornyak, Vladimir V., Computations in finite groups and quantum physics, 263-279 [Zbl 1308.81008]
Korporal, Anja; Regensburger, Georg; Rosenkranz, Markus, Regular and singular boundary problems in Maple, 280-293 [Zbl 1308.65127]
Kredel, Heinz; Jolly, Raphael, Algebraic structures as typed objects, 294-308 [Zbl 1344.68302]
Levandovskyy, Viktor; Koutschan, Christoph; Motsak, Oleksandr, On two-generated non-commutative algebras subject to the affine relation., 309-320 [Zbl 1308.16039]
Murphy, Brian J., Acceleration of the inversion of triangular Toeplitz matrices and polynomial division, 321-332 [Zbl 1308.65042]
She, Zhikun; Xue, Bai, Computing a basin of attraction to a target region by solving bilinear semi-definite problems, 333-344 [Zbl 1345.34107]
Szanto, Agnes, Symbolic-numeric solution of ill-conditioned polynomial systems (Survey talk overview) (Invited talk), 345-347 [Zbl 1285.65029]
Znojil, Miloslav, Symbolic-manipulation constructions of Hilbert-space metrics in quantum mechanics, 348-357 [Zbl 1308.81009]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68W30 Symbolic computation and algebraic computation
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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