Mixed convective heat and mass transfer in an asymmetric channel with peristalsis. (English) Zbl 1221.76080

Summary: This paper describes the fluid mechanics effects of mixed convective heat and mass transfer in an asymmetric channel with peristalsis. The flow is examined in a wave frame of reference moving with the velocity of the wave. The channel asymmetry is produced by choosing the peristaltic wave train on the walls to have different amplitudes and phase. The momentum, energy and concentration equations have been linearized under long wavelength approximation. The analytical solutions for temperature, concentration, velocity and stream function are obtained. The effects of various parameters such as local temperature Grashof number, local mass Grashof number and geometrical parameters on flow variables have been discussed numerically and explained graphically.


76D99 Incompressible viscous fluids
74F10 Fluid-solid interactions (including aero- and hydro-elasticity, porosity, etc.)
80A20 Heat and mass transfer, heat flow (MSC2010)
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