Tate and Ate pairings for \(y^2=x^5-\alpha x\) in characteristic five. (English) Zbl 1222.14044

Summary: We consider the Tate and Ate pairings for the genus-2 supersingular hyperelliptic curves \(y^2 =x^5-\alpha x\) (\(\alpha = \pm 2\)) defined over finite fields of characteristic five. More precisely, we construct a distortion map explicitly, and show that the map indeed gives an input for which the value of the Tate pairing is not trivial. We next describe a computation of the Tate pairing by using the proposed distortion map. We also see that this type of curve is equipped with a simple quintuple operation on the Jacobian group, which leads to an improvement for computing the Tate pairing. We further show the Ate pairing, a variant of the Tate pairing for elliptic curves, can be applied to this curve. The Ate pairing yields an algorithm which is about 50% more efficient than the Tate pairing in this case.


14G15 Finite ground fields in algebraic geometry
14G50 Applications to coding theory and cryptography of arithmetic geometry
14Q20 Effectivity, complexity and computational aspects of algebraic geometry
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