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Formal modeling and analysis of timed systems. 9th international conference, FORMATS 2011, Aalborg, Denmark, September 21–23, 2011. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1223.68006
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6919. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-24309-7/pbk). xi, 353 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1195.68001].
Indexed articles:
Kempf, Jean-Francois; Bozga, Marius; Maler, Oded, Performance evaluation of schedulers in a probabilistic setting, 1-17 [Zbl 1348.68023]
Chen, Taolue; Diciolla, Marco; Kwiatkowska, Marta; Mereacre, Alexandru, Time-bounded verification of CTMCs against real-time specifications, 26-42 [Zbl 1348.68126]
Theelen, Bart; Geilen, Marc; Voeten, Jeroen, Performance model checking scenario-aware dataflow, 43-59 [Zbl 1348.68151]
Bentea, Lucian; Ölveczky, Peter Csaba, Probabilistic real-time rewrite theories and their expressive power, 60-79 [Zbl 1348.68080]
David, Alexandre; Larsen, Kim G.; Legay, Axel; Mikučionis, Marius; Poulsen, Danny Bøgsted; van Vliet, Jonas; Wang, Zheng, Statistical model checking for networks of priced timed automata, 80-96 [Zbl 1348.68130]
Bouyer, Patricia; Markey, Nicolas; Sankur, Ocan, Robust model-checking of timed automata via pumping in channel machines, 97-112 [Zbl 1348.68122]
Basset, Nicolas; Asarin, Eugene, Thin and thick timed regular languages, 113-128 [Zbl 1348.68091]
Larsen, Kim G.; Legay, Axel; Traonouez, Louis-Marie; Wąsowski, Andrzej, Robust specification of real time components, 129-144 [Zbl 1348.68143]
Chatterjee, Krishnendu; Majumdar, Rupak, Minimum attention controller synthesis for omega-regular objectives, 145-159 [Zbl 1348.68096]
Quesel, Jan-David; Fränzle, Martin; Damm, Werner, Crossing the bridge between similar games, 160-176 [Zbl 1348.68147]
Badban, Bahareh; Lange, Martin, Exact incremental analysis of timed automata with an SMT-solver, 177-192 [Zbl 1348.68118]
Geeraerts, Gilles; Raskin, Jean-François; Sznajder, Nathalie, Event clock automata: from theory to practice, 209-224 [Zbl 1348.68102]
Kini, Dileep Raghunath; Krishna, Shankara Narayanan; Pandya, Paritosh K., On construction of safety signal automata for \(\mathrm{MITL}[\mathcal{U},\mathcal{S}]\) using temporal projections, 225-239 [Zbl 1348.68106]
Kupferschmid, Stefan; Becker, Bernd, Craig interpolation in the presence of non-linear constraints, 240-255 [Zbl 1348.68141]
Abdulla, Parosh Aziz; Delzanno, Giorgio; Rezine, Othmane; Sangnier, Arnaud; Traverso, Riccardo, On the verification of timed ad hoc networks, 256-270 [Zbl 1348.68115]
Dzetkulič, Tomáš; Ratschan, Stefan, Incremental computation of succinct abstractions for hybrid systems, 271-285 [Zbl 1348.68133]
Mitrohin, Corina; Podelski, Andreas, Composing stability proofs for hybrid systems, 286-300 [Zbl 1348.68107]
Schneider, Sven; Nestmann, Uwe, Rigorous discretization of hybrid systems using process calculi, 301-316 [Zbl 1348.68109]

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