Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s tenth problem. Produced and directed by George Csicsery. Narrated by Danica McKellar, edited by Tal Skloot, music by Mark Adler. (English) Zbl 1225.01058

Oakland, CA: Zala Films (ISBN 978-0-972-45885-6). 1 DVD (54:10 min.). (2008).
The film tells about the life of Julia Robinson and her passionate pursuit of Hilbert’s tenth problem. It consists of several parts: Childhood; Hilbert’s challenge; Losses and gains; Berkeley; Working on H10; From Russia with love; A very hard subject; Recognition. One can see original historical pictures, listen to the main heroes of the story of solving Hilbert’s problem (Davis, Putnam, Matiyasevich) commenting on their way to solve the problem as well as on their collaboration with Julia Robinson. They and other famous mathematicians (Feferman, Scott, Givant) explain mathematical concepts and problems appearing in the film. The main narrator is Constance Reid, Robinson’s sister and known biographer of mathematicians. The film covers important events in the history of modern mathematics and logic. It also elucidates motivations of mathematicians. The collaboration between American and Soviet mathematicians despite of political differences between the countries is exhibited. Some extra features are supplemented to the film, in particular: Fibonacci and the golden mean; Constance Reid and Julia Robinson; From Diophantus to David Hilbert; Decidability; Beyond Hilbert’s tenth problem; Turing machines.


01A70 Biographies, obituaries, personalia, bibliographies
03-03 History of mathematical logic and foundations

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Robinson, Julia