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Bourbaki seminar. Volume 2009/2010. Exposes 1012–1026. (Séminaire Bourbaki. Volume 2009/2010. Exposés 1012–1026.) (English, French) Zbl 1230.00041
Astérisque 339. Paris: Société Mathématique de France (SMF) (ISBN 978-2-85629-326-3/hbk). x, 409 p. (2011).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. Vol. 2008/2009 has been reviewed (see Zbl 1192.00071).
Indexed articles:
Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis, Chow group of zero-cycles on \(p\)-adic varieties (after S. Saito, K. Sato et al.), 1-30, Exp. No. 1012 [Zbl 1364.14004]
Emerton, Matthew, \(p\)-adic families of modular forms (after Hida, Coleman and Mazur), 31-61, Exp. No. 1013 [Zbl 1356.11026]
Keller, Bernhard, Cluster algebras and applications (after Fomin-Zelevinsky, \(\ldots\)), 63-90, Exp. No. 1014 [Zbl 1375.13034]
Klainerman, Sergiu, Linear stability of black holes (following M. Dafermos and I. Rodnianski), 91-135, Exp. No. 1015 [Zbl 1361.53002]
Kupiainen, Antti, Ergodicity of two dimensional turbulence (after Hairer and Mattingly), 137-156, Exp. No. 1016 [Zbl 1356.76003]
Berger, Laurent, The \(p\)-adic local Langlands correspondence for \(\mathrm{GL}_2({\mathbb Q}_p)\), 157-180, Exp. No. 1017 [Zbl 1356.11082]
Biquard, Olivier, Extremal Kähler metrics on toric surfaces (after S. Donaldson), 181-201, Exp. No. 1018 [Zbl 1377.53090]
Guionnet, Alice, Large random matrices and universality theorems (after Erdős, Schlein, Tao, Vu and Yau), 203-237, Exp. No. 1019 [Zbl 1357.60013]
Oliver, Bob, The classification of \(p\)-compact groups (after Andersen, Grodal, Møller, and Viruel), 239-257, Exp. No. 1020 [Zbl 1359.55001]
Rémy, Bertrand, Pseudo-reductive algebraic groups and applications (after J. Tits and B. Conrad-O. Gabber-G. Prasad), 259-304, Exp. No. 1021 [Zbl 1357.20021]
Burger, Marc, Fundamental groups of Kähler manifolds and geometric group theory, 305-321, Exp. No. 1022 [Zbl 1356.32001]
Paulin, Frédéric, On automorphisms of free groups and surface groups, 323-356, Exp. No. 1023 [Zbl 1356.20016]
Serfaty, Sylvia, Conservation laws and compensated regularity for antisymmetric systems and Willmore surfaces (after Tristan Rivière), 357-370, Exp. No. 1024 [Zbl 1360.58013]
Totaro, Burt, The ACC conjecture for log canonical thresholds (after de Fernex, Ein, Mustaţă, Kollár), 371-385, Exp. No. 1025 [Zbl 1356.14005]
Wilson, John S., Finite index subgroups and verbal subgroups in profinite groups, 387-408, Exp. No. 1026 [Zbl 1356.20014]

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