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Numerical and symbolic scientific computing. Progress and prospects. (English) Zbl 1234.65014
Texts & Monographs in Symbolic Computation. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-3-7091-0793-5/pbk; 978-3-7091-0794-2/ebook). viii, 358 p. (2012).

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Indexed articles:
Aigner, Martin; Jüttler, Bert; Poteaux, Adrien, Approximate implicitization of space curves, 1-19 [Zbl 1250.65024]
Beuchler, Sven; Pillwein, Veronika; Schöberl, Joachim; Zaglmayr, Sabine, Sparsity optimized high order finite element functions on simplices, 21-44 [Zbl 1250.65137]
Gruber, Peter G.; Kienesberger, Johanna; Langer, Ulrich; Schöberl, Joachim; Valdman, Jan, Fast solvers and a posteriori error estimates in elastoplasticity, 45-63 [Zbl 06082197]
Hodorog, Mădălina; Schicho, Josef, A symbolic-numeric algorithm for genus computation, 65-94 [Zbl 1250.65037]
Kaltofen, Erich L., The “Seven Dwarfs” of symbolic computation, 95-104 [Zbl 1257.65013]
Koutschan, Christoph; Lehrenfeld, Christoph; Schöberl, Joachim, Computer algebra meets finite elements: an efficient implementation for Maxwell’s equations, 105-121 [Zbl 1250.78042]
Levandovskyy, Viktor; Martin, Bernd, A symbolic approach to generation and analysis of finite difference schemes of partial differential equations, 123-156 [Zbl 1250.65109]
Matthies, Hermann G., White noise analysis for stochastic partial differential equations, 157-174 [Zbl 1250.65013]
Takacs, Stefan; Pillwein, Veronika, Smoothing analysis of an all-at-once multigrid approach for optimal control problems using symbolic computation, 175-191 [Zbl 1250.65085]
Pontow, Carsten; Scherzer, Otmar, Analytical evaluations of double integral expressions related to total variation, 193-218 [Zbl 1250.65045]
Popov, Nikolaj; Jebelean, Tudor, Sound and complete verification condition generator for functional recursive programs, 219-256 [Zbl 1248.68149]
Recio, Tomas; Vélez, María P., An introduction to automated discovery in geometry through symbolic computation, 257-271 [Zbl 1250.65040]
Rosenkranz, Markus; Regensburger, Georg; Tec, Loredana; Buchberger, Bruno, Symbolic analysis for boundary problems: from rewriting to parametrized Gröbner bases, 273-331 [Zbl 1250.65104]
Shemyakova, Ekaterina; Winkler, Franz, Linear partial differential equations and linear partial differential operators in computer algebra, 333-358 [Zbl 1269.13004]

65-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to numerical analysis
68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
65-04 Software, source code, etc. for problems pertaining to numerical analysis
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest
68W30 Symbolic computation and algebraic computation
13P10 Gröbner bases; other bases for ideals and modules (e.g., Janet and border bases)
14Q05 Computational aspects of algebraic curves
65D17 Computer-aided design (modeling of curves and surfaces)
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