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Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on formal power series and algebraic combinatorics, FPSAC 2011, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 13–17, 2011. (English) Zbl 1239.05002

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference (22, 2010) see Zbl 1198.05002.
Indexed articles:
Salvy, Bruno; Sedgewick, Bob; Soria, Michèle; Szpankowski, Wojtek; Vallée, Brigitte, Obituary: Philippe Flajolet, the father of analytic combinatorics, 1-2 [Zbl 1355.01028]
Aguiar, Marcelo; André, Carlos; Benedetti, Carolina; Bergeron, Nantel; Chen, Zhi; Diaconis, Persi; Hendrickson, Anders; Hsiao, Samuel; Isaacs, I. Martin; Jedwab, Andrea; Johnson, Kenneth; Karaali, Gizem; Lauve, Aaron; Le, Tung; Lewis, Stephen; Li, Huilan; Magaard, Kay; Marberg, Eric; Novelli, Jean-Christophe; Pang, Amy; Saliola, Franco; Tevlin, Lenny; Thibon, Jean-Yves; Thiem, Nathaniel; Venkateswaran, Vidya; Vinroot, C. Ryan; Yan, Ning; Zabrocki, Mike, Supercharacters, symmetric functions in noncommuting variables (extended abstract), 3-14 [Zbl 1355.05246]
Aguiar, Marcelo; Lauve, Aaron, Lagrange’s theorem for Hopf monoids in species, 15-26 [Zbl 1355.16027]
Ardila, Federico; Bliem, Thomas; Salazar, Dido, Gelfand-Tsetlin polytopes and Feigin-Fourier-Littelmann-Vinberg polytopes as marked poset polytopes, 27-38 [Zbl 1355.17006]
Armstrong, Drew, Hyperplane arrangements and diagonal harmonics, 39-50 [Zbl 1355.52014]
Armstrong, Drew; Rhoades, Brendon, The Shi arrangement and the Ish arrangement, 51-62 [Zbl 1355.52015]
Aval, Jean-Christophe; Boussicault, Adrien; Nadeau, Philippe, Tree-like tableaux, 63-74 [Zbl 1355.05044]
Aval, J.-C.; Novelli, J.-C.; Thibon, J.-Y., The # product in combinatorial Hopf algebras, 75-86 [Zbl 1355.16029]
Ballantine, Cristina, Powers of the Vandermonde determinant, Schur functions, and the dimension game, 87-98 [Zbl 1355.05247]
Bandlow, Jason; Schilling, Anne; Zabrocki, Mike, The Murnaghan-Nakayama rule for \(k\)-Schur functions, 99-110 [Zbl 1355.05248]
Beaton, Nicholas R.; Disanto, Filippo; Guttmann, Anthony J.; Rinaldi, Simone, On the enumeration of column-convex permutominoes, 111-122 [Zbl 1355.05014]
Berg, Chris; Bergeron, Nantel; Bhargava, Sandeep; Saliola, Franco, Primitive orthogonal idempotents for \(R\)-trivial monoids, 123-134 [Zbl 1355.20047]
Bergeron, François; Borie, Nicolas; Thiéry, Nicolas M., Deformed diagonal harmonic polynomials for complex reflection groups, 135-146 [Zbl 1355.20028]
Biagioli, Riccardo; Caselli, Fabrizio, Enumerating projective reflection groups, 147-158 [Zbl 1355.05015]
Bidkhori, Hoda, Finite Eulerian posets which are binomial or Sheffer, 159-170 [Zbl 1355.06003]
Billey, Sara; Crites, Andrew, Rational smoothness and affine Schubert varieties of type \(A\), 171-182 [Zbl 1355.14033]
Blagojević, Pavle V. M.; Matschke, Benjamin; Ziegler, Günter M., A tight colored Tverberg theorem for maps to manifolds (extended abstract), 183-190 [Zbl 1355.55002]
Blanco, Saúl A., Shortest path poset of Bruhat intervals, 191-198 [Zbl 1355.06004]
Block, Florian, Relative node polynomials for plane curves, 199-210 [Zbl 1355.14035]
Bruschek, Clemens; Mourtada, Hussein; Schepers, Jan, Arc spaces and Rogers-Ramanujan identities, 211-220 [Zbl 1355.14010]
Claesson, Anders; Dukes, Mark; Kubitzke, Martina, Partition and composition matrices: two matrix analogues of set partitions, 221-232 [Zbl 1355.05043]
Clearman, Sam; Shelton, Brittany; Skandera, Mark, Path tableaux and combinatorial interpretations of immanants for class functions on \(S_n\), 233-244 [Zbl 1355.05265]
Corteel, Sylvie; Dasse-Hartaut, Sandrine, Statistics on staircase tableaux, Eulerian and Mahonian statistics, 245-256 [Zbl 1355.05004]
Dołęga, Maciej; Śniady, Piotr, Polynomial functions on Young diagrams arising from bipartite graphs, 257-268 [Zbl 1355.05251]
Duval, Art M.; Klivans, Caroline J.; Martin, Jeremy L., Critical groups of simplicial complexes, 269-280 [Zbl 1355.05123]
Ehrenborg, Richard; Jung, JiYoon, The topology of restricted partition posets, 281-292 [Zbl 1355.06005]
Elizalde, Sergi, Allowed patterns of \(\beta \)-shifts, 293-304 [Zbl 1360.37040]
Engström, Alexander; Norén, Patrik, Polytopes from subgraph statistics, 305-316 [Zbl 1355.52007]
Féray, Valentin; Śniady, Piotr, Dual combinatorics of zonal polynomials, 317-328 [Zbl 1355.05252]
Ferreira, Jeffrey, A Littlewood-Richardson type rule for row-strict quasisymmetric Schur functions, 329-338 [Zbl 1355.05253]
Fink, Alex; Speyer, David, \(K\)-classes for matroids and equivariant localization, 339-350 [Zbl 1355.05070]
Fishel, Susanna; Tzanaki, Eleni; Vazirani, Monica, Counting Shi regions with a fixed separating wall, 351-362 [Zbl 1355.52016]
Forcey, Stefan; Lauve, Aaron; Sottile, Frank, Cofree compositions of coalgebras, 363-374 [Zbl 1355.16035]
Iriarte Giraldo, Benjamin, Dissimilarity vectors of trees and their tropical linear spaces (extended abstract), 375-386 [Zbl 1355.14038]
Giraudo, Samuele, Algebraic and combinatorial structures on Baxter permutations, 387-398 [Zbl 1355.16032]
Glick, Max, The pentagram map and \(Y\)-patterns, 399-410 [Zbl 1355.51007]
Goodall, Andrew; Merino, Criel; de Mier, Anna; Noy, Marc, On the evaluation of the Tutte polynomial at the points \((1,-1)\) and \((2,-1)\), 411-422 [Zbl 1355.05135]
Goupil, Alain; Cloutier, Hugo, Enumeration of minimal 3D polyominoes inscribed in a rectangular prism, 423-434 [Zbl 1355.05075]
Guo, Alan, Cyclic sieving phenomenon in non-crossing connected graphs, 435-444 [Zbl 1355.05019]
Haglund, J., A polynomial expression for the Hilbert series of the quotient ring of diagonal coinvariants (condensed version), 445-456 [Zbl 1356.13017]
Hanusa, Christopher R. H.; Jones, Brant C., The enumeration of fully commutative affine permutations, 457-468 [Zbl 1355.05021]
Heitsch, Christine E.; Tetali, Prasad, Meander graphs, 469-480 [Zbl 1355.05198]
Hetyei, Gábor, The short toric polynomial, 481-492 [Zbl 1355.06007]
Hivert, Florent; Mallet, Olivier, Combinatorics of \(k\)-shapes and Genocchi numbers, 493-504 [Zbl 1355.05256]
Huang, Jia, 0-Hecke algebra actions on coinvariants and flags, 505-516 [Zbl 1355.05022]
Humpert, Brandon; Martin, Jeremy L., The incidence Hopf algebra of graphs, 517-526 [Zbl 1355.16038]
Ikeda, Takeshi; Naruse, Hiroshi; Numata, Yasuhide, Bumping algorithm for set-valued shifted tableaux, 527-538 [Zbl 1355.05267]
Jelínek, Vít, Counting self-dual interval orders, 539-550 [Zbl 1355.05024]
Jones, Miles Eli; Remmel, Jeffrey, A reciprocity approach to computing generating functions for permutations with no pattern matches, 551-562 [Zbl 1355.05025]
Josuat-Vergès, Matthieu; Kim, Jang-Soo, Touchard-Riordan formulas, \(T\)-fractions, and Jacobi’s triple product identity, 563-574 [Zbl 1355.05026]
Kallipoliti, Myrto; Kubitzke, Martina, Double homotopy Cohen-Macaulayness for the poset of injective words and the classical NC-partition lattice, 575-586 [Zbl 1355.06008]
Konvalinka, Matjaž, Skew quantum Murnaghan-Nakayama rule, 587-598 [Zbl 1355.05258]
Labelle, Gilbert; Lacasse, Annie, Closed paths whose steps are roots of unity, 599-610 [Zbl 1355.05032]
Lange, Carsten, Minkowski decompositions of associahedra, 611-622 [Zbl 1355.52008]
Lenz, Matthias, Hierarchical zonotopal power ideals, 623-634 [Zbl 1355.05284]
Levande, Paul, Special cases of the parking functions conjecture and upper-triangular matrices, 635-644 [Zbl 1355.05259]
Lewis, Joel Brewster; Liu, Ricky Ini; Morales, Alejandro H.; Panova, Greta; Sam, Steven V.; Zhang, Yan, Matrices with restricted entries and \(q\)-analogues of permutations (extended abstract), 645-656 [Zbl 1355.05052]
Mason, Sarah K.; Remmel, Jeffrey, Row-strict quasisymmetric Schur functions, 657-668 [Zbl 1355.05260]
Méliot, Pierre-Loïc, Kerov’s central limit theorem for Schur-Weyl and Gelfand measures (extended abstract), 669-680 [Zbl 1355.05245]
Morales, Alejandro H.; Vassilieva, Ekaterina A., Bijective evaluation of the connection coefficients of the double coset algebra, 681-692 [Zbl 1355.05027]
Musiker, Gregg; Reiner, Victor, A topological interpretation of the cyclotomic polynomial, 693-704 [Zbl 1359.11084]
Oh, Suho, Generalized permutohedra, \(h\)-vectors of cotransversal matroids and pure \(O\)-sequences (extended abstract), 705-716 [Zbl 1355.52013]
Oh, Suho; Yoo, Hwanchul, Triangulations of \(\Delta_{n-1} \times \Delta_{d-1}\) and tropical oriented matroids, 717-728 [Zbl 1366.52025]
Okado, Masato; Sakamoto, Reiho, Stable rigged configurations and Littlewood-Richardson tableaux, 729-740 [Zbl 1355.05274]
Oliver, Kamilla; Prodinger, Helmut, How often do we reject a superior value? (Extended abstract), 741-752 [Zbl 1355.68218]
Panova, Greta, Tableaux and plane partitions of truncated shapes (extended abstract), 753-764 [Zbl 1355.05261]
Pierrot, Adeline; Rossin, Dominique; West, Julian, Adjacent transformations in permutations, 765-776 [Zbl 1355.05028]
Pilaud, Vincent; Santos, Francisco, The brick polytope of a sorting network, 777-788 [Zbl 1355.52009]
Poznanović, Svetlana, Cyclic sieving for two families of non-crossing graphs, 789-800 [Zbl 1355.05030]
Rincón, Felipe, Isotropical linear spaces and valuated delta-matroids, 801-812 [Zbl 1355.05066]
Ripoll, Vivien, Submaximal factorizations of a Coxeter element in complex reflection groups, 813-824 [Zbl 1355.05278]
Romik, Dan, Local extrema in random permutations and the structure of longest alternating subsequences, 825-834 [Zbl 1355.05009]
Rubey, Martin, Maximal 0-1-fillings of moon polyominoes with restricted chain lengths and rc-graphs, 835-848 [Zbl 1355.05077]
Sage, Marc, Asymptotics of several-partition Hurwitz numbers, 849-860 [Zbl 1355.05034]
Schilling, Anne; Tingley, Peter, Demazure crystals and the energy function, 861-872 [Zbl 1355.17014]
Schultz, Carsten, The equivariant topology of stable Kneser graphs, 873-884 [Zbl 1440.05073]
Serrano, Luis; Stump, Christian, Generalized triangulations, pipe dreams, and simplicial spheres, 885-896 [Zbl 1355.05078]
Straub, Armin, A \(q\)-analog of Ljunggren’s binomial congruence, 897-902 [Zbl 1355.05053]
Teff, Nicholas, Representations on Hessenberg varieties and Young’s rule, 903-914 [Zbl 1355.14017]
Tevlin, Lenny, Noncommutative symmetric Hall-Littlewood polynomials, 915-926 [Zbl 1355.05262]
Visontai, Mirkó, On the monotone hook Hafnian conjecture, 927-934 [Zbl 1355.05137]

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