Stochastic model for cell polarity. (English) Zbl 1242.92021

Summary: Cell polarity refers to the spatial asymmetry of molecules on the cell membrane. S.J. Altschuler et al. [Nature 454, 886– 889 (23008)] have proposed a stochastic model for studying the emergence of polarity in the presence of feedback between molecules. We analyze their model further by representing it as a model of an evolving population with interacting individuals. Under a suitable scaling of parameters, we show that in the infinite population limit we get a W.H. Fleming And M. Viot process [Indiana Univ. Math. J. 28, 817–843 (1979; Zbl 0444.60064)]. Using well-known results for such processes, we establish that cell polarity is exhibited by the model and also study its dependence on the biological parameters of the model.


92C37 Cell biology
60G57 Random measures
60J68 Superprocesses


Zbl 0444.60064
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