Algorithm theory – SWAT 2012. 13th Scandinavian symposium and workshops, Helsinki, Finland, July 4–6, 2012. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1243.68018

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7357. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-31154-3/pbk). xv, 400 p. (2012).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium and workshops see [Zbl 1189.68011].
Indexed articles:
Ghodsi, Mohammad; Maheshwari, Anil; Nouri, Mostafa; Sack, Jörg-Rüdiger; Zarrabi-Zadeh, Hamid, \(\alpha \)-visibility, 1-12 [Zbl 1357.68272]
Sherette, Jessica; Wenk, Carola, Partial matching between surfaces using Fréchet distance, 13-23 [Zbl 1357.68278]
Ito, Takehiro; Nakano, Shin-Ichi; Okamoto, Yoshio; Otachi, Yota; Uehara, Ryuhei; Uno, Takeaki; Uno, Yushi, A polynomial-time approximation scheme for the geometric unique coverage problem on unit squares, 24-35 [Zbl 1357.68293]
Dumitrescu, Adrian; Mitchell, Joseph S. B.; Żyliński, Paweł, Watchman routes for lines and segments, 36-47 [Zbl 1357.68269]
Abam, Mohammad Ali; Rahmati, Zahed; Zarei, Alireza, Kinetic pie Delaunay graph and its applications, 48-58 [Zbl 1357.68258]
Gemsa, Andreas; Lee, D. T.; Liu, Chih-Hung; Wagner, Dorothea, Higher order city Voronoi diagrams, 59-70 [Zbl 1357.68271]
Behsaz, Babak; Salavatipour, Mohammad R., On minimum sum of radii and diameters clustering, 71-82 [Zbl 1357.68290]
Hruz, Tomas; Schöngens, Marcel, A simple framework for the generalized nearest neighbor problem, 83-94 [Zbl 1357.68274]
Cygan, Marek, Deterministic parameterized connected vertex cover, 95-106 [Zbl 1357.05143]
Ghosh, Esha; Kolay, Sudeshna; Kumar, Mrinal; Misra, Pranabendu; Panolan, Fahad; Rai, Ashutosh; Ramanujan, M. S., Faster parameterized algorithms for deletion to split graphs, 107-118 [Zbl 1357.68083]
Kim, Eun Jung; Paul, Christophe; Philip, Geevarghese, A single-exponential FPT algorithm for the \(K _{4}\)-minor cover problem, 119-130 [Zbl 1357.68288]
Han, Yijie; Takaoka, Tadao, An \(O(n ^{3} \log\log n/\log ^{2} n)\) time algorithm for all pairs shortest paths, 131-141 [Zbl 1357.05145]
Atminas, Aistis; Lozin, Vadim V.; Razgon, Igor, Linear time algorithm for computing a small biclique in graphs without long induced paths, 142-152 [Zbl 1357.68077]
Golovach, Petr A.; Paulusma, Daniël; van Leeuwen, Erik Jan, Induced disjoint paths in AT-free graphs, 153-164 [Zbl 1357.68084]
Giannopoulou, Archontia C.; Salem, Iosif; Zoros, Dimitris, Effective computation of immersion obstructions for unions of graph classes, 165-176 [Zbl 1357.05130]
Chen, Danny Z.; Gu, Yan; Li, Jian; Wang, Haitao, Algorithms on minimizing the maximum sensor movement for barrier coverage of a linear domain, 177-188 [Zbl 1357.68265]
Busaryev, Oleksiy; Cabello, Sergio; Chen, Chao; Dey, Tamal K.; Wang, Yusu, Annotating simplices with a homology basis and its applications, 189-200 [Zbl 1357.68261]
Aschner, Rom; Katz, Matthew J.; Morgenstern, Gila, Do directional antennas facilitate in reducing interferences?, 201-212 [Zbl 1357.94005]
Dumitrescu, Adrian; Har-Peled, Sariel; Tóth, Csaba D., Minimum convex partitions and maximum empty polytopes, 213-224 [Zbl 1357.68292]
Bläser, Markus; Panagiotou, Konstatinos; Raghavendra Rao, B. V., A probabilistic analysis of Christofides’ algorithm, 225-236 [Zbl 1357.68291]
Behsaz, Babak; Salavatipour, Mohammad R.; Svitkina, Zoya, New approximation algorithms for the unsplittable capacitated facility location problem, 237-248 [Zbl 1344.68279]
Antoniadis, Antonios; Huang, Chien-Chung, Non-preemptive speed scaling, 249-260 [Zbl 1357.68017]
Bruner, Marie-Louise; Lackner, Martin, A fast algorithm for permutation pattern matching based on alternating runs, 261-270 [Zbl 1344.68310]
Nekrich, Yakov; Navarro, Gonzalo, Sorted range reporting, 271-282 [Zbl 1347.68343]
Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li; Vildhøj, Hjalte Wedel; Vind, Søren, String indexing for patterns with wildcards, 283-294 [Zbl 1357.68306]
Chan, Timothy M.; Durocher, Stephane; Skala, Matthew; Wilkinson, Bryan T., Linear-space data structures for range minority query in arrays, 295-306 [Zbl 1318.68068]
Doerr, Benjamin; Fouz, Mahmoud; Friedrich, Tobias, Asynchronous rumor spreading in preferential attachment graphs, 307-315 [Zbl 1357.68012]
Borradaile, Glencora; Pettie, Seth; Wulff-Nilsen, Christian, Connectivity oracles for planar graphs, 316-327 [Zbl 1357.68015]
Boyar, Joan; Gupta, Sushmita; Larsen, Kim S., Access graphs results for LRU versus FIFO under relative worst order analysis, 328-339 [Zbl 1357.68299]
Giannakopoulos, Yiannis; Koutsoupias, Elias, Competitive analysis of maintaining frequent items of a stream, 340-351 [Zbl 1357.68300]
Bodlaender, Hans L.; Jansen, Bart M. P.; Kratsch, Stefan, Kernel bounds for structural parameterizations of pathwidth, 352-363 [Zbl 1357.68078]
Kratsch, Stefan; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Rai, Ashutosh; Raman, Venkatesh, Kernel lower bounds using co-nondeterminism: finding induced hereditary subgraphs, 364-375 [Zbl 1357.68073]
Fischer, Eldar; Goldhirsh, Yonatan; Lachish, Oded, Testing formula satisfaction, 376-387 [Zbl 1357.68082]
Cleve, Richard; Iwama, Kazuo; Le Gall, François; Nishimura, Harumichi; Tani, Seiichiro; Teruyama, Junichi; Yamashita, Shigeru, Reconstructing strings from substrings with quantum queries, 388-397 [Zbl 1357.68307]


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