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Generalized function projective (lag, anticipated and complete) synchronization between two different complex networks with nonidentical nodes. (English) Zbl 1243.93039
Summary: Generalized function projective (lag, anticipated and complete) synchronization between two different complex networks with nonidentical nodes is investigated in this paper. Based on Barbalat’s lemma, some sufficient synchronization criteria are derived by applying the nonlinear feedback control. Although previous work studied function projective synchronization on complex dynamical networks, the dynamics of the nodes are coupled partially linear chaotic systems. In our work, the dynamics of the nodes of the complex networks are any chaotic systems without the limitation of the partial linearity. In addition, each network can be undirected or directed, connected or disconnected, and nodes in either network may have identical or different dynamics. The proposed strategy is applicable to almost all kinds of complex networks. Numerical simulations further verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed synchronization method. Numeric evidence shows that the synchronization rate is sensitively influenced by the feedback strength, the time delay, the network size and the network topological structure.

93B52Feedback control
93C10Nonlinear control systems
93A14Decentralized systems
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