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Parameter identification and synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems. (English) Zbl 1245.93039
Summary: The knowledge about parameters and order is very important for synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems. In this article, identification of parameters and order of fractional-order chaotic systems is converted to an optimization problem. Particle swarm optimization algorithm is used to solve this optimization problem. Based on the above parameter identification, synchronization of the fractional-order Lorenz, Chen and a novel system (commensurate or incommensurate order) is derived using active control method. The new fractional-order chaotic system has four-scroll chaotic attractors. The existence and uniqueness of solutions for the new fractional-order system are also investigated theoretically. Simulation results signify the performance of the work.

93B30System identification
93C15Control systems governed by ODE
34A08Fractional differential equations
Full Text: DOI
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