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Formal modeling and analysis of timed systems. 10th international conference, FORMATS 2012, London, UK, September 18-20, 2012. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1251.68022
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7595. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-33364-4/pbk). x, 267 p. (2012).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1223.68006].
Indexed articles:
Akshay, S.; Hélouët, Loïc; Jard, Claude; Lime, Didier; Roux, Olivier H., Robustness of time Petri nets under architectural constraints, 11-26 [Zbl 1374.68316]
Asarin, Eugene; Basset, Nicolas; Béal, Marie-Pierre; Degorre, Aldric; Perrin, Dominique, Toward a timed theory of channel coding, 27-42 [Zbl 1374.68250]
Bertrand, Nathalie; Schewe, Sven, Playing optimally on timed automata with random delays, 43-58 [Zbl 1374.68252]
Carter, Rebekah; Navarro-López, Eva M., Dynamically-driven timed automaton abstractions for proving liveness of continuous systems, 59-74 [Zbl 1375.68072]
Chilton, Chris; Kwiatkowska, Marta; Wang, Xu, Revisiting timed specification theories: a linear-time perspective, 75-90 [Zbl 1374.68274]
Dalsgaard, Andreas E.; Laarman, Alfons; Larsen, Kim G.; Olesen, Mads Chr.; van de Pol, Jaco, Multi-core reachability for timed automata, 91-106 [Zbl 1374.68277]
Dimitrova, Rayna; Finkbeiner, Bernd, Counterexample-guided synthesis of observation predicates, 107-122 [Zbl 1374.68083]
Ellen, Christian; Gerwinn, Sebastian; Fränzle, Martin, Confidence bounds for statistical model checking of probabilistic hybrid systems, 123-138 [Zbl 1374.68279]
Ghasemieh, Hamed; Remke, Anne; Haverkort, Boudewijn; Gribaudo, Marco, Region-based analysis of hybrid Petri nets with a single general one-shot transition, 139-154 [Zbl 1374.68329]
Herrera, Christian; Westphal, Bernd; Feo-Arenis, Sergio; Muñiz, Marco; Podelski, Andreas, Reducing quasi-equal clocks in networks of timed automata, 155-170 [Zbl 1374.68334]
Kindermann, Roland; Junttila, Tommi; Niemelä, Ilkka, SMT-based induction methods for timed systems, 171-187 [Zbl 1374.68293]
Muñiz, Marco; Westphal, Bernd; Podelski, Andreas, Timed automata with disjoint activity, 188-203 [Zbl 1374.68263]
Peter, Hans-Jörg; Finkbeiner, Bernd, The complexity of bounded synthesis for timed control with partial observability, 204-219 [Zbl 1375.68035]
Rinast, Jonas; Schupp, Sibylle, Static detection of Zeno runs in UPPAAL networks based on synchronization matrices and two data-variable heuristics, 220-235 [Zbl 1374.68298]
Stainer, Amélie, Frequencies in forgetful timed automata, 236-251 [Zbl 1375.68074]
Wehrle, Martin; Kupferschmid, Sebastian, Mcta: heuristics and search for timed systems, 252-266 [Zbl 1374.68303]

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