Special issue: Selected papers based on the presentations at the commemorative colloquium dedicated to Nikolai Neumaier, Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France, June 16–18, 2011. (English) Zbl 1253.00017

Travaux Mathématiques 20. Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (ISBN 978-2-87971-101-0/pbk). 231 p., open access (2012).

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Indexed articles:
Bordemann, Martin; Ebrahimi-Fard, Kurusch; Makhlouf, Abdenacer; Schlichenmaier, Martin; Waldmann, Stefan, Nikolai Neumaier, 7-13 [Zbl 1528.01014]
Arnal, Didier, Polynomial separating overgroups, 15-27 [Zbl 1528.22006]
Bordemann, Martin, Atiyah classes and equivariant connections on homogeneous spaces, 29-82 [Zbl 1528.53052]
Bordemann, Martin; Elchinger, Olivier; Makhlouf, Abdenacer, Twisting Poisson algebras, coPoisson algebras and quantization, 83-119 [Zbl 1528.17015]
Bursztyn, Henrique; Waldmann, Stefan, Strong and covariant Morita equivalences in deformation quantization, 121-143 [Zbl 1528.53083]
Karabegov, Alexander, An explicit formula for a star product with separation of variables, 145-152 [Zbl 1528.53084]
Pflaum, Markus J.; Posthuma, Hessel; Tang, Xiang, Quantization of Whitney functions, 153-165 [Zbl 1528.53085]
Römer, Hartmann, Why do we see a classical world?, 167-186 [Zbl 1528.81016]
Schlichenmaier, Martin, Some naturally defined star products for Kähler manifolds, 187-204 [Zbl 1528.53066]
Sternheimer, Daniel, A very short presentation of deformation quantization, some of its developments in the past two decades, and conjectural perspectives, 205-228 [Zbl 1528.53086]


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Neumaier, Nikolai
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