Geometric methods in physics. XXX workshop, Białowieża, Poland, June 26 – July 2, 2011. Selected papers based on the presentations at the workshop. (English) Zbl 1254.00029

Trends in Mathematics. Basel: Birkhäuser (ISBN 978-3-0348-0447-9/hbk; 978-3-0348-0448-6/ebook). xi, 431 p. (2013).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop (29, 2010) see Zbl 1234.81018.
Indexed articles:
Goldin, Gerald A., The Białowieża Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics: an impression of three extraordinary decades [Zbl 1262.00008]
Karabegov, Alexander; Neretin, Yuri; Voronov, Theodore, Felix Alexandrovich Berezin and his work, 3-33 [Zbl 1271.01035]
Ali, S. Twareque, Some non-standard examples of coherent states and quantization, 35-42 [Zbl 1264.81250]
Berceanu, Stefan, Classical and quantum evolution on the Siegel-Jacobi manifolds, 43-52 [Zbl 1264.81251]
Dolgushev, Vasily A., Exhausting formal quantization procedures, 53-62 [Zbl 1263.53085]
Gindikin, Simon, On one result of F. Berezin, 63-69 [Zbl 1268.22012]
Molchanov, Vladimir F., Berezin quantization on para-Hermitian symmetric spaces, 71-80 [Zbl 1263.22009]
Palamodov, V. P., Remarks on singular symplectic reduction and quantization of the angular moment, 81-89 [Zbl 1277.53087]
Rabin, Jeffrey M., Duality and the Abel map for complex supercurves, 91-99 [Zbl 1262.14064]
Schlichenmaier, Martin, Berezin’s coherent states, symbols and transform for compact Kähler manifolds, 101-116 [Zbl 1272.53083]
Tosiek, Jaromir, Physically acceptable solutions of an eigenvalue equation in deformation quantization, 117-123 [Zbl 1264.81264]
Vishnyakova, E. G., A classification theorem and a spectral sequence for a locally free sheaf cohomology of a supermanifold, 125-132 [Zbl 1262.32010]
Fernández C., David J., Bogdan Mielnik: contributions to quantum control, 135-156 [Zbl 1264.81235]
Antoine, Jean-Pierre, Partial inner product spaces, a unifying language for quantum mechanics, 157-164 [Zbl 1272.46015]
Baumgärtel, Hellmut, The resonance-decay problem in quantum mechanics, 165-174 [Zbl 1264.81201]
Bengtsson, Ingemar; Weis, Stephan; Życzkowski, Karol, Geometry of the set of mixed quantum states: an apophatic approach, 175-197 [Zbl 1264.81029]
Bermúdez, David; Fernández C., David J., Solution hierarchies for the Painlevé IV equation, 199-209 [Zbl 1264.81223]
Bohm, Arno; Bui, Hai Viet, The marvelous consequences of Hardy spaces in quantum physics, 211-228 [Zbl 1264.81171]
Cruz y Cruz, Sara, Factorization method and the position-dependent mass problem, 229-237 [Zbl 1264.81174]
Goldin, Gerald A., Quantum configuration spaces of extended objects, diffeomorphism group representations and exotic statistics, 239-251 [Zbl 1264.81243]
Mielnik, Bogdan, Convex geometry: a travel to the limits of our knowledge, 253-264 [Zbl 1264.81030]
Przanowski, Maciej; Skulimowski, Marcin; Tosiek, Jaromir, A time of arrival operator on the circle (variations on two ideas), 265-274 [Zbl 1264.81261]
Rosas-Ortiz, Oscar; Cruz y Cruz, Sara; Fernández-García, Nicolás, Negative time delay for wave reflection from a one-dimensional semi-harmonic well, 275-281 [Zbl 1264.81233]
Chruściński, D.; Kossakowski, A., Characterizing non-Markovian dynamics, 285-293 [Zbl 1282.47053]
Hounkonnou, Mahouton Norbert; Samary, Dine Ousmane, Deformation quantization of a harmonic oscillator in a general non-commutative phase space: energy spectrum in relevant representations, 295-302 [Zbl 1264.81262]
Kwaśniewski, B. K., Uniqueness property for \(C^\ast\)-algebras given by relations with circular symmetry, 303-310 [Zbl 1271.46045]
Buell, Catherine A., On maximal \(\mathbb R\)-split tori invariant under an involution, 313-322 [Zbl 1267.53053]
Dragović, Vladimir, Pencils of conics as a classification code, 323-330 [Zbl 1274.14041]
Hinterleitner, Irena; Mikeš, Josef, Geodesic mappings and Einstein spaces, 331-335 [Zbl 1268.53049]
Ismagilov, R. S., Racah operators, 337-341 [Zbl 1408.22008]
Jurkowski, Jacek, \(q\)-discord for generalized entropy functions, 343-348 [Zbl 1266.81031]
Leble, Sergey, Pseudopotentials via Moutard transformations and differential geometry, 349-356 [Zbl 1327.35282]
Mackenzie, Kirill, Proving the Jacobi identity the hard way, 357-366 [Zbl 1272.57021]
Markina, Irina; Vasil’ev, Alexander, Löwner-Kufarev evolution in the Segal-Wilson Grassmannian, 367-376 [Zbl 1264.81246]
Mikeš, Josef; Stepanov, Sergey; Jukl, Marek, The pre-Maxwell equations, 377-381 [Zbl 1266.53085]
Mladenov, Ivaïlo M.; Hadzhilazova, Mariana Ts.; Djondjorov, Peter A.; Vassilev, Vassil M., Serret’s curves, their generalization and explicit parametrizations, 383-390 [Zbl 1264.53005]
Sergeev, Armen, Harmonic spheres conjecture, 391-404 [Zbl 1279.58007]
Sheinman, Oleg K., Lax equations and the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov connection, 405-413 [Zbl 1281.17023]
Stepin, Stanislav A., Short-time asymptotics for semigroups of diffusion type and beyond, 415-422 [Zbl 1282.47063]
Mielnik, Bogdan, Bureaucratic world: is it unavoidable?, 425-431 [Zbl 1260.91223]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
53-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to differential geometry
58-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to global analysis
81-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to quantum theory
81Pxx Foundations, quantum information and its processing, quantum axioms, and philosophy
58A50 Supermanifolds and graded manifolds
58Z99 Applications of global analysis to the sciences
53D55 Deformation quantization, star products


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