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Proceedings of the 24th international conference on formal power series and algebraic combinatorics, FPSAC 2012, Nagoya, Japan, July 30–August 3, 2012. (English) Zbl 1257.05001

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1239.05002].
Indexed articles:
Ceballos, Cesar; Labbé, Jean-Philippe; Stump, Christian, Multi-cluster complexes, 1-8 [Zbl 1412.05229]
Lenart, Cristian; Schilling, Anne, Crystal energy via charge in types \(A\) and \(C\), 9-20 [Zbl 1412.05208]
McNamara, Peter R. W.; Sagan, Bruce E., The Möbius function of generalized subword order, 21-32 [Zbl 1412.05224]
Benedetti, Carolina, Combinatorial Hopf algebra of supercharacters of type \(D\), 33-44 [Zbl 1412.05213]
Bloom, Jonathan; Saracino, Dan, Modified growth diagrams, permutation pivots, and the BWX map \(\phi^*\), 45-56 [Zbl 1412.05004]
Lewis, Joel Brewster; Zhang, Yan X., Enumeration of graded \((3+1)\)-avoiding posets, 57-68 [Zbl 1412.05017]
Cifuentes, Diego, On the degree-chromatic polynomial of a tree, 69-72 [Zbl 1412.05103]
Pilaud, Vincent; Stump, Christian, Generalized associahedra via brick polytopes, 73-84 [Zbl 1412.05220]
Dehaye, Paul-Olivier, Integrality of hook ratios, 85-98 [Zbl 1417.05012]
Berg, Chris; Zabrocki, Mike, Symmetries of the \(k\)-bounded partition lattice, 99-110 [Zbl 1412.05197]
Hicks, Angela, Connections between a family of recursive polynomials and parking function theory, 111-122 [Zbl 1412.05198]
Vassilieva, Ekaterina A., Explicit generating series for connection coefficients, 123-134 [Zbl 1412.05223]
Horn, Silke, A topological representation theorem for tropical oriented matroids, 135-146 [Zbl 1415.05182]
Hicks, Angela; Kim, Yeonkyung, An explicit formula for ndinv, a new statistic for two-shuffle parking functions, 147-156 [Zbl 1412.05199]
Maeno, Toshiaki; Numata, Yasuhide, On the Sperner property and Gorenstein algebras associated to matroids, 157-168 [Zbl 1412.05217]
Mongelli, Pietro, Excedances in classical and affine Weyl groups, 169-180 [Zbl 1412.05010]
Dlugosch, Martin, New light on Bergman complexes by decomposing matroid types, 181-190 [Zbl 1412.05032]
Maurice, Rémi, A polynomial realization of the Hopf algebra of uniform block permutations, 191-202 [Zbl 1412.05218]
Padrol, Arnau, Constructing neighborly polytopes and oriented matroids, 203-214 [Zbl 1417.52017]
Chapuy, Guillaume; Féray, Valentin; Fusy, Éric, A simple model of trees for unicellular maps, 215-226 [Zbl 1412.05024]
Giraudo, Samuele, Constructing combinatorial operads from monoids, 227-238 [Zbl 1441.18026]
Reutenauer, Christophe; Robado, Marco, On an algebraicity theorem of Kontsevich, 239-246 [Zbl 1412.05221]
Elizalde, Sergi; Noy, Marc, Consecutive patterns in permutations: clusters and generating functions, 247-258 [Zbl 1412.05007]
Elizalde, Sergi; Roichman, Yuval, Arc permutations (extended abstract), 259-270 [Zbl 1412.05008]
Striker, Jessica; Williams, Nathan, Promotion and rowmotion, 271-283 [Zbl 1417.06003]
Berget, Andrew; Fink, Alex, Projective invariants of vector configurations, 285-296 [Zbl 1441.14175]
Visontai, Mirkó; Williams, Nathan, Stable Euler polynomials of type \(B\), 297-306 [Zbl 1418.11039]
Ohsugi, Hidefumi; Shibata, Kazuki, Smooth Fano polytopes whose Ehrhart polynomial has a root with large real part, 307-312 [Zbl 1417.52016]
Fischer, Ilse; Riegler, Lukas, Combinatorial reciprocity for monotone triangles, 313-324 [Zbl 1412.05015]
D’Adderio, Michele; Moci, Luca, Arithmetic matroids and Tutte polynomials, 325-336 [Zbl 1412.05031]
Dukes, Mark; Le Borgne, Yvan, The sandpile model on a bipartite graph, parallelogram polyominoes, and a \(q,t\)-Narayana polynomial, 337-348 [Zbl 1412.05035]
Bousquet-Mélou, Mireille; Chapuy, Guillaume; Préville-Ratelle, Louis-François, The representation of the symmetric group on \(m\)-Tamari intervals, 349-360 [Zbl 1412.05205]
Kim, Jang Soo, Proofs of two conjectures of Kenyon and Wilson on Dyck tilings, 361-372 [Zbl 1412.05025]
Nakashima, Norihiro, Bases for modules of differential operators of order 2 on the classical Coxeter arrangements, 373-384 [Zbl 1417.52034]
Méliot, Pierre-Loïc, Fluctuations of central measures on partitions (extended abstract), 385-396 [Zbl 07058700]
Glick, Max, On singularity confinement for the pentagram map, 397-408 [Zbl 1419.51002]
Burrill, Sophie; Elizalde, Sergi; Mishna, Marni; Yen, Lily, Generating trees for partitions and permutations with no \(k\)-nestings, 409-420 [Zbl 1412.05022]
Baumeister, Barbara; Haase, Christian; Nill, Benjamin; Paffenholz, Andreas, Permutation polytopes of cyclic groups, 421-432 [Zbl 1417.52012]
Berg, Chris; Saliola, Franco; Serrano, Luis, The down operator and expansions of near rectangular \(k\)-Schur functions, 433-444 [Zbl 1412.05196]
Assaf, Sami; Diaconis, Persi; Soundararajan, Kannan, Riffle shuffles with biased cuts, 445-456 [Zbl 1412.05195]
Konvalinka, Matjaž; Lauve, Aaron, Skew Pieri rules for Hall-Littlewood functions, 457-468 [Zbl 1412.05200]
Konvalinka, Matjaž; Pak, Igor, Triangulations of Cayley and Tutte polytopes, 469-480 [Zbl 1412.05096]
Danilov, Vladimir I.; Karzanov, Alexander V.; Koshevoy, Gleb A., Coherent fans in the space of flows in framed graphs, 481-490 [Zbl 1412.05082]
Lanini, Martina, Moment graphs and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials, 491-502 [Zbl 1412.05216]
Manon, Christopher, Phylogenetic trees and the tropical geometry of flag varieties, 503-514 [Zbl 1412.05210]
Lascoux, Alain; Novelli, Jean-Christophe; Thibon, Jean-Yves, Noncommutative symmetric functions with matrix parameters, 515-526 [Zbl 1412.05201]
Mühle, Henri, EL-Shellability of generalized noncrossing partitions associated to well-generated complex reflection groups (extended abstract), 527-538 [Zbl 1412.05021]
Bohn, Adam, Chromatic roots as algebraic integers, 539-550 [Zbl 1412.05101]
Shelton, Brittany; Skandera, Mark, Hecke algebra characters and quantum chromatic symmetric functions, 551-562 [Zbl 1412.05204]
Csar, Sebastian A.; Sengupta, Rik; Suksompong, Warut, On a subposet of the Tamari lattice, 563-574 [Zbl 1417.06002]
Li, Nan, A canonical expansion of the product of two Stanley symmetric functions, 575-586 [Zbl 1412.05202]
Higashitani, Akihiro, Classification of Ehrhart polynomials of integral simplices, 587-594 [Zbl 1412.05230]
Claesson, Anders; Úlfarsson, Henning, Sorting and preimages of pattern classes, 595-606 [Zbl 1412.05005]
Collet, Gwendal; Fusy, Éric, A simple formula for the series of bipartite and quasi-bipartite maps with boundaries, 607-618 [Zbl 1412.05014]
Oppermann, Steffen; Thomas, Hugh, Triangulations of cyclic polytopes, 619-630 [Zbl 1417.52013]
de Mier, Anna; Noy, Marc, Extremal statistics on non-crossing configurations, 631-642 [Zbl 1412.05095]
Nordenstam, Eric; Young, Benjamin, Correlations for the Novak process, 643-654 [Zbl 1419.82017]
Nakada, Kento, An algorithm which generates linear extensions for a non-simply-laced \(d\)-complete poset with uniform probability, 655-660 [Zbl 1412.05211]
Brändén, Petter; Moci, Luca, The multivariate arithmetic Tutte polynomial, 661-672 [Zbl 1412.05102]
Kim, Jang Soo; Seo, Seunghyun; Shin, Heesung, Minimal transitive factorizations of a permutation of type \((p,q)\), 673-682 [Zbl 1412.05009]
Josuat-Vergès, Matthieu, Cumulants of the \(q\)-semicircular law, Tutte polynomials, and heaps, 683-696 [Zbl 1412.05023]
Niese, Elizabeth, An injection from standard fillings to parking functions, 697-708 [Zbl 1412.05203]
Escobar, Laura, \(\mathrm{Star}^{1}\)-convex functions on tropical linear spaces of complete graphs, 709-720 [Zbl 1412.05033]
Dilks, Kevin, Involutions on Baxter objects, 721-734 [Zbl 1412.05006]
Morse, Jennifer; Schilling, Anne, A combinatorial formula for fusion coefficients, 735-744 [Zbl 1412.05219]
Úlfarsson, Henning; Woo, Alexander, Which Schubert varieties are local complete intersections?, 745-756 [Zbl 1412.05222]
Bouvel, Mathilde; Guibert, Olivier, Enumeration of permutations sorted with two passes through a stack and \(D_{8}\) symmetries, 757-768 [Zbl 1412.05013]
Kim, Jang Soo; Mészáros, Karola; Panova, Greta; Wilson, David B., Dyck tilings, linear extensions, descents, and inversions, 769-780 [Zbl 1412.05207]
Bassino, Frédérique; Bouvel, Mathilde; Pierrot, Adeline; Pivoteau, Carine; Rossin, Dominique, Combinatorial specification of permutation classes, 781-792 [Zbl 1412.05003]
Langer, Robin, Enumeration of cylindric plane partitions, 793-804 [Zbl 1412.05016]
Albenque, Marie; Bouttier, Jérémie, Constellations and multicontinued fractions: application to Eulerian triangulations, 805-816 [Zbl 1412.05012]
Beck, Matthias; Kemper, Yvonne, Flows on simplicial complexes, 817-826 [Zbl 1412.05228]
Elizalde, Sergi; Rubey, Martin, Bijections for lattice paths between two boundaries, 827-838 [Zbl 1412.05104]
Monagan, Michael, A new edge selection heuristic for computing the Tutte polynomial of an undirected graph, 839-850 [Zbl 1412.05105]
Hohlweg, Christophe; Labbé, Jean-Philippe; Ripoll, Vivien, Asymptotical behaviour of roots of infinite Coxeter groups. I (extended abstract), 851-862 [Zbl 1417.20011]
Ardila, Federico; Block, Florian, Universal polynomials for Severi degrees of toric surfaces, 863-874 [Zbl 1440.14241]
Lenart, Cristian; Lubovsky, Arthur, A generalization of the alcove model and its applications, 875-886 [Zbl 1446.17016]
Thiéry, Nicolas M., Cartan invariant matrices for finite monoids, 887-898 [Zbl 1412.05212]
Beazley, Elizabeth T., Maximal Newton polygons via the quantum Bruhat graph, 899-910 [Zbl 1440.05196]
Block, Florian, \(q\)-floor diagrams computing refined Severi degrees for plane curves, 911-922 [Zbl 1412.05028]
Ardila, Federico; Doker, Jeffrey, Lifted generalized permutahedra and composition polynomials, 923-934 [Zbl 1417.52014]
Dalal, Avinash J.; Morse, Jennifer, The ABC’s of affine Grassmannians and Hall-Littlewood polynomials, 935-946 [Zbl 1412.05215]
Mészáros, Karola; Morales, Alejandro H., Flow polytopes and the Kostant partition function for signed graphs, 947-960 [Zbl 1412.05088]
Liu, Fu, Perturbation of central transportation polytopes of order \(kn \times n\), 961-974 [Zbl 1412.05018]
Remmel, Jeffrey; Tiefenbruck, Mark, Extending from bijections between marked occurrences of patterns to all occurrences of patterns, 975-980 [Zbl 1412.05019]
Brooks, Christopher J.; Del Campo, Abraham Martín; Sottile, Frank, An inequality of Kostka numbers and Galois groups of Schubert problems, 981-992 [Zbl 1412.05214]

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