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Algorithmic game theory. 5th international symposium, SAGT 2012, Barcelona, Spain, October 22–23, 2012. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1257.91003
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7615. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-33995-0/pbk). x, 263 p. (2012).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1225.91006].
Indexed articles:
Apt, Krzysztof R.; Simon, Sunil, A classification of weakly acyclic games, 1-12 [Zbl 1284.91012]
Apt, Krzysztof R.; Schäfer, Guido, Selfishness level of strategic games, 13-24 [Zbl 1284.91011]
Auletta, Vincenzo; Christodoulou, George; Penna, Paolo, Mechanisms for scheduling with single-bit private values, 25-36 [Zbl 1284.90021]
Bilò, Vittorio; Mavronicolas, Marios, The complexity of decision problems about Nash equilibria in win-lose games, 37-48 [Zbl 1284.91013]
Béal, Sylvain; Rémila, Eric; Solal, Philippe, An optimal bound to access the core in TU-games, 49-60 [Zbl 1284.91029]
Brokkelkamp, K. Ruben; de Vries, Mees J., Convergence of ordered improvement paths in generalized congestion games, 61-71 [Zbl 1284.91015]
Cord-Landwehr, Andreas; Hüllmann, Martina; Kling, Peter; Setzer, Alexander, Basic network creation games with communication interests, 72-83 [Zbl 1284.91073]
Dalkiran, Nuh Aygun; Hoffman, Moshe; Paturi, Ramamohan; Ricketts, Daniel; Vattani, Andrea, Common knowledge and state-dependent equilibria, 84-95 [Zbl 1284.91016]
Eickmeyer, Kord; Hansen, Kristoffer Arnstfelt; Verbin, Elad, Approximating the minmax value of three-player games within a constant is as hard as detecting planted cliques, 96-107 [Zbl 1284.91017]
Fearnley, John; Goldberg, Paul W.; Savani, Rahul; Sørensen, Troels Bjerre, Approximate well-supported Nash equilibria below two-thirds, 108-119 [Zbl 1284.91018]
Feldman, Michal; Lai, John, Mechanisms and impossibilities for truthful, envy-free allocations, 120-131 [Zbl 1284.91173]
Feldman, Michal; Ron, Tom, Capacitated network design games, 132-143 [Zbl 1284.91074]
Ferraioli, Diodato; Goldberg, Paul W.; Ventre, Carmine, Decentralized dynamics for finite opinion games, 144-155 [Zbl 1284.91019]
Fotakis, Dimitris; Kaporis, Alexis C.; Lianeas, Thanasis; Spirakis, Paul G., On the hardness of network design for bottleneck routing games, 156-167 [Zbl 1284.91020]
Fu, Hu; Jordan, Patrick; Mahdian, Mohammad; Nadav, Uri; Talgam-Cohen, Inbal; Vassilvitskii, Sergei, Ad auctions with data, 168-179 [Zbl 1284.91175]
Goldberg, Paul W.; McCabe, Antony, Commodity auctions and frugality ratios, 180-191 [Zbl 1284.91178]
Goldberg, Paul W.; Pastink, Arnoud, On the communication complexity of approximate Nash equilibria, 192-203 [Zbl 1284.91021]
Gourvès, Laurent; Monnot, Jérôme; Moretti, Stefano; Thang, Nguyen Kim, Congestion games with capacitated resources, 204-215 [Zbl 1284.91285]
Könemann, Jochen; Larson, Kate; Steiner, David, Network bargaining: using approximate blocking sets to stabilize unstable instances, 216-226 [Zbl 1284.91183]
Markakis, Evangelos; Telelis, Orestis, Uniform price auctions: equilibria and efficiency, 227-238 [Zbl 1284.91186]
Mavronicolas, Marios; Monien, Burkhard, Minimizing expectation plus variance, 239-250 [Zbl 1284.91024]
Mirrokni, Vahab; Thain, Nithum; Vetta, Adrian, A theoretical examination of practical game playing: lookahead search, 251-262 [Zbl 1284.91025]

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