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Mathematical foundations of computer science 2013. 38th international symposium, MFCS 2013, Klosterneuburg, Austria, August 26–30, 2013. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1270.68020
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8087. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-40312-5/pbk). xvi, 851 p. (2013).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1246.68054].
Indexed articles:
Buss, Sam, Alternation trading proofs and their limitations, 1-7 [Zbl 1400.68083]
Epstein, Leah, Bin packing games with selfish items, 8-21 [Zbl 1400.91007]
Goubault-Larrecq, Jean, A constructive proof of the topological Kruskal theorem, 22-41 [Zbl 1403.03126]
Angel, Eric; Bampis, Evripidis; Kononov, Alexander; Paparas, Dimitris; Pountourakis, Emmanouil; Zissimopoulos, Vassilis, Clustering on \(k\)-edge-colored graphs, 50-61 [Zbl 1398.68384]
Antoniadis, Antonios; Huang, Chien-Chung; Ott, Sebastian; Verschae, José, How to pack your items when you have to buy your knapsack, 62-73 [Zbl 1400.90253]
Bacci, Giorgio; Bacci, Giovanni; Larsen, Kim G.; Mardare, Radu, Computing behavioral distances, compositionally, 74-85 [Zbl 1400.68144]
Bala, Sebastian, Which finitely ambiguous automata recognize finitely sequential functions? (extended abstract), 86-97 [Zbl 1398.68295]
Bárány, Vince; Benedikt, Michael; ten Cate, Balder, Rewriting guarded negation queries, 98-110 [Zbl 1398.68120]
Beckmann, Arnold; Pudlák, Pavel; Thapen, Neil, Parity games and propositional proofs, 111-122 [Zbl 1343.03043]
Bedon, Nicolas, Logic and branching automata, 123-134 [Zbl 1398.68297]
Bender, Marco; Thielen, Clemens; Westphal, Stephan, A constant factor approximation for the generalized assignment problem with minimum quantities and unit size items, 135-145 [Zbl 1400.90255]
Benedikt, Michael; Engelfriet, Joost; Maneth, Sebastian, Determinacy and rewriting of top-down and MSO tree transformations, 146-158 [Zbl 1398.68104]
Berkholz, Christoph; Verbitsky, Oleg, On the speed of constraint propagation and the time complexity of arc consistency testing, 159-170 [Zbl 1378.68058]
Björklund, Henrik; Martens, Wim; Schwentick, Thomas, Validity of tree pattern queries with respect to schema information, 171-182 [Zbl 1398.68187]
Bonatti, Piero A.; Faella, Marco; Galdi, Clemente; Sauro, Luigi, Auctions for partial heterogeneous preferences, 183-194 [Zbl 1400.91210]
Brandstädt, Andreas; Milanič, Martin; Nevries, Ragnar, New polynomial cases of the weighted efficient domination problem, 195-206 [Zbl 1398.68218]
Bringmann, Karl, Bringing order to special cases of Klee’s measure problem, 207-218 [Zbl 1400.68082]
Bringmann, Karl; Engels, Christian; Manthey, Bodo; Raghavendra Rao, B. V., Random shortest paths: non-Euclidean instances for metric optimization problems, 219-230 [Zbl 1319.90071]
Buckheister, P.; Zetzsche, Georg, Semilinearity and context-freeness of languages accepted by valence automata, 231-242 [Zbl 1398.68302]
Buhrman, Harry; Fortnow, Lance; Hitchcock, John M.; Loff, Bruno, Learning reductions to sparse sets, 243-253 [Zbl 1400.68074]
Chadha, Rohit; Sistla, A. Prasad; Viswanathan, Mahesh, Probabilistic automata with isolated cut-points, 254-265 [Zbl 1398.68304]
Chen, Taolue; Forejt, Vojtěch; Kwiatkowska, Marta; Simaitis, Aistis; Wiltsche, Clemens, On stochastic games with multiple objectives, 266-277 [Zbl 1400.91040]
Cohen, Sarel; Fiat, Amos; Hershcovitch, Moshik; Kaplan, Haim, Minimal indices for successor search (extended abstract), 278-289 [Zbl 1398.68105]
Creignou, Nadia; Meier, Arne; Müller, Julian-Steffen; Schmidt, Johannes; Vollmer, Heribert, Paradigms for parameterized enumeration, 290-301 [Zbl 1362.68103]
Czerwiński, Wojciech; Jančar, Petr; Kot, Martin; Sawa, Zdeněk, Complexity of checking bisimilarity between sequential and parallel processes, 302-313 [Zbl 1398.68361]
Durocher, Stephane; Mehrabi, Saeed, Guarding orthogonal art galleries using sliding cameras: algorithmic and hardness results, 314-324 [Zbl 1400.68247]
Durocher, Stephane; Shah, Rahul; Skala, Matthew; Thankachan, Sharma V., Linear-space data structures for range frequency queries on arrays and trees, 325-336 [Zbl 1400.68062]
Eggert, Sebastian; Schnoor, Henning; Wilke, Thomas, Noninterference with local policies, 337-348 [Zbl 1398.68363]
Elmasry, Amr; Katajainen, Jyrki, In-place binary counters, 349-360 [Zbl 1398.68106]
Epstein, Leah; Zebedat-Haider, Hanan, Rent or buy problems with a fixed time horizon, 361-372 [Zbl 1329.68298]
Felsner, Stefan; Mertzios, George B.; Musta, Irina, On the recognition of four-directional orthogonal ray graphs, 373-384 [Zbl 1398.68394]
Feng, Yuan; Yu, Nengkun; Ying, Mingsheng, Reachability analysis of recursive quantum Markov chains, 385-396 [Zbl 1400.68073]
Fink, Martin; Pupyrev, Sergey, Ordering metro lines by block crossings, 397-408 [Zbl 1398.68395]
Finkel, Alain; Göller, Stefan; Haase, Christoph, Reachability in register machines with polynomial updates, 409-420 [Zbl 1398.68160]
Fomin, Fedor V.; Golovach, Petr A.; Korhonen, Janne H., On the parameterized complexity of cutting a few vertices from a graph, 421-432 [Zbl 1398.68231]
Fournier, Hervé; Perifel, Sylvain; de Verclos, Rémi, On fixed-polynomial size circuit lower bounds for uniform polynomials in the sense of Valiant, 433-444 [Zbl 1398.68192]
Froese, Vincent; van Bevern, René; Niedermeier, Rolf; Sorge, Manuel, A parameterized complexity analysis of combinatorial feature selection problems, 445-456 [Zbl 1333.68142]
Ganian, Robert; Slivovsky, Friedrich; Szeider, Stefan, Meta-kernelization with structural parameters, 457-468 [Zbl 1400.68089]
Goldberg, Andrew V.; Razenshteyn, Ilya; Savchenko, Ruslan, Separating hierarchical and general hub labelings, 469-479 [Zbl 1398.68397]
Golovnev, Alexander; Kulikov, Alexander S.; Mihajlin, Ivan, Solving 3-superstring in \(3^{n/3}\) time, 480-491 [Zbl 1398.68238]
Goyal, Prachi; Kamat, Vikram; Misra, Neeldhara, On the parameterized complexity of the maximum edge 2-coloring problem, 492-503 [Zbl 1398.68239]
Gurvits, Leonid, A note on deterministic poly-time algorithms for partition functions associated with Boolean matrices with prescribed row and column sums, 504-515 [Zbl 1398.68242]
Hansen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt; Podolskii, Vladimir V., Polynomial threshold functions and Boolean threshold circuits, 516-527 [Zbl 1312.68088]
Heußner, Alexander; Kartzow, Alexander, Reachability in higher-order-counters, 528-539 [Zbl 1400.68104]
Hitchcock, John M.; Pavan, A., Length-increasing reductions for PSPACE-completeness, 540-550 [Zbl 1398.68182]
Huang, Shenwei, Improved complexity results on \(k\)-coloring \(P _{t }\)-free graphs, 551-558 [Zbl 1400.68075]
Huschenbett, Martin; Liu, Jiamou, A polychromatic Ramsey theory for ordinals, 559-570 [Zbl 06210002]
I, Tomohiro; Matsubara, Wataru; Shimohira, Kouji; Inenaga, Shunsuke; Bannai, Hideo; Takeda, Masayuki; Narisawa, Kazuyuki; Shinohara, Ayumi, Detecting regularities on grammar-compressed strings, 571-582 [Zbl 1398.68705]
Krebs, Andreas; Limaye, Nutan; Mahajan, Meena; Sreenivasaiah, Karteek, Small depth proof systems, 583-594 [Zbl 1400.68092]
Kunc, Michal; Okhotin, Alexander, Reversibility of computations in graph-walking automata, 595-606 [Zbl 1398.68317]
Kupferman, Orna; Mosheiff, Jonathan, Prime languages, 607-618 [Zbl 1398.68318]
Kuske, Dietrich, Logical aspects of the lexicographic order on 1-counter languages, 619-630 [Zbl 1400.68109]
Köbler, Johannes; Kuhnert, Sebastian; Verbitsky, Oleg, Helly circular-arc graph isomorphism is in logspace, 631-642 [Zbl 1388.68126]
Lazić, Ranko; Ouaknine, Joël; Worrell, James, Zeno, Hercules and the Hydra: downward rational termination is Ackermannian, 643-654 [Zbl 1400.03034]
Kozen, Dexter; Mardare, Radu; Panangaden, Prakash, Strong completeness for Markovian logics, 655-666 [Zbl 06210010]
Mengel, Stefan, Arithmetic branching programs with memory, 667-678 [Zbl 1398.68184]
Misra, Neeldhara; Panolan, Fahad; Saurabh, Saket, Subexponential algorithm for \(d\)-cluster edge deletion: exception or rule?, 679-690 [Zbl 1400.68160]
Muscholl, Anca; Schewe, Sven, Unlimited decidability of distributed synthesis with limited missing knowledge, 691-703 [Zbl 1398.68371]
Müller, Moritz; Szeider, Stefan, Revisiting space in proof complexity: treewidth and pathwidth, 704-716 [Zbl 1400.03073]
Pietracaprina, Andrea; Pucci, Geppino; Silvestri, Francesco; Vandin, Fabio, Space-efficient parallel algorithms for combinatorial search problems, 717-728 [Zbl 1398.68497]
Place, Thomas; van Rooijen, Lorijn; Zeitoun, Marc, Separating regular languages by piecewise testable and unambiguous languages, 729-740 [Zbl 1400.68113]
Rabinovich, Alexander, An unusual temporal logic, 741-752 [Zbl 1400.03035]
Ranzato, Francesco, A more efficient simulation algorithm on Kripke structures, 753-764 [Zbl 1400.68143]
Schmidt, Jens M., A planarity test via construction sequences, 765-776 [Zbl 1400.05064]
Fernández, Ariel Germán; Soltys, Michael, Feasible combinatorial matrix theory, 777-788 [Zbl 1400.03072]
Souza, Alexander, Approximation algorithms for generalized plant location, 789-800 [Zbl 1398.68684]
Takahashi, Yasuhiro; Yamazaki, Takeshi; Tanaka, Kazuyuki, Hardness of classically simulating quantum circuits with unbounded Toffoli and fan-out gates, 801-812 [Zbl 1400.68077]
Tavenas, Sébastien, Improved bounds for reduction to depth 4 and depth 3, 813-824 [Zbl 1360.68484]
Zehavi, Meirav, Parameterized algorithms for module motif, 825-836 [Zbl 1353.68140]
Zeume, Thomas; Schwentick, Thomas, On the quantifier-free dynamic complexity of reachability, 837-848 [Zbl 1371.68063]

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