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The history of theoretical, material and computational mechanics – mathematics meets mechanics and engineering. Selected papers based on the special sessions at the GAMM 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany, GAMM 2011, Graz, Austria, GAMM 2012, Darmstadt, Germany. (English) Zbl 1280.01001
Lecture Notes in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 1. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-39904-6/pbk; 978-3-642-39905-3/ebook). xiii, 490 p. (2014).

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Indexed articles:
Stein, Erwin, The origins of mechanical conservation principles and variational calculus in the 17th century, 3-22 [Zbl 1322.01006]
Ramm, Ekkehard, Principles of least action and of least constraint, 23-43 [Zbl 1334.01015]
Bremer, Hartmut, Lagrange’s “RĂ©cherches sur la libration de la lune” – from the principle of least action to Lagrange’s principle, 45-59 [Zbl 1323.01017]
Gerstner, Maximilian; Schmitt, Patrick R.; Steinmann, Paul, The development of analytical mechanics by Euler, Lagrange and Hamilton – from a student’s point of view, 61-72 [Zbl 1333.01016]
Stein, Erwin, History of the finite element method – mathematics meets mechanics. I: Engineering developments, 399-442 [Zbl 1325.01010]
Stein, Erwin, History of the finite element method – mathematics meets mechanics. II: Mathematical foundation of primal FEM for elastic deformations, error analysis and adaptivity, 443-478 [Zbl 1417.65005]
01-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to history and biography
01A45 History of mathematics in the 17th century
01A50 History of mathematics in the 18th century
01A55 History of mathematics in the 19th century
01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century
00A79 Physics (Use more specific entries from Sections 70-XX through 86-XX when possible)
70-03 History of mechanics of particles and systems
74-03 History of mechanics of deformable solids
76-03 History of fluid mechanics
49-03 History of calculus of variations and optimal control
49S05 Variational principles of physics (should also be assigned at least one other classification number in Section 49-XX)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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