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Public-key cryptography – PKC 2014. 17th international conference on practice and theory in public-key cryptography, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 26–28, 2014. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1283.94002
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8383. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-54630-3/pbk). xiv, 686 p. (2014).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1258.94004].
Indexed articles:
Kiltz, Eike; Masny, Daniel; Pietrzak, Krzysztof, Simple chosen-ciphertext security from low-noise LPN, 1-18 [Zbl 1335.94059]
Qin, Baodong; Liu, Shengli, Leakage-flexible CCA-secure public-key encryption: simple construction and free of pairing, 19-36 [Zbl 1335.94074]
Dachman-Soled, Dana, A black-box construction of a CCA2 encryption scheme from a plaintext aware (sPA1) encryption scheme, 37-55 [Zbl 1335.94042]
Matsuda, Takahiro; Hanaoka, Goichiro, Chosen ciphertext security via UCE, 56-76 [Zbl 1335.94068]
Kirshanova, Elena, Proxy re-encryption from lattices, 77-94 [Zbl 1335.94060]
Chandran, Nishanth; Chase, Melissa; Liu, Feng-Hao; Nishimaki, Ryo; Xagawa, Keita, Re-encryption, functional re-encryption, and multi-hop re-encryption: a framework for achieving obfuscation-based security and instantiations from lattices, 95-112 [Zbl 1335.94037]
Canetti, Ran; Paneth, Omer; Papadopoulos, Dimitrios; Triandopoulos, Nikos, Verifiable set operations over outsourced databases, 113-130 [Zbl 1296.94097]
Apon, Daniel; Katz, Jonathan; Shi, Elaine; Thiruvengadam, Aishwarya, Verifiable oblivious storage, 131-148 [Zbl 1335.94027]
Ananth, Prabhanjan; Chandran, Nishanth; Goyal, Vipul; Kanukurthi, Bhavana; Ostrovsky, Rafail, Achieving privacy in verifiable computation with multiple servers – without FHE and without pre-processing, 149-166 [Zbl 1335.94026]
Canard, Sébastien; Pointcheval, David; Sanders, Olivier, Efficient delegation of zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge in a pairing-friendly setting, 167-184 [Zbl 1335.94035]
Bi, Jingguo; Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Faugère, Jean-Charles; Nguyen, Phong Q.; Renault, Guénaël; Zeitoun, Rina, Rounding and chaining LLL: finding faster small roots of univariate polynomial congruences, 185-202 [Zbl 1335.11102]
Bos, Joppe W.; Costello, Craig; Miele, Andrea, Elliptic and hyperelliptic curves: a practical security analysis, 203-220 [Zbl 1291.94061]
Barbulescu, Razvan; Bouvier, Cyril; Detrey, Jérémie; Gaudry, Pierrick; Jeljeli, Hamza; Thomé, Emmanuel; Videau, Marion; Zimmermann, Paul, Discrete logarithm in \(\mathrm{GF}(2^{809})\) with FFS, 221-238 [Zbl 1335.94029]
Escala, Alex; Herranz, Javier; Libert, Benoît; Ràfols, Carla, Identity-based lossy trapdoor functions: new definitions, hierarchical extensions, and implications, 239-256 [Zbl 1335.94048]
Tessaro, Stefano; Wilson, David A., Bounded-collusion identity-based encryption from semantically-secure public-key encryption: generic constructions with short ciphertexts, 257-274 [Zbl 1335.94081]
Yamada, Shota; Attrapadung, Nuttapong; Hanaoka, Goichiro; Kunihiro, Noboru, A framework and compact constructions for non-monotonic attribute-based encryption, 275-292 [Zbl 1335.94084]
Hohenberger, Susan; Waters, Brent, Online/Offline attribute-based encryption, 293-310 [Zbl 1335.94050]
Coron, Jean-Sébastien; Lepoint, Tancrède; Tibouchi, Mehdi, Scale-invariant fully homomorphic encryption over the integers, 311-328 [Zbl 1335.94041]
Dachman-Soled, Dana; Fuchsbauer, Georg; Mohassel, Payman; O’Neill, Adam, Enhanced chosen-ciphertext security and applications, 329-344 [Zbl 1335.94044]
Langlois, Adeline; Ling, San; Nguyen, Khoa; Wang, Huaxiong, Lattice-based group signature scheme with verifier-local revocation, 345-361 [Zbl 1335.94063]
Nielsen, Jesper Buus; Venturi, Daniele; Zottarel, Angela, Leakage-resilient signatures with graceful degradation, 362-379 [Zbl 1335.94071]
Seurin, Yannick, On the lossiness of the Rabin trapdoor function, 380-398 [Zbl 1335.94080]
Hu, Gengran; Pan, Yanbin; Zhang, Feng, Solving random subset sum problem by \(l_p\)-norm SVP oracle, 399-410 [Zbl 1335.94051]
Ishiguro, Tsukasa; Kiyomoto, Shinsaku; Miyake, Yutaka; Takagi, Tsuyoshi, Parallel Gauss sieve algorithm: solving the SVP challenge over a 128-dimensional ideal lattice, 411-428 [Zbl 1335.94054]
Albrecht, Martin R.; Faugère, Jean-Charles; Fitzpatrick, Robert; Perret, Ludovic, Lazy modulus switching for the BKW algorithm on LWE, 429-445 [Zbl 1335.94025]
Albrecht, Martin R.; Faugère, Jean-Charles; Fitzpatrick, Robert; Perret, Ludovic; Todo, Yosuke; Xagawa, Keita, Practical cryptanalysis of a public-key encryption scheme based on new multivariate quadratic assumptions, 446-464 [Zbl 1288.94049]
Paterson, Kenneth G.; Schuldt, Jacob C. N.; Sibborn, Dale L., Related randomness attacks for public key encryption, 465-482 [Zbl 1335.94072]
Böhl, Florian; Davies, Gareth T.; Hofheinz, Dennis, Encryption schemes secure under related-key and key-dependent message attacks, 483-500 [Zbl 1335.94034]
Boyle, Elette; Goldwasser, Shafi; Ivan, Ioana, Functional signatures and pseudorandom functions, 501-519 [Zbl 1290.94145]
Bellare, Mihir; Fuchsbauer, Georg, Policy-based signatures, 520-537 [Zbl 1335.94031]
Catalano, Dario; Fiore, Dario; Gennaro, Rosario; Nizzardo, Luca, Generalizing homomorphic MACs for arithmetic circuits, 538-555 [Zbl 1335.94036]
Armknecht, Frederik; Gagliardoni, Tommaso; Katzenbeisser, Stefan; Peter, Andreas, General impossibility of group homomorphic encryption in the quantum world, 556-573 [Zbl 1335.94028]
Dachman-Soled, Dana, On minimal assumptions for sender-deniable public key encryption, 574-591 [Zbl 1310.94139]
Libert, Benoît; Yung, Moti; Joye, Marc; Peters, Thomas, Traceable group encryption, 592-610 [Zbl 1300.94079]
Jarecki, Stanislaw, Practical covert authentication, 611-629 [Zbl 1335.94091]
Escala, Alex; Groth, Jens, Fine-tuning Groth-Sahai proofs, 630-649 [Zbl 1335.94047]
Cho, Chongwon; Garg, Sanjam; Ostrovsky, Rafail, Cross-domain secure computation, 650-668 [Zbl 1335.94038]
Li, Yong; Schäge, Sven; Yang, Zheng; Kohlar, Florian; Schwenk, Jörg, On the security of the pre-shared key ciphersuites of TLS, 669-684 [Zbl 1335.94065]

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