Advances in cryptology – CRYPTO 2014. 34th annual cryptology conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 17–21, 2014. Proceedings, Part II. (English) Zbl 1292.94001

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8617. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-44380-4/pbk). xviii, 532 p. (2014).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1270.94007; Zbl 1270.94006]. For Part I of the proceedings of the present conference see [Zbl 1292.94002].
Indexed articles:
Unruh, Dominique, Quantum position verification in the random oracle model, 1-18 [Zbl 1334.81030]
Liu, Yi-Kai, Single-shot security for one-time memories in the isolated qubits model, 19-36 [Zbl 1334.94086]
Dodis, Yevgeniy; Shamir, Adi; Stephens-Davidowitz, Noah; Wichs, Daniel, How to eat your entropy and have it too – optimal recovery strategies for compromised RNGs, 37-54 [Zbl 1334.94073]
Papakonstantinou, Periklis A.; Yang, Guang, Cryptography with streaming algorithms, 55-70 [Zbl 1334.94092]
Bitansky, Nir; Canetti, Ran; Cohn, Henry; Goldwasser, Shafi; Kalai, Yael Tauman; Paneth, Omer; Rosen, Alon, The impossibility of obfuscation with auxiliary input or a universal simulator, 71-89 [Zbl 1296.94087]
Yamakawa, Takashi; Yamada, Shota; Hanaoka, Goichiro; Kunihiro, Noboru, Self-bilinear map on unknown order groups from indistinguishability obfuscation and its applications, 90-107 [Zbl 1334.94096]
Bitansky, Nir; Canetti, Ran; Kalai, Yael Tauman; Paneth, Omer, On virtual grey box obfuscation for general circuits, 108-125 [Zbl 1296.94089]
Granger, Robert; Kleinjung, Thorsten; Zumbrägel, Jens, Breaking ‘128-bit secure’ supersingular binary curves. (Or how to solve discrete logarithms in \({\mathbb F}_{2^{4 \cdot 1223}}\) and \({\mathbb F}_{2^{12 \cdot 367}}\)), 126-145 [Zbl 1334.94080]
Bitansky, Nir; Dachman-Soled, Dana; Lin, Huijia, Leakage-tolerant computation with input-independent preprocessing, 146-163 [Zbl 1334.68078]
Ananth, Prabhanjan; Goyal, Vipul; Pandey, Omkant, Interactive proofs under continual memory leakage, 164-182 [Zbl 1334.68076]
Aggarwal, Divesh; Dodis, Yevgeniy; Jafargholi, Zahra; Miles, Eric; Reyzin, Leonid, Amplifying privacy in privacy amplification, 183-198 [Zbl 1334.94054]
Data, Deepesh; Prabhakaran, Manoj M.; Prabhakaran, Vinod M., On the communication complexity of secure computation, 199-216 [Zbl 1334.94072]
Farràs, Oriol; Hansen, Torben; Kaced, Tarik; Padró, Carles, Optimal non-perfect uniform secret sharing schemes, 217-234 [Zbl 1334.94077]
Bhargavan, Karthikeyan; Fournet, Cédric; Kohlweiss, Markulf; Pironti, Alfredo; Strub, Pierre-Yves; Zanella-Béguelin, Santiago, Proving the TLS handshake secure (as it is), 235-255 [Zbl 1334.94060]
Camenisch, Jan; Lehmann, Anja; Lysyanskaya, Anna; Neven, Gregory, Memento: how to reconstruct your secrets from a single password in a hostile environment, 256-275 [Zbl 1334.94098]
Ben-Sasson, Eli; Chiesa, Alessandro; Tromer, Eran; Virza, Madars, Scalable zero knowledge via cycles of elliptic curves, 276-294 [Zbl 1334.68077]
Jutla, Charanjit S.; Roy, Arnab, Switching lemma for bilinear tests and constant-size NIZK proofs for linear subspaces, 295-312 [Zbl 1335.94057]
Fisch, Ben; Freund, Daniel; Naor, Moni, Physical zero-knowledge proofs of physical properties, 313-336 [Zbl 1335.94049]
Canetti, Ran; Jain, Abhishek; Paneth, Omer, Client-server concurrent zero knowledge with constant rounds and guaranteed complexity, 337-350 [Zbl 1296.94094]
Kiyoshima, Susumu, Round-efficient black-box construction of composable multi-party computation, 351-368 [Zbl 1335.94061]
Ishai, Yuval; Ostrovsky, Rafail; Zikas, Vassilis, Secure multi-party computation with identifiable abort, 369-386 [Zbl 1335.94053]
Beimel, Amos; Gabizon, Ariel; Ishai, Yuval; Kushilevitz, Eyal; Meldgaard, Sigurd; Paskin-Cherniavsky, Anat, Non-interactive secure multiparty computation, 387-404 [Zbl 1335.94030]
Dachman-Soled, Dana; Fleischhacker, Nils; Katz, Jonathan; Lysyanskaya, Anna; Schröder, Dominique, Feasibility and infeasibility of secure computation with malicious PUFs, 405-420 [Zbl 1335.94043]
Bentov, Iddo; Kumaresan, Ranjit, How to use bitcoin to design fair protocols, 421-439 [Zbl 1335.94032]
Kolesnikov, Vladimir; Mohassel, Payman; Rosulek, Mike, Flexor: Flexible garbling for XOR gates that beats free-XOR, 440-457 [Zbl 1335.94062]
Huang, Yan; Katz, Jonathan; Kolesnikov, Vladimir; Kumaresan, Ranjit; Malozemoff, Alex J., Amortizing garbled circuits, 458-475 [Zbl 1335.94052]
Lindell, Yehuda; Riva, Ben, Cut-and-choose yao-based secure computation in the online/offline and batch settings, 476-494 [Zbl 1335.94067]
Larraia, Enrique; Orsini, Emmanuela; Smart, Nigel P., Dishonest majority multi-party computation for binary circuits, 495-512 [Zbl 1335.94064]
Choi, Seung Geol; Katz, Jonathan; Malozemoff, Alex J.; Zikas, Vassilis, Efficient three-party computation from cut-and-choose, 513-530 [Zbl 1335.94039]


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