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On the 3-local profiles of graphs. (English) Zbl 1305.05120
Authors’ abstract: For a graph \(G\), let \(p_i(G)\), \(i=0,\ldots,3\) be the probability that three distinct random vertices span exactly \(i\) edges. We call \((p_0(G), \ldots,p_3(G))\) the 3-local profile of \(G\). We investigate the set \(\mathcal{S}_3 \subset \mathbb{R}^4\) of all vectors \((p_0,\ldots,p_3)\) that are arbitrarily close to the 3-local profiles of arbitrarily large graphs. We give a full description of the projection of \(\mathcal{S}_3\) to the \((p_0,p_3)\) plane. The upper envelope of this planar domain is obtained from cliques on a fraction of the vertex set and complements of such graphs. The lower envelope is Goodman’s inequality \(p_0+p_3 \geq \frac{1}{4}\). We also give a full description of the triangle-free case, i.e. the intersection of \(\mathcal{S}_3\) with the hyperplane \(p_3=0\). This planar domain is characterized by an SDP constraint that is derived from Razborov’s flag algebra theory.

05C42 Density (toughness, etc.)
05C75 Structural characterization of families of graphs
05C80 Random graphs (graph-theoretic aspects)
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