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WALCOM: algorithms and computation. 9th international workshop, WALCOM 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 26–28, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1305.68028
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8973. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-15611-8/pbk). xxiv, 336 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see [Zbl 1280.68035].
Indexed articles:
Raman, Rajeev, Encoding data structures, 1-7 [Zbl 1432.68103]
Chakaravarthy, Venkatesan; Gupta, Neelima; Pancholi, Aditya; Roy, Sambuddha, Fast algorithms for constrained graph density problems, 8-19 [Zbl 1435.05188]
Guan, Li; Li, Jianping; Zhang, Xuejie; Li, Weidong, The directed ring loading with penalty cost, 20-31 [Zbl 1432.68572]
Obata, Yuji; Nishizeki, Takao, Edge-colorings of weighted graphs (extended abstract), 32-43 [Zbl 1435.05082]
Emamjomeh-Zadeh, Ehsan; Ghodsi, Mohammad; Homapour, Hamid; Seddighin, Masoud, Unit covering in color-spanning set model, 44-52 [Zbl 1432.68514]
Jo, Seungbum; Raman, Rajeev; Rao Satti, Srinivasa, Compact encodings and indexes for the nearest larger neighbor problem, 53-64 [Zbl 1432.68094]
Fischer, Johannes; Peters, Daniel, A practical succinct data structure for tree-like graphs, 65-76 [Zbl 1432.68088]
Lin, Wei-Yin; Wu, Yen-Wei; Wang, Hung-Lung; Chao, Kun-Mao, Forming plurality at minimum cost, 77-88 [Zbl 1432.68522]
Singh, Gaurav; Narayanaswamy, N. S.; Ramakrishna, G., Approximate distance oracle in \(O(n ^{2})\) time and \(O(n)\) space for chordal graphs, 89-100 [Zbl 1432.68104]
de Berg, Mark; Mehrabi, Ali D., Straight-path queries in trajectory data, 101-112 [Zbl 1350.68269]
Demaine, Erik D.; Eppstein, David; Hesterberg, Adam; Ito, Hiro; Lubiw, Anna; Uehara, Ryuhei; Uno, Yushi, Folding a paper strip to minimize thickness, 113-124 [Zbl 1350.68262]
Bae, Sang Won, An almost optimal algorithm for Voronoi diagrams of non-disjoint line segments (extended abstract), 125-136 [Zbl 1432.68485]
Ravelo, Santiago V.; Ferreira, Carlos E., PTAS’s for some metric \(p\)-source communication spanning tree problems, 137-148 [Zbl 1432.68583]
Bhagat, Subhash; Gan Chaudhuri, Sruti; Mukhopadhyaya, Krishnendu, Fault-tolerant gathering of asynchronous oblivious mobile robots under one-axis agreement, 149-160 [Zbl 1350.68250]
Hanada, Hiroyuki; Denzumi, Shuhei; Inoue, Yuma; Aoki, Hiroshi; Yasuda, Norihito; Takeuchi, Shogo; Minato, Shin-ichi, Enumerating Eulerian trails via Hamiltonian path enumeration, 161-174 [Zbl 1435.05106]
Strothmann, Thim, The impact of communication patterns on distributed self-adjusting binary search trees, 175-186 [Zbl 1432.68105]
Asada, Yuma; Inoue, Michiko, An efficient silent self-stabilizing algorithm for 1-maximal matching in anonymous networks, 187-198 [Zbl 1432.68551]
Barbay, Jérémy; Gupta, Ankur; Rao Satti, Srinivasa; Sorenson, Jonathan, Dynamic online multiselection in internal and external memory, 199-209 [Zbl 1432.68109]
Tiedemann, Morten; Ide, Jonas; Schöbel, Anita, Competitive analysis for multi-objective online algorithms, 210-221 [Zbl 1390.68773]
Bekos, Michael A.; van Dijk, Thomas C.; Kindermann, Philipp; Wolff, Alexander, Simultaneous drawing of planar graphs with right-angle crossings and few bends, 222-233 [Zbl 1432.68337]
Iwaide, Ken; Nagamochi, Hiroshi, An improved algorithm for parameterized edge dominating set problem, 234-245 [Zbl 1432.05071]
Brandenburg, Franz J.; Heinsohn, Niklas; Kaufmann, Michael; Neuwirth, Daniel, On bar \((1, j)\)-visibility graphs (extended abstract), 246-257 [Zbl 1432.68342]
Chakraborty, Diptarka; Tewari, Raghunath, Simultaneous time-space upper bounds for red-blue path problem in planar DAGs, 258-269 [Zbl 1432.68344]
Mhaskar, Neerja; Soltys, Michael, Non-repetitive strings over alphabet lists, 270-281 [Zbl 1432.68376]
Engels, Christian, Dichotomy theorems for homomorphism polynomials of graph classes, 282-293 [Zbl 1435.05110]
Araki, Yoshiaki; Horiyama, Takashi; Uehara, Ryuhei, Common unfolding of regular tetrahedron and Johnson-Zalgaller solid, 294-305 [Zbl 1349.51012]
Uchizawa, Kei; Yashima, Daiki; Zhou, Xiao, Threshold circuits for global patterns in 2-dimensional maps, 306-316 [Zbl 1432.68411]
Toda, Takahisa; Takeuchi, Shogo; Tsuda, Koji; Minato, Shin-ichi, Superset generation on decision diagrams, 317-322 [Zbl 1432.68106]
Hossain, Md. Iqbal; Sultana, Shaheena; Moon, Nazmun Nessa; Hashem, Tahsina; Rahman, Md. Saidur, On triangle cover contact graphs, 323-328 [Zbl 1432.68517]
Das, Bireswar; Enduri, Murali Krishna; Reddy, I. Vinod, Logspace and FPT algorithms for graph isomorphism for subclasses of bounded tree-width graphs, 329-334 [Zbl 1432.68348]

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