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Advances in information and computer security. 9th international workshop on security, IWSEC 2014, Hirosaki, Japan, August 27–29, 2014. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1312.68014
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8639. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-09842-5/pbk). xii, 287 p. (2014).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see [Zbl 1295.68030].
Indexed articles:
Xu, Rui; Morozov, Kirill; Takagi, Tsuyoshi, Cheater identifiable secret sharing schemes via multi-receiver authentication, 72-87 [Zbl 1394.94947]
Obana, Satoshi; Tsuchida, Kazuya, Cheating detectable secret sharing schemes supporting an arbitrary finite field, 88-97 [Zbl 1417.94097]
Suzuki, Koutarou; Yoneyama, Kazuki, Secure multi-party computation for elliptic curves, 98-108 [Zbl 1420.68021]
Ohata, Satsuya; Matsuda, Takahiro; Hanaoka, Goichiro; Matsuura, Kanta, More constructions of re-splittable threshold public key encryption, 109-118 [Zbl 1417.94079]
Zhang, Hailong, How to effectively decrease the resource requirement in template attack?, 119-133 [Zbl 1417.94087]
Dutta, Avijit; Paul, Goutam, Deterministic hard fault attack on Trivium, 134-145 [Zbl 1417.94057]
Evci, Muhammet Ali; Kavut, Selçuk, DPA resilience of rotation-symmetric S-boxes, 146-157 [Zbl 1417.94059]
Yamamoto, Dai; Takenaka, Masahiko; Sakiyama, Kazuo; Torii, Naoya, A technique using PUFs for protecting circuit layout designs against reverse engineering, 158-173 [Zbl 1417.94085]
Chang, Yun-An; Hong, Wei-Chih; Hsiao, Ming-Chun; Yang, Bo-Yin; Wu, An-Yeu; Cheng, Chen-Mou, Hydra: an energy-efficient programmable cryptographic coprocessor supporting elliptic-curve pairings over fields of large characteristics, 174-186 [Zbl 1417.94050]
Endo, Kosei; Kunihiro, Noboru, On the security proof of an authentication protocol from Eurocrypt 2011, 187-203 [Zbl 1417.94094]
Bay, Aslı; Huang, Jialin; Vaudenay, Serge, Improved linear cryptanalysis of reduced-round MIBS, 204-220 [Zbl 1417.94041]
Datta, Nilanjan; Nandi, Mridul, Characterization of EME with linear mixing, 221-239 [Zbl 1417.94056]
Akagi, Shoichi; Nogami, Yasuyuki, Exponentiation inversion problem reduced from fixed argument pairing inversion on twistable ate pairing and its difficulty, 240-249 [Zbl 1417.94038]
Jia, Dingding; Li, Bao; Lu, Xianhui; Mei, Qixiang, Related key secure PKE from hash proof systems, 250-265 [Zbl 1417.94063]
Tseng, Fu-Kuo; Chen, Rong-Jaye; Lin, Bao-Shuh Paul, Towards symmetric functional encryption for regular languages with predicate privacy, 266-275 [Zbl 1371.68168]
Chatterjee, Sanjit; Mukherjee, Sayantan, Framework for efficient search and statistics computation on encrypted cloud data, 276-285 [Zbl 1420.68083]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68P25 Data encryption (aspects in computer science)
94A60 Cryptography
94A62 Authentication, digital signatures and secret sharing
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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