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Combinatorial pattern matching. 26th annual symposium, CPM 2015, Ischia Island, Italy, June 29 – July 1, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1314.68012
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9133. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-19928-3/pbk; 978-3-319-19929-0/ebook). xix, 412 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 1290.68010].
Indexed articles:
Amir, Amihood; Porat, Benny, On the hardness of optimal vertex relabeling and restricted vertex relabeling, 1-12 [Zbl 1432.68331]
Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio, A framework for space-efficient string kernels, 13-25 [Zbl 1380.68462]
Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio; Gagie, Travis; Prezza, Nicola; Raffinot, Mathieu, Composite repetition-aware data structures, 26-39 [Zbl 1432.68082]
Beller, Timo; Ohlebusch, Enno, Efficient construction of a compressed de Bruijn graph for pan-genome analysis, 40-51 [Zbl 1432.68602]
Bille, Philip; Gawrychowski, Paweł; Gørtz, Inge Li; Landau, Gad M.; Weimann, Oren, Longest common extensions in trees, 52-64 [Zbl 1432.68083]
Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li; Knudsen, Mathias Bæk Tejs; Lewenstein, Moshe; Vildhøj, Hjalte Wedel, Longest common extensions in sublinear space, 65-76 [Zbl 1380.68139]
Biswas, Sudip; Ganguly, Arnab; Shah, Rahul; Thankachan, Sharma V., Ranked document retrieval with forbidden pattern, 77-88 [Zbl 1432.68120]
Bliznets, Ivan; Fomin, Fedor V.; Golovach, Petr A.; Karpov, Nikolay; Kulikov, Alexander S.; Saurabh, Saket, Parameterized complexity of superstring problems, 89-99 [Zbl 1380.68216]
Bonizzoni, Paola; Dondi, Riccardo; Klau, Gunnar W.; Pirola, Yuri; Pisanti, Nadia; Zaccaria, Simone, On the fixed parameter tractability and approximability of the minimum error correction problem, 100-113 [Zbl 1432.68188]
Chan, Timothy; Lewenstein, Moshe, Fast string dictionary lookup with one error, 114-123 [Zbl 1432.68084]
Chikhi, Rayan; Medvedev, Paul; Milanič, Martin; Raskhodnikova, Sofya, On the readability of overlap digraphs, 124-137 [Zbl 1435.05090]
Cho, Sukhyeun; Na, Joong Chae; Sim, Jeong Seop, Improved algorithms for the boxed-mesh permutation pattern matching problem, 138-148 [Zbl 1380.68466]
Davoodi, Pooya; Iacono, John; Landau, Gad M.; Lewenstein, Moshe, Range minimum query indexes in higher dimensions, 149-159 [Zbl 1432.68086]
Fischer, Johannes; Gawrychowski, Paweł, Alphabet-dependent string searching with wexponential search trees, 160-171 [Zbl 1432.68087]
Fischer, Johannes; I, Tomohiro; Köppl, Dominik, Lempel Ziv computation in small space (LZ-CISS), 172-184 [Zbl 1432.68138]
Ganguly, Arnab; Shah, Rahul; Thankachan, Sharma V., Succinct non-overlapping indexing, 185-195 [Zbl 1432.68089]
Gawrychowski, Paweł; Nicholson, Patrick K., Encodings of range maximum-sum segment queries and applications, 196-206 [Zbl 1432.68090]
Gog, Simon; Petri, Matthias, Compact indexes for flexible top-\(k\), 207-218 [Zbl 1432.68121]
Goto, Keisuke; Bannai, Hideo; Inenaga, Shunsuke; Takeda, Masayuki, LZD factorization: simple and practical online grammar compression with variable-to-fixed encoding, 219-230 [Zbl 1432.68141]
Haleš, Jozef; Maňuch, Ján; Ponty, Yann; Stacho, Ladislav, Combinatorial RNA design: designability and structure-approximating algorithm, 231-246 [Zbl 1432.68374]
Hon, Wing-Kai; Lam, Tak-Wah; Shah, Rahul; Thankachan, Sharma V.; Ting, Hing-Fung; Yang, Yilin, Dictionary matching with uneven gaps, 247-260 [Zbl 1383.68105]
Istrate, Gabriel; Bonchiş, Cosmin, Partition into heapable sequences, heap tableaux and a multiset extension of Hammersley’s process, 261-271 [Zbl 1432.68326]
Jansson, Jesper; Lingas, Andrzej; Lundell, Eva-Marta, The approximability of maximum rooted triplets consistency with fan triplets and forbidden triplets, 272-283 [Zbl 1432.68577]
Kociumaka, Tomasz; Radoszewski, Jakub; Rytter, Wojciech; Waleń, Tomasz, String powers in trees, 284-294 [Zbl 1380.68322]
Kosolobov, Dmitry, Online detection of repetitions with backtracking, 295-306 [Zbl 1432.68591]
Kulikov, Alexander S.; Savinov, Sergey; Sluzhaev, Evgeniy, Greedy conjecture for strings of length 4, 307-315 [Zbl 1432.68607]
Kärkkäinen, Juha; Kempa, Dominik; Piątkowski, Marcin, Tighter bounds for the sum of irreducible LCP values, 316-328 [Zbl 1356.68056]
Kärkkäinen, Juha; Kempa, Dominik; Puglisi, Simon J., Parallel external memory suffix sorting, 329-342 [Zbl 1432.68110]
Loptev, Alexander; Kucherov, Gregory; Starikovskaya, Tatiana, On maximal unbordered factors, 343-354 [Zbl 1397.68150]
Matsuoka, Yoshiaki; I, Tomohiro; Inenaga, Shunsuke; Bannai, Hideo; Takeda, Masayuki, Semi-dynamic compact index for short patterns and succinct van Emde Boas tree, 355-366 [Zbl 1432.68097]
Navarro, Gonzalo; Thankachan, Sharma V., Reporting consecutive substring occurrences under bounded gap constraints, 367-373 [Zbl 1432.68099]
Nicaud, Cyril, A probabilistic analysis of the reduction ratio in the suffix-array IS-algorithm, 374-384 [Zbl 1432.68609]
Nicholson, Patrick K.; Raman, Rajeev, Encoding nearest larger values, 385-395 [Zbl 1432.68100]
Zeira, Ron; Shamir, Ron, Sorting by cuts, joins and whole chromosome duplications, 396-409 [Zbl 1435.92041]

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68R05 Combinatorics in computer science
68W32 Algorithms on strings
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