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Formal modeling and analysis of timed systems. 12th international conference, FORMATS 2014, Florence, Italy, September 8–10, 2014. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1317.68012
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8711. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-10511-6/pbk). x, 253 p. (2014).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1269.68019].
Indexed articles:
Baruah, Sanjoy, The modeling and analysis of mixed-criticality systems. Extended abstract, 1-6 [Zbl 1448.68180]
Andrychowicz, Marcin; Dziembowski, Stefan; Malinowski, Daniel; Mazurek, Łukasz, Modeling Bitcoin contracts by timed automata, 7-22 [Zbl 1448.91328]
Bartocci, Ezio; Bortolussi, Luca; Sanguinetti, Guido, Data-driven statistical learning of temporal logic properties, 23-37 [Zbl 1448.68371]
Al-Bataineh, Omar; Reynolds, Mark; French, Tim, Finding best and worst case execution times of systems using difference-bound matrices, 38-52 [Zbl 1448.68177]
Boucheneb, Hanifa; Barkaoui, Kamel; Weslati, Karim, Delay-dependent partial order reduction technique for time Petri nets, 53-68 [Zbl 1448.68332]
Brihaye, Thomas; Estiévenart, Morgane; Geeraerts, Gilles, On MITL and alternating timed automata over infinite words, 69-84 [Zbl 1448.68291]
Berthomieu, Bernard; Dal Zilio, Silvano; Fronc, Łukasz; Vernadat, François, Time Petri nets with dynamic firing dates: semantics and applications, 85-99 [Zbl 1448.68330]
David, Alexandre; Fang, Huixing; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand; Zhang, Zhengkui, Verification and performance evaluation of timed game strategies, 100-114 [Zbl 1448.68293]
Fontana, Peter; Cleaveland, Rance, The power of proofs: new algorithms for timed automata model checking, 115-129 [Zbl 1448.68297]
Johnson, Taylor T.; Mitra, Sayan, Anonymized reachability of hybrid automata networks, 130-145 [Zbl 1448.68301]
Kuřátko, Jan; Ratschan, Stefan, Combined global and local search for the falsification of hybrid systems, 146-160 [Zbl 1448.68303]
Krishna, Shankara Narayanan; Mathur, Umang; Trivedi, Ashutosh, Weak singular hybrid automata, 161-175 [Zbl 1448.68269]
Minopoli, Stefano; Frehse, Goran, Non-convex invariants and urgency conditions on linear hybrid automata, 176-190 [Zbl 1448.68272]
Roohi, Nima; Viswanathan, Mahesh, Time-bounded reachability for initialized hybrid automata with linear differential inclusions and rectangular constraints, 191-205 [Zbl 1448.68274]
Stierand, Ingo; Reinkemeier, Philipp; Bhaduri, Purandar, Virtual integration of real-time systems based on resource segregation abstraction, 206-221 [Zbl 1448.68183]
Ulus, Dogan; Ferrère, Thomas; Asarin, Eugene; Maler, Oded, Timed pattern matching, 222-236 [Zbl 1419.68221]
Viesmose Birch, Sine; Stig Jacobsen, Thomas; Jon Jensen, Jacob; Moesgaard, Christoffer; Nørgaard Samuelsen, Niels; Srba, Jiří, Interval abstraction refinement for model checking of timed-arc Petri nets, 237-251 [Zbl 1448.68321]

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