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Logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning. 13th international conference, LPNMR 2015, Lexington, KY, USA, September 27–30, 2015. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1320.68014
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9345. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-23263-8/pbk; 978-3-319-23264-5/pbk). xiv, 574 p. (2015).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1272.68012].
Indexed articles:
Cabalar, Pedro, Stable models for temporal theories (invited talk), 1-13 [Zbl 06504216]
Lang, Jérôme, Algorithmic decision theory meets logic (invited talk), 14-19 [Zbl 06504217]
Lavrač, Nada; Vavpetič, Anže, Relational and semantic data mining (invited talk), 20-31 [Zbl 06504218]
Abseher, Michael; Gebser, Martin; Musliu, Nysret; Schaub, Torsten; Woltran, Stefan, Shift design with answer set programming, 32-39 [Zbl 1370.68043]
Alviano, Mario; Dodaro, Carmine; Leone, Nicola; Ricca, Francesco, Advances in WASP, 40-54 [Zbl 06504220]
Andres, Benjamin; Biewer, Alexander; Romero, Javier; Haubelt, Christian; Schaub, Torsten, Improving coordinated SMT-based system synthesis by utilizing domain-specific heuristics, 55-68 [Zbl 06504221]
Andres, Benjamin; Rajaratnam, David; Sabuncu, Orkunt; Schaub, Torsten, Integrating ASP into ROS for reasoning in robots, 69-82 [Zbl 06504222]
Athakravi, Duangtida; Satoh, Ken; Law, Mark; Broda, Krysia; Russo, Alessandra, Automated inference of rules with exception from past legal cases using ASP, 83-96 [Zbl 06504223]
Babb, Joseph; Lee, Joohyung, Online action language \(o\mathcal {BC}+\), 97-111 [Zbl 06504224]
Banbara, Mutsunori; Gebser, Martin; Inoue, Katsumi; Ostrowski, Max; Peano, Andrea; Schaub, Torsten; Soh, Takehide; Tamura, Naoyuki; Weise, Matthias, aspartame: solving constraint satisfaction problems with answer set programming, 112-126 [Zbl 06504225]
Baral, Chitta; Son, Tran Cao, “Add another blue stack of the same height!”: ASP based planning and plan failure analysis, 127-133 [Zbl 06504226]
Blount, Justin; Gelfond, Michael; Balduccini, Marcello, A theory of intentions for intelligent agents (extended abstract), 134-142 [Zbl 06504227]
Bomanson, Jori; Gebser, Martin; Janhunen, Tomi; Kaufmann, Benjamin; Schaub, Torsten, Answer set programming modulo acyclicity, 143-150 [Zbl 1370.68044]
Brass, Stefan, A framework for goal-directed query evaluation with negation, 151-157 [Zbl 06504229]
Brewka, Gerhard; Delgrande, James; Romero, Javier; Schaub, Torsten, Implementing preferences with asprin, 158-172 [Zbl 06504230]
Buddenhagen, Matthew; Lierler, Yuliya, Performance tuning in answer set programming, 186-198 [Zbl 06504232]
Cabalar, Pedro; Fandinno, Jorge, Enablers and inhibitors in causal justifications of logic programs, 199-212 [Zbl 1357.68029]
Charwat, Günther; Woltran, Stefan, Efficient problem solving on tree decompositions using binary decision diagrams, 213-227 [Zbl 06504234]
Costantini, Stefania, Knowledge acquisition via non-monotonic reasoning in distributed heterogeneous environments, 228-241 [Zbl 06504235]
Costantini, Stefania; De Gasperis, Giovanni; Olivieri, Raffaele, Digital forensics evidence analysis: an answer set programming approach for generating investigation hypotheses, 242-249 [Zbl 06504236]
Denecker, Marc; Brewka, Gerhard; Strass, Hannes, A formal theory of justifications, 250-264 [Zbl 06504237]
Dietz, Emmanuelle-Anna; Hölldobler, Steffen, A new computational logic approach to reason with conditionals, 265-278 [Zbl 06504238]
Dodaro, Carmine; Gasteiger, Philip; Musitsch, Benjamin; Ricca, Francesco; Shchekotykhin, Kostyantyn, Interactive debugging of non-ground ASP programs, 279-293 [Zbl 06504239]
Eiter, Thomas; Šimkus, Mantas, Linking open-world knowledge bases using nonmonotonic rules, 294-308 [Zbl 06504240]
Eppe, Manfred; Maclean, Ewen; Confalonieri, Roberto; Kutz, Oliver; Schorlemmer, Marco; Plaza, Enric, ASP, amalgamation, and the conceptual blending workflow, 309-316 [Zbl 06504241]
Erdem, Esra; Patoglu, Volkan; Saribatur, Zeynep Gozen, Diagnostic reasoning for robotics using action languages, 317-331 [Zbl 06504242]
Feier, Cristina; Eiter, Thomas, Reasoning with forest logic programs using fully enriched automata, 346-353 [Zbl 06504244]
Gebser, Martin; Janhunen, Tomi; Jost, Holger; Kaminski, Roland; Schaub, Torsten, ASP solving for expanding universes, 354-367 [Zbl 06504245]
Gebser, Martin; Kaminski, Roland; Kaufmann, Benjamin; Romero, Javier; Schaub, Torsten, Progress in clasp series 3, 368-383 [Zbl 06504246]
Gebser, Martin; Ryabokon, Anna; Schenner, Gottfried, Combining heuristics for configuration problems using answer set programming, 384-397 [Zbl 06504247]
Harrison, Amelia; Lifschitz, Vladimir; Pearce, David; Valverde, Agustín, Infinitary equilibrium logic and strong equivalence, 398-410 [Zbl 06504248]
Inclezan, Daniela, On the relationship between two modular action languages: a translation from MAD into \(\mathcal {ALM}\), 411-424 [Zbl 06504249]
Mantadelis, Theofrastos; Shterionov, Dimitar; Janssens, Gerda, Compacting Boolean formulae for inference in probabilistic logic programming, 425-438 [Zbl 06504250]
Maratea, Marco; Pulina, Luca; Ricca, Francesco, Multi-level algorithm selection for ASP, 439-445 [Zbl 06504251]
Mitchell, David; Ternovska, Eugenia, Clause-learning for modular systems, 446-452 [Zbl 06504252]
Mushthofa, Mushthofa; Schockaert, Steven; De Cock, Martine, Solving disjunctive fuzzy answer set programs, 453-466 [Zbl 06504253]
Schulz, Claudia; Satoh, Ken; Toni, Francesca, Characterising and explaining inconsistency in logic programs, 467-479 [Zbl 06504254]
Vicol, Paul; Delgrande, James; Schaub, Torsten, An implementation of consistency-based multi-agent belief change using ASP, 480-487 [Zbl 06504255]
Wałega, Przemysław Andrzej; Bhatt, Mehul; Schultz, Carl, ASPMT(QS): non-monotonic spatial reasoning with answer set programming modulo theories, 488-501 [Zbl 06504256]
Zhang, Shiqi; Yang, Fangkai; Khandelwal, Piyush; Stone, Peter, Mobile robot planning using action language \({\mathcal {BC}}\) with an abstraction hierarchy, 502-516 [Zbl 06504257]
Zhang, Zhizheng; Zhang, Shutao, Logic programming with graded modality, 517-530 [Zbl 06504258]
Gebser, Martin; Maratea, Marco; Ricca, Francesco, The design of the Sixth Answer Set Programming Competition – report, 531-544 [Zbl 1418.68028]
Basseda, Reza, Doctoral consortium extended abstract: Planning with concurrent transaction logic, 545-551 [Zbl 06504260]
Le, Tiep, Doctoral consortium extended abstract: Multi-context systems with preferences, 552-558 [Zbl 06504261]
Lupp, Daniel P., Doctoral consortium extended abstract: Default mappings in ontology-based data access, 559-564 [Zbl 06504262]
Wałęga, Przemysław Andrzej, Doctoral consortium extended abstract: Nonmonotonic qualitative spatial reasoning, 565-571 [Zbl 06504263]

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