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Topics in cryptology – CT-RSA 2017. The cryptographers’ track at the RSA conference 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 14–17, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1356.94003
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10159. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-52152-7/pbk; 978-3-319-52153-4/ebook). xiii, 452 p. (2017).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For CT-RSA 2016 see [Zbl 1331.94006].
Indexed articles:
Hoffstein, Jeff; Pipher, Jill; Schanck, John M.; Silverman, Joseph H.; Whyte, William; Zhang, Zhenfei, Choosing parameters for NTRUEncrypt, 3-18 [Zbl 1383.94022]
Joye, Marc; Libert, Benoît, Encoding-free ElGamal-type encryption schemes on elliptic curves, 19-35 [Zbl 1383.94025]
Yang, Shang-Yi; Kuo, Po-Chun; Yang, Bo-Yin; Cheng, Chen-Mou, Gauss sieve algorithm on GPUs, 39-57 [Zbl 1383.94050]
Takayasu, Atsushi; Kunihiro, Noboru, A tool kit for partial key exposure attacks on RSA, 58-73 [Zbl 1360.94333]
Breier, Jakub; Hou, Xiaolu, Feeding two cats with one bowl: on designing a fault and side-channel resistant software encoding scheme, 77-94 [Zbl 1383.94014]
Gross, Hannes; Mangard, Stefan; Korak, Thomas, An efficient side-channel protected AES implementation with arbitrary protection order, 95-112 [Zbl 1383.94020]
Vadnala, Praveen Kumar, Time-memory trade-offs for side-channel resistant implementations of block ciphers, 115-130 [Zbl 1383.94047]
Sasdrich, Pascal; Moradi, Amir; Güneysu, Tim, Hiding higher-order side-channel leakage. Randomizing cryptographic implementations in reconfigurable hardware, 131-146 [Zbl 1383.94042]
Boneh, Dan; Gueron, Shay, Surnaming schemes, fast verification, and applications to SGX technology, 149-164 [Zbl 1383.94013]
Ma, Yuan; Lin, Jingqiang; Jing, Jiwu, On the entropy of oscillator-based true random number generators, 165-180 [Zbl 1383.94031]
Ding, Jintai; Alsayigh, Saed; Lancrenon, Jean; RV, Saraswathy; Snook, Michael, Provably secure password authenticated key exchange based on RLWE for the post-quantum world, 183-204 [Zbl 1383.94052]
Dobraunig, Christoph; List, Eik, Impossible-differential and boomerang cryptanalysis of round-reduced Kiasu-BC, 207-222 [Zbl 1383.94018]
Mennink, Bart, Weak keys for AEZ, and the external key padding attack, 223-237 [Zbl 1383.94032]
Khati, Louiza; Mouha, Nicky; Vergnaud, Damien, Full disk encryption: bridging theory and practice, 241-257 [Zbl 1383.94026]
List, Eik; Nandi, Mridul, Revisiting full-PRF-secure PMAC and using it for beyond-birthday authenticated encryption, 258-274 [Zbl 1383.94029]
Zhang, Ren; Preneel, Bart, Publish or perish: a backward-compatible defense against selfish mining in bitcoin, 277-292 [Zbl 1383.94051]
Cho, Jihoon; Choi, Kyu Young; Dinur, Itai; Dunkelman, Orr; Keller, Nathan; Moon, Dukjae; Veidberg, Aviya, WEM: a new family of white-box block ciphers based on the Even-Mansour construction, 293-308 [Zbl 1383.94015]
David, Liron; Wool, Avishai, A bounded-space near-optimal key enumeration algorithm for multi-subkey side-channel attacks, 311-327 [Zbl 1383.94016]
Kunihiro, Noboru; Takahashi, Yuki, Improved key recovery algorithms from noisy RSA secret keys with analog noise, 328-343 [Zbl 1383.94028]
Wang, Weijia; Yu, Yu; Standaert, François-Xavier; Gu, Dawu; Sen, Xu; Zhang, Chi, Ridge-based profiled differential power analysis, 347-362 [Zbl 1383.94048]
Gao, Si; Chen, Hua; Wu, Wenling; Fan, Limin; Cao, Weiqiong; Ma, Xiangliang, My traces learn what you did in the dark: recovering secret signals without key guesses, 363-378 [Zbl 1383.94019]
Orrù, Michele; Orsini, Emmanuela; Scholl, Peter, Actively secure 1-out-of-\(N\) OT extension with application to private set intersection, 381-396 [Zbl 1383.94036]
Krell, Fernando; Ciocarlie, Gabriela; Gehani, Ashish; Raykova, Mariana, Low-leakage secure search for Boolean expressions, 397-413 [Zbl 1383.68030]
Jia, Dingding; Lu, Xianhui; Li, Bao, Constructions secure against receiver selective opening and chosen ciphertext attacks, 417-431 [Zbl 1383.94024]
Watanabe, Yohei; Emura, Keita; Seo, Jae Hong, New revocable IBE in prime-order groups: adaptively secure, decryption key exposure resistant, and with short public parameters, 432-449 [Zbl 1383.94049]

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