Integration of AI and OR techniques in constraint programming. 14th international conference, CPAIOR 2017, Padua, Italy, June 5–8, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1364.68017

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10335. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-59775-1/pbk; 978-3-319-59776-8/ebook). xxiii, 420 p. (2017).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1337.68017].
Indexed articles:
Chihani, Zakaria; Marre, Bruno; Bobot, François; Bardin, Sébastien, Sharpening constraint programming approaches for bit-vector theory, 3-20 [Zbl 06756571]
Beldiceanu, Nicolas; Carlsson, Mats; Derrien, Alban; Prud’homme, Charles; Schutt, Andreas; Stuckey, Peter J., Range-consistent forbidden regions of Allen’s relations, 21-29 [Zbl 06756572]
Perez, Guillaume; Régin, Jean-Charles, MDDs are efficient modeling tools: an application to some statistical constraints, 30-40 [Zbl 06756573]
Bergman, David; Cire, Andre Augusto, On finding the optimal BDD relaxation, 41-50 [Zbl 06756574]
Scott, Joseph D.; Flener, Pierre; Pearson, Justin; Schulte, Christian, Design and implementation of bounded-length sequence variables, 51-67 [Zbl 06756575]
Díaz, Mateo; Bras, Ronan Le; Gomes, Carla, In search of balance: the challenge of generating balanced Latin rectangles, 68-76 [Zbl 06756576]
Leo, Kevin; Tack, Guido, Debugging unsatisfiable constraint models, 77-93 [Zbl 06756577]
Verwer, Sicco; Zhang, Yingqian, Learning decision trees with flexible constraints and objectives using integer optimization, 94-103 [Zbl 06756578]
Bai, Junwen; Bjorck, Johan; Xue, Yexiang; Suram, Santosh K.; Gregoire, John; Gomes, Carla, Relaxation methods for constrained matrix factorization problems: solving the phase mapping problem in materials discovery, 104-112 [Zbl 06756579]
de Uña, Diego; Gange, Graeme; Schachte, Peter; Stuckey, Peter J., Minimizing landscape resistance for habitat conservation, 113-130 [Zbl 06756580]
Wahbi, Mohamed; Grimes, Diarmuid; Mehta, Deepak; Brown, Kenneth N.; O’Sullivan, Barry, A distributed optimization method for the geographically distributed data centres problem, 147-166 [Zbl 06756582]
Hebrard, Emmanuel; Siala, Mohamed, Explanation-based weighted degree, 167-175 [Zbl 06756583]
Delaite, Antoine; Pesant, Gilles, Counting weighted spanning trees to solve constrained minimum spanning tree problems, 176-184 [Zbl 06756584]
Houndji, Vinasetan Ratheil; Schaus, Pierre; Hounkonnou, Mahouton Norbert; Wolsey, Laurence, The weighted arborescence constraint, 185-201 [Zbl 06756585]
Kruber, Markus; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Parmentier, Axel, Learning when to use a decomposition, 202-210 [Zbl 06756586]
Witzig, Jakob; Berthold, Timo; Heinz, Stefan, Experiments with conflict analysis in mixed integer programming, 211-220 [Zbl 06756587]
Bajgiran, Omid Sanei; Cire, Andre A.; Rousseau, Louis-Martin, A first look at picking dual variables for maximizing reduced cost fixing, 221-228 [Zbl 06756588]
Speakman, Emily; Yu, Han; Lee, Jon, Experimental validation of volume-based comparison for double-McCormick relaxations, 229-243 [Zbl 06756589]
Yu, Miao; Nagarajan, Viswanath; Shen, Siqian, Minimum makespan vehicle routing problem with compatibility constraints, 244-253 [Zbl 06756590]
Boland, Natashia; Hewitt, Mike; Vu, Duc Minh; Savelsbergh, Martin, Solving the traveling salesman problem with time windows through dynamically generated time-expanded networks, 254-262 [Zbl 06756591]
Akhmedov, Murodzhon; LeNail, Alexander; Bertoni, Francesco; Kwee, Ivo; Fraenkel, Ernest; Montemanni, Roberto, A fast prize-collecting Steiner forest algorithm for functional analyses in biological networks, 263-276 [Zbl 06756592]
Hemmi, David; Tack, Guido; Wallace, Mark, Scenario-based learning for stochastic combinatorial optimisation, 277-292 [Zbl 06756593]
Mountakis, Kiriakos Simon; Klos, Tomas; Witteveen, Cees, Stochastic task networks – trading performance for stability, 302-311 [Zbl 06756595]
Cappart, Quentin; Schaus, Pierre, Rescheduling railway traffic on real time situations using time-interval variables, 312-327 [Zbl 06756596]
Mountakis, Kiriakos Simon; Klos, Tomas; Witteveen, Cees, Dynamic temporal decoupling, 328-343 [Zbl 06756597]
Minot, Maël; Ndiaye, Samba Ndojh; Solnon, Christine, Combining CP and ILP in a tree decomposition of bounded height for the sum colouring problem, 359-375 [Zbl 06756599]
Xu, Hong; Satish Kumar, T. K.; Koenig, Sven, The Nemhauser-Trotter reduction and lifted message passing for the weighted CSP, 387-402 [Zbl 06756601]


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