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Logic, language, information, and computation. 24th international workshop, WoLLIC 2017, London, UK, July 18–21, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1369.03021
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10388. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-662-55385-5/pbk; 978-3-662-55386-2/ebook). x, 401 p. (2017).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding workshop see [Zbl 1343.03002].
Indexed articles:
Ackerman, Nathanael L.; Freer, Cameron E., Graph Turing machines, 1-13 [Zbl 06820457]
Barbero, Fausto; Hella, Lauri; Rönnholm, Raine, Independence-friendly logic without Henkin quantification, 14-30 [Zbl 06820458]
Beckmann, Arnold; Razafindrakoto, Jean-José, Total search problems in bounded arithmetic and improved witnessing, 31-47 [Zbl 06820459]
Beklemishev, Lev D., On the reflection calculus with partial conservativity operators, 48-67 [Zbl 06820460]
Bruscoli, Paola; Straßburger, Lutz, On the length of medial-switch-mix derivations, 68-79 [Zbl 06820461]
Colacito, Almudena; Metcalfe, George, Proof theory and ordered groups, 80-91 [Zbl 06820462]
Conradie, Willem; Craig, Andrew; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Zhao, Zhiguang, Constructive canonicity for lattice-based fixed point logics, 92-109 [Zbl 06820463]
Cvetko-Vah, Karin; Sadrzadeh, Mehrnoosh; Kartsaklis, Dimitri; Blundell, Benjamin, Non-commutative logic for compositional distributional semantics, 110-124 [Zbl 06820464]
Ferrarotti, Flavio; González, Senén; Turull-Torres, José María, On fragments of higher order logics that on finite structures collapse to second order, 125-139 [Zbl 06820465]
Godziszewski, Michał Tomasz; Hamkins, Joel David, Computable quotient presentations of models of arithmetic and set theory, 140-152 [Zbl 06820466]
Greco, Giuseppe; Palmigiano, Alessandra, Lattice logic properly displayed, 153-169 [Zbl 06820467]
Kjos-Hanssen, Bjørn, Shift registers fool finite automata, 170-181 [Zbl 06820468]
Kuznetsov, Stepan, The Lambek calculus with iteration: two variants, 182-198 [Zbl 06820469]
Greco, Giuseppe; Liang, Fei; Moshier, M. Andrew; Palmigiano, Alessandra, Multi-type display calculus for semi De Morgan logic, 199-215 [Zbl 06820470]
Luo, Zhaohui; Soloviev, Sergei, Dependent event types, 216-228 [Zbl 06820471]
Mackie, Ian, A geometry of interaction machine for Gödel’s system T, 229-241 [Zbl 06820472]
Marcelino, Sérgio; Caleiro, Carlos, Disjoint fibring of non-deterministic matrices, 242-255 [Zbl 06820473]
Coecke, Bob; Genovese, Fabrizio; Lewis, Martha; Marsden, Dan, Generalized relations in linguistics and cognition, 256-270 [Zbl 1408.91186]
Mostowski, Marcin; Czarnecki, Marek, Concrete mathematics. finitistic approach to foundations, 271-280 [Zbl 06820475]
Pakhomov, Fedor, Solovay’s completeness without fixed points, 281-294 [Zbl 06820476]
Parikh, Rohit, An epistemic generalization of rationalizability, 295-303 [Zbl 06820477]
Punčochář, Vít, Knowledge is a diamond, 304-320 [Zbl 06820478]
Savateev, Yury; Shamkanov, Daniyar, Cut-elimination for the modal grzegorczyk logic via non-well-founded proofs, 321-335 [Zbl 06820479]
Poliakov, Nikolai L.; Saveliev, Denis I., On two concepts of ultrafilter extensions of first-order models and their generalizations, 336-348 [Zbl 06820480]
Sedlár, Igor, Substructural logics with a reflexive transitive closure modality, 349-357 [Zbl 06820481]
Shamkanov, Daniyar, Global neighbourhood completeness of the Gödel-Löb provability logic, 358-370 [Zbl 06820482]
Wijnholds, Gijs Jasper, Coherent diagrammatic reasoning in compositional distributional semantics, 371-386 [Zbl 06820483]
Zhao, Zhiguang, Algorithmic sahlqvist preservation for modal compact Hausdorff spaces, 387-400 [Zbl 06820484]

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