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Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians 1954. Amsterdam, September 2–9. Vol. III. Stated addresses in sections. Symposia. (English) Zbl 1372.00107
Groningen: Erven P. Noordhoff N. V.; Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Co. 560 p. (1956).

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See the review of Volume I in [Zbl 0077.00303]. For Volume II see [Zbl 1372.00106]. The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Kurepa, Đuro, The role of mathematics and mathematician at present time [Zbl 0072.24104]
Piene, Karl, School mathematics for universities and for life [Zbl 0072.24202]
Daltry, C. T., Self-education by children in mathematics using Gestalt methods – i. e. learning-through-insight [Zbl 0072.24203]
Doob, Joseph L., Interrelations between Brownian motion and potential theory [Zbl 0072.43102]
Cesari, Lamberto, Retraction, homotopy, integral [Zbl 0073.04401]
Hille, Einar, Perturbation methods in the study of Kolmogoroff’s equations [Zbl 0073.09702]
Cartwright, M. L., Some aspects of the theory of non-linear vibrations [Zbl 0073.11403]
Kendall, D. G.; Reuter, G. E. H., Some pathological Markov processes with a denumerable infinity of states and the associated semigroups of operators on \(l\) [Zbl 0073.12901]
Blackwell, David, Controlled random walks [Zbl 0073.13204]
Kampé de Fériet, J., Problèmes mathématiques poses par la mécanique statistique de la turbulence [Zbl 0073.13302]
Gröbner, Wolfgang, Über die idealtheoretische Grundlegung der algebraischen Geometrie [Zbl 0073.15703]
Severi, Francesco, Fonctions et variétés quasi-abeliennes [Zbl 0073.16001]
Yano, Kentaro, On pseudo-Hermitian and pseudo-Kählerian manifolds [Zbl 0073.17202]
Rosser, J. Barkley, The relative strength of Zermelo’s set theory and Quine’s New Foundations [Zbl 0073.25103]
Eckmann, Beno, Zur Cohomologietheorie von Räumen und Gruppen [Zbl 0073.25402]
Montgomery, Deane, Topological transformation groups [Zbl 0073.25802]
Jacobson, Nathan, Some aspects of the theory of representations of Jordan algebras [Zbl 0073.26001]
Erdős, Pál, On additive arithmetical functions and applications of probability to number theory [Zbl 0073.26701]
Hlawka, Edmund, Das inhomogene Problem in der Geometrie der Zahlen [Zbl 0073.26902]
Davenport, Harold, Simultaneous diophantine approximation [Zbl 0073.26903]
Pauc, Chr., Contributions à la théorie de la derivation de fonctions d’ensemble [Zbl 0073.27503]
Hayman, W. K., The coefficients of schlicht and allied functions [Zbl 0073.29804]
Behnke, Heinrich, Funktionentheorie auf komplexen Mannigfaltigkeiten [Zbl 0073.30202]
Myrberg, P. J., Über automorphe Funktionen [Zbl 0073.30402]
Erdélyi, Arthur, Asymptotic solutions of differential equations with transition points [Zbl 0073.30904]
Weinstein, A., Effiptic and hyperbolic axially symmetrie problems [Zbl 0073.31504]
Hestenes, Magnus R., Hilbert space methods in variational theory and numerical analysis [Zbl 0073.32203]
Zygmund, Antoni, Hilbert transforms in \(E^ \eta\) [Zbl 0073.32701]
Hille, Einar, Some aspect of Cauchy’s problem [Zbl 0073.33402]
Collatz, Lothar, Fehlermaßprinzipien in der praktischen Analysis [Zbl 0073.33603]
Fortet, Robert M., Les fonctions aléatoires comme éléments aléatoires dans un espace de Banach [Zbl 0073.34603]
Fortet, Robert M., Lois des grands nombres pour des éléments aléatoires généraux [Zbl 0073.34701]
Levy, Paul, Processus semi-markoviens [Zbl 0073.34705]
Coxeter, H. S. M., Regular honeycombs in hyperbolic space [Zbl 0073.36603]
Segre, Beniamino, Geometry upon an algebraic variety [Zbl 0073.37205]
Severi, Francesco, Problèmes resolus et problèmes nouveaux dans la théorie des systèmes d’équivalence [Zbl 0073.37301]
van der Waerden, B. L., On the definition of rational equivalence of cycles on a variety [Zbl 0073.37302]
Weil, André, Abstract versus classical algebraic geometry [Zbl 0073.37303]
Rosenlicht, Maxwell, Group varieties and differential forms [Zbl 0073.37701]
Stoker, J. J., Some recent progress in the theory of surface waves in water [Zbl 0073.43203]
Lorenzen, Paul, Die Fiktion der Überabzählbarkeit [Zbl 0074.01301]
Chandrasekharan, K., On some problems in Fourier analysis [Zbl 0074.05401]
Rellich, Franz, Halbbeschränkte Differentialoperatoren höherer Ordnung [Zbl 0074.06703]
Ważewski, T., Sur une méthode topologique de l’examen de l’allure asymptotique des intégrales des équations différentielles [Zbl 0074.07101]
Fichera, Gaetano, Methods of functional linear analysis in mathematical physics [Zbl 0074.07804]
Freudenthal, Hans, La topologie dans les fondements de la géométrie [Zbl 0074.15201]
Kodaira, Kunihiko, Some results in the transcendental theory of algebraic varieties [Zbl 0074.15801]
Neron, A., Propriétés arithmétiques de certaines familles de courbes algébriques [Zbl 0074.15901]
Northcott, D. G., Specialization methods in algebraic geometry [Zbl 0074.15902]
van der Waerden, B. L., The invariant theory of linear sets on an algebraic variety [Zbl 0074.16003]
Maass, Hans, Differentialgleichungen und automorphe Funktionen. (Differential equations and automorphic functions) [Zbl 0074.30402]
Bureau, F. J., Les solutions élémentaires et le problème de Cauchy [Zbl 0074.31003]
Doob, Joseph L., Present state and future prospects of stochastic process theory [Zbl 0074.33801]
Hirzebruch, Friedrich, Der Satz von Riemann-Roch in Faisceau-theoretischer Formulierung; einige Anwendungen und offene Fragen. (The theorem of Riemann-Roch in Faisceau-theoretic formulation; some applications and open questions) [Zbl 0074.36701]
Blanc-Lapierre, A., Sur quelques applications de la théorie des fonctions aléatoires à l’optique [Zbl 0074.43702]
Mostowski, Andrzej, Development and application of the “projective” classification of sets of integers [Zbl 0075.23503]
Serre, Jean-Pierre, Cohomologie et géométrie algébrique [Zbl 0075.30301]

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