Geometric science of information. Third international conference, GSI 2017, Paris, France, November 7–9, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1374.94006

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10589. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-68444-4/pbk; 978-3-319-68445-1/ebook). xxv, 877 p. (2017).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1334.94028].
Indexed articles:
Kühnel, Line; Sommer, Stefan, Stochastic development regression using method of moments, 3-11 [Zbl 1418.62228]
Eltzner, Benjamin; Huckemann, Stephan, Bootstrapping descriptors for non-Euclidean data, 12-19 [Zbl 1418.62184]
Pennec, Xavier, Sample-limited \(L_p\) barycentric subspace analysis on constant curvature spaces, 20-28 [Zbl 1418.62246]
Louis, Maxime; Bône, Alexandre; Charlier, Benjamin; Durrleman, Stanley, Parallel transport in shape analysis: a scalable numerical scheme, 29-37 [Zbl 1428.53046]
Arvanitidis, Georgios; Hansen, Lars Kai; Hauberg, Søren, Maximum likelihood estimation of Riemannian metrics from Euclidean data, 38-46 [Zbl 1418.62229]
Celledoni, Elena; Eidnes, Sølve; Eslitzbichler, Markus; Schmeding, Alexander, Shape analysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces, 49-56 [Zbl 1418.94008]
Le Brigant, Alice; Arnaudon, Marc; Barbaresco, Frédéric, Optimal matching between curves in a manifold, 57-64 [Zbl 1421.58003]
Welker, Kathrin, Optimization in the space of smooth shapes, 65-72 [Zbl 1421.49001]
Roussillon, Pierre; Glaunès, Joan Alexis, Surface matching using normal cycles, 73-80 [Zbl 1425.53017]
Cazelles, Elsa; Bigot, Jérémie; Papadakis, Nicolas, Regularized barycenters in the Wasserstein space, 83-90 [Zbl 1425.62074]
Conforti, Giovanni; Pavon, Michele, Extremal curves in Wasserstein space, 91-99 [Zbl 1425.58010]
Galerne, Bruno; Leclaire, Arthur; Rabin, Julien, Semi-discrete optimal transport in patch space for enriching Gaussian textures, 100-108 [Zbl 1426.60003]
Yang, Yunan; Engquist, Björn, Analysis of optimal transport related misfit functions in seismic imaging, 109-116 [Zbl 1425.94025]
Karakida, Ryo; Amari, Shun-ichi, Information geometry of Wasserstein divergence, 119-126 [Zbl 1425.94037]
Nogues, Damien, Anomaly detection in network traffic with a relationnal clustering criterion, 127-134 [Zbl 1425.94031]
Bauer, Martin; Joshi, Sarang; Modin, Klas, Diffeomorphic random sampling using optimal information transport, 135-142 [Zbl 1426.60010]
Rioul, Olivier, Optimal transport to Rényi entropies, 143-150 [Zbl 1425.94040]
Henmi, Masayuki, Statistical manifolds admitting torsion, pre-contrast functions and estimating functions, 153-161 [Zbl 1425.94036]
Nguiffo Boyom, Michel; Aquib, Mohd.; Shahid, Mohammad Hasan; Jamali, Mohammed, Generalized Wintgen type inequality for Lagrangian submanifolds in holomorphic statistical space forms, 162-169 [Zbl 1418.53018]
Nguiffo Boyom, Michel; Zeglaoui, Ahmed, Amari functors and dynamics in gauge structures, 170-178 [Zbl 1418.53026]
Furuhata, Hitoshi, Sasakian statistical manifolds. II, 179-185 [Zbl 1418.53016]
Grigorian, Sergey; Zhang, Jun, (Para-)holomorphic connections for information geometry, 186-194 [Zbl 1418.53017]
Ishi, Hideyuki, Matrix realization of a homogeneous Hessian domain, 195-202 [Zbl 1417.17035]
Zhang, Jun; Naudts, Jan, Information geometry under monotone embedding. I: Divergence functions, 205-214 [Zbl 1417.94028]
Naudts, Jan; Zhang, Jun, Information geometry under monotone embedding. II: Geometry, 215-222 [Zbl 1417.94027]
Matsuzoe, Hiroshi; Scarfone, Antonio M.; Wada, Tatsuaki, A sequential structure of statistical manifolds on deformed exponential family, 223-230 [Zbl 1418.60007]
de Andrade, Luiza H. F.; Vigelis, Rui F.; Vieira, Francisca L. J.; Cavalcante, Charles C., Normalization and \(\varphi\)-function: definition and consequences, 231-238 [Zbl 1426.60027]
Montrucchio, Luigi; Pistone, Giovanni, Deformed exponential bundle: the linear growth case, 239-246 [Zbl 1426.58001]
Ohara, Atsumi, On affine immersions of the probability simplex and their conformal flattening, 247-254 [Zbl 1426.53023]
Nghiem, Trang-Anh; Marre, Olivier; Destexhe, Alain; Ferrari, Ulisse, Pairwise Ising model analysis of human cortical neuron recordings, 257-264 [Zbl 1426.92011]
Hawasly, Majd; Pokorny, Florian T.; Ramamoorthy, Subramanian, Multi-scale activity estimation with spatial abstractions, 273-281 [Zbl 1426.68264]
Montúfar, Guido; Rauh, Johannes, Geometry of policy improvement, 282-290 [Zbl 1426.91076]
Li, Chenxi; Shi, Zelin; Liu, Yunpeng; Liu, Tianci, Joint geometric and photometric visual tracking based on Lie group, 291-298 [Zbl 1425.94016]
Pilté, Marion; Bonnabel, Silvère; Barbaresco, Frédéric, Drone tracking using an innovative UKF, 301-309 [Zbl 1428.93111]
Bonnabel, Silvère; Slotine, Jean-Jacques, Particle observers for contracting dynamical systems, 310-317 [Zbl 1428.37085]
Forbes, James Richard; Zlotnik, David Evan, Sigma point Kalman filtering on matrix Lie groups applied to the SLAM problem, 318-328 [Zbl 1428.60057]
Polekhin, Ivan, A topological view on forced oscillations and control of an inverted pendulum, 329-335 [Zbl 1427.70048]
Morin, Pascal; Eudes, Alexandre; Scandaroli, Glauco, Uniform observability of linear time-varying systems and application to robotics problems, 336-344 [Zbl 1428.93019]
Martin, Philippe; Sarras, Ioannis, Global exponential attitude and gyro bias estimation from vector measurements, 345-351 [Zbl 1428.37078]
Lerbet, Jean; Challamel, Noël; Nicot, François; Darve, Félix, Geometric degree of non conservativeness, 355-358 [Zbl 1428.37058]
Oueslati, Abdelbacet; Nguyen, An Danh; de Saxcé, Géry, A symplectic minimum variational principle for dissipative dynamical systems, 359-366 [Zbl 1428.37059]
Bergshoeff, Eric; Chatzistavrakidis, Athanasios; Romano, Luca; Rosseel, Jan, Torsional Newton-Cartan geometry, 367-374 [Zbl 1428.83014]
Hélie, Thomas; Silva, Fabrice, Self-oscillations of a vocal apparatus: a port-Hamiltonian formulation, 375-383 [Zbl 1428.37088]
Hélein, Frédéric; Bensoam, Joël; Carré, Pierre, Non linear propagation in Reissner beams: an integrable system?, 384-392 [Zbl 1428.74121]
Nicola, Elena; de Gosson, Maurice; Nicola, Fabio, Quantum harmonic analysis and the positivity of trace class operators; applications to quantum mechanics, 393-398 [Zbl 1428.81086]
Gay-Balmaz, François; Yoshimura, Hiroaki, A variational formulation for fluid dynamics with irreversible processes, 401-409 [Zbl 1428.76164]
Yoshimura, Hiroaki; Gay-Balmaz, François, Dirac structures in nonequilbrium thermodynamics, 410-417 [Zbl 1428.80005]
Maschke, Bernhard; van der Schaft, Arjan, About the definition of port variables for contact Hamiltonian systems, 418-424 [Zbl 1428.93049]
Mikheev, Vitaly, Method of orbits of co-associated representation in thermodynamics of the Lie non-compact groups, 425-431 [Zbl 1428.80004]
Barbaresco, Frederic, Poly-symplectic model of higher order Souriau Lie groups thermodynamics for small data analytics, 432-441 [Zbl 1428.80003]
Becattini, F., Thermodynamic equilibrium and relativity: Killing vectors and Lie derivatives, 442-447 [Zbl 1428.83009]
Marceau-Caron, Gaétan; Ollivier, Yann, Natural Langevin dynamics for neural networks, 451-459 [Zbl 1428.82047]
Roensch, Birgit; Stummer, Wolfgang, 3D insights to some divergences for robust statistics and machine learning, 460-469 [Zbl 1428.62011]
Arnaudon, Marc; Zambrini, Jean-Claude, A stochastic look at geodesics on the sphere, 470-476 [Zbl 1428.53090]
Glock, Matthias; Hotz, Thomas, Constructing universal, non-asymptotic confidence sets for intrinsic means on the circle, 477-485 [Zbl 1406.62053]
Frasca, Marco, Noncommutative geometry and stochastic processes, 486-494 [Zbl 1428.60095]
Ciaglia, Florio M.; Di Cosmo, Fabio; Marmo, Giuseppe, Hamilton-Jacobi theory and information geometry, 495-502 [Zbl 1427.70041]
Minh, Hà Quang, Log-determinant divergences between positive definite Hilbert-Schmidt operators, 505-513 [Zbl 1428.47031]
Stummer, Wolfgang; Kißlinger, Anna-Lena, Some new flexibilizations of Bregman divergences and their asymptotics, 514-522 [Zbl 1428.62036]
Krajčovičová, Z.; Pérez-Velasco, P. P.; Vázquez, C., Quantification of model risk: data uncertainty, 523-531 [Zbl 1428.91009]
Grivel, Eric; Legrand, Leo, Process comparison combining signal power ratio and Jeffrey’s divergence between unit-power signals, 532-540 [Zbl 1427.94042]
Armstrong, John; Brigo, Damiano, Itô stochastic differential equations as 2-jets, 543-551 [Zbl 1428.60074]
Lê, Hông Vân; Jost, Jürgen; Schwachhöfer, Lorenz, The Cramér-Rao inequality on singular statistical models, 552-560 [Zbl 1428.58005]
Eguchi, Shinto; Omae, Katsuhiro, Information geometry of predictor functions in a regression model, 561-568 [Zbl 1428.62152]
Pistone, Giovanni, Translations in the exponential Orlicz space with Gaussian weight, 569-576 [Zbl 1428.60039]
Santacroce, Marina; Siri, Paola; Trivellato, Barbara, On mixture and exponential connection by open arcs, 577-584 [Zbl 1428.60040]
Eltzner, Benjamin; Huckemann, Stephan, Applying backward nested subspace inference to tori and polyspheres, 587-594 [Zbl 1428.62210]
Gousenbourger, Pierre-Yves; Jacques, Laurent; Absil, P.-A., Fast method to fit a \(\mathcal {C}^1\) piecewise-Bézier function to manifold-valued data points: how suboptimal is the curve obtained on the sphere \(\mathbb {S}^2\)?, 595-603 [Zbl 1428.65001]
Bergmann, Ronny; Tenbrinck, Daniel, Nonlocal inpainting of manifold-valued data on finite weighted graphs, 604-612 [Zbl 1427.94006]
Mostajeran, Cyrus; Sepulchre, Rodolphe, Affine-invariant orders on the set of positive-definite matrices, 613-620 [Zbl 1428.15035]
Verdoolaege, Geert, Geodesic least squares regression on the Gaussian manifold with an application in astrophysics, 621-628 [Zbl 1428.62530]
Said, Salem; Berthoumieu, Yannick, Warped metrics for location-scale models, 631-638 [Zbl 1428.58009]
Nielsen, Frank; Nock, Richard, Bregman divergences from comparative convexity, 639-647 [Zbl 1427.94063]
Regnault, Philippe; Girardin, Valérie; Lhote, Loïck, Weighted closed form expressions based on escort distributions for Rényi entropy rates of Markov chains, 648-656 [Zbl 1428.60104]
Boyer, Rémy; Nielsen, Frank, On the error exponent of a random tensor with orthonormal factor matrices, 657-664 [Zbl 1428.60015]
Sei, Tomonari, Coordinate-wise transformation and Stein-type densities, 665-672 [Zbl 1428.60005]
Zanini, Paolo; Said, Salem; Berthoumieu, Yannick; Congedo, Marco; Jutten, Christian, Riemannian online algorithms for estimating mixture model parameters, 675-683 [Zbl 1428.62245]
Chatelain, Florent; Le Bihan, Nicolas; Manton, Jonathan H., Density estimation for compound Cox processes on hyperspheres, 684-691 [Zbl 1428.60064]
Hajri, Hatem; Said, Salem; Berthoumieu, Yannick, Maximum likelihood estimators on manifolds, 692-700 [Zbl 1428.62228]
Nicol, Florence; Puechmorel, Stéphane, Von Mises-like probability density functions on surfaces, 701-708 [Zbl 1428.62213]
Said, Salem; Le Bihan, Nicolas; Manton, Jonathan H., Riemannian Gaussian distributions on the space of positive-definite quaternion matrices, 709-716 [Zbl 1428.15032]
Chevallier, Emmanuel, A family of anisotropic distributions on the hyperbolic plane, 717-724 [Zbl 1428.60029]
Shestov, Aleksei; Kumskov, Mikhail, A Riemanian approach to blob detection in manifold-valued images, 727-735 [Zbl 1420.94022]
Ilea, Ioana; Bombrun, Lionel; Said, Salem; Berthoumieu, Yannick, Co-occurrence matrix of covariance matrices: a novel coding model for the classification of texture images, 736-744 [Zbl 1427.94017]
Lenz, Reiner, Positive signal spaces and the Mehler-Fock transform, 745-753 [Zbl 1427.94047]
Apers, Simon; Sarlette, Alain; Ticozzi, Francesco, Bounding the convergence time of local probabilistic evolution, 754-762 [Zbl 1428.60035]
Massart, Estelle M.; Chevallier, Sylvain, Inductive means and sequences applied to online classification of EEG, 763-770 [Zbl 1428.92062]
Bekkers, Erik J.; Duits, Remco; Mashtakov, Alexey; Sachkov, Yuri, Vessel tracking via sub-Riemannian geodesics on the projective line bundle, 773-781 [Zbl 1428.53040]
Chen, Da; Cohen, Laurent D., Anisotropic edge-based balloon eikonal active contours, 782-790 [Zbl 1427.94009]
Mirebeau, Jean-Marie; Dreo, Johann, Automatic differentiation of non-holonomic fast marching for computing most threatening trajectories under sensors surveillance, 791-800 [Zbl 1428.65002]
Vigelis, Rui F.; de Andrade, Luiza H. F.; Cavalcante, Charles C., On the existence of paths connecting probability distributions, 801-808 [Zbl 1428.60033]
Boyom, Michel Nguiffo; Siddiqui, Aliya Naaz; Othman, Wan Ainun Mior; Shahid, Mohammad Hasan, Classification of totally umbilical CR-statistical submanifolds in holomorphic statistical manifolds with constant holomorphic curvature, 809-817 [Zbl 1428.53021]
Mucherino, Antonio; Gonçalves, Douglas S., An approach to dynamical distance geometry, 821-829 [Zbl 1428.05084]
D’Ambrosio, Claudia; Liberti, Leo, Distance geometry in linearizable norms, 830-837 [Zbl 1428.51005]
Jacquet, Philippe; Popescu, Dalia, Self-similar geometry for ad-hoc wireless networks: hyperfractals, 838-846 [Zbl 1428.90034]
Pribić, Radmila, Information distances in stochastic resolution analysis, 847-855 [Zbl 1428.62236]
Nielsen, Frank; Sun, Ke; Marchand-Maillet, Stéphane, \(k\)-means clustering with Hölder divergences, 856-863 [Zbl 1428.62290]
Jeong, Imsoon; Kim, Gyu Jong; Suh, Young Jin, Real hypersurfaces in the complex quadric with certain condition of normal Jacobi operator, 864-871 [Zbl 1419.53059]


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