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Progress in cryptology – AFRICACRYPT 2018. 10th international conference on cryptology in Africa, Marrakesh, Morocco, May 7–9, 2018. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1387.94004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10831. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-89338-9/pbk; 978-3-319-89339-6/ebook). xii, 363 p. (2018).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1362.94001].
Indexed articles:
Riera, Constanza; Solé, Patrick; Stănică, Pantelimon, A complete characterization of plateaued Boolean functions in terms of their Cayley graphs, 3-10 [Zbl 1423.94098]
Krenn, Stephan; Pöhls, Henrich C.; Samelin, Kai; Slamanig, Daniel, Chameleon-hashes with dual long-term trapdoors and their applications, 11-32 [Zbl 1423.94081]
Zheng, Kaiyan; Wang, Peng; Ye, Dingfeng, Ubiquitous weak-key classes of BRW-polynomial function, 33-50 [Zbl 1423.94120]
Toh, Dylan; Teo, Jacob; Khoo, Khoongming; Sim, Siang Meng, Lightweight MDS serial-type matrices with minimal fixed XOR count, 51-71 [Zbl 1423.94109]
Patarin, Jacques, Two simple composition theorems with H-coefficients, 72-86 [Zbl 1423.94095]
Sasaki, Yu, Improved related-tweakey boomerang attacks on Deoxys-BC, 87-106 [Zbl 1423.94101]
Chaves, Ricardo; Chmielewski, Łukasz; Regazzoni, Francesco; Batina, Lejla, SCA-resistance for AES: how cheap can we go?, 107-123 [Zbl 1423.94060]
Kumar, Rajendra; Rajasree, Mahesh Sreekumar; AlKhzaimi, Hoda, Cryptanalysis of 1-round KECCAK, 124-137 [Zbl 1423.94082]
Traverso, Giulia; Demirel, Denise; Buchmann, Johannes, Performing computations on hierarchically shared secrets, 141-161 [Zbl 1423.94110]
Yasuda, Masaya; Yamaguchi, Junpei; Ooka, Michiko; Nakamura, Satoshi, Development of a dual version of DeepBKZ and its application to solving the LWE challenge, 162-182 [Zbl 1423.94117]
Seck, Michel; Diarra, Nafissatou, Unified formulas for some deterministic almost-injective encodings into hyperelliptic curves, 183-202 [Zbl 1423.94105]
Bernstein, Daniel J.; Groot Bruinderink, Leon; Lange, Tanja; Panny, Lorenz, HILA5 pindakaas: on the CCA security of lattice-based encryption with error correction, 203-216 [Zbl 1423.94051]
Bonnoron, Guillaume; Ducas, Léo; Fillinger, Max, Large FHE gates from tensored homomorphic accumulator, 217-251 [Zbl 1423.94054]
Macario-Rat, Gilles; Patarin, Jacques, Two-Face: new public key multivariate schemes, 252-265 [Zbl 1423.94088]
Zheng, Mengce; Kunihiro, Noboru; Hu, Honggang, Cryptanalysis of RSA variants with modified Euler quotient, 266-281 [Zbl 1423.94121]
D’Anvers, Jan-Pieter; Karmakar, Angshuman; Sinha Roy, Sujoy; Vercauteren, Frederik, Saber: module-LWR based key exchange, CPA-secure encryption and CCA-secure KEM, 282-305 [Zbl 1423.94065]
Samwel, Niels; Batina, Lejla, Practical fault injection on deterministic signatures: the case of EdDSA, 306-321 [Zbl 1423.94100]
Quaglia, Elizabeth A.; Smyth, Ben, Authentication with weaker trust assumptions for voting systems, 322-343 [Zbl 1423.94133]
Poettering, Bertram, Shorter double-authentication preventing signatures for small address spaces, 344-361 [Zbl 1423.94132]

94-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to information and communication theory
94A60 Cryptography
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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