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Singularities in generic geometry. Proceedings of the 4th workshop on singularities in generic geometry and applications (Valencia IV), Kobe, Japan, June 3–6, 2015 and Kyoto, Japan, June 8–10, 2015. (English) Zbl 1407.58001
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 78. Tokyo: Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) (ISBN 978-4-86497-055-6/hbk). 469 p. (2018).

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This volume is the proceedings of the workshop “Singularities in Generic Geometry and Applications – Kobe–Kyoto 2015 (Valencia IV)” – which was held at Kobe University June 3–6 and RIMS, Kyoto University June 8–10, 2015.
The workshop was the fourth in a sequence of biennial workshops, which had been started in Valencia (Spain, 2009).
The volume consists fifteen original research articles and three survey articles by specialists in Singularity theory and its applications to Differential Topology and Differential Geometry. It is highly recommended to researchers and graduate students who are interested in these areas.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the first workshop see [Zbl 1250.00018].
Indexed articles:
Han, Huhe; Nishimura, Takashi, Spherical method for studying Wulff shapes and related topics, 1-53 [Zbl 1429.52011]
Ishikawa, Goo, Singularities of frontals, 55-106 [Zbl 1427.57022]
Izumiya, Shyuichi, The theory of graph-like Legendrian unfoldings: equivalence relations, 107-161 [Zbl 07085101]
Bayard, Pierre; Sánchez-Bringas, Federico, Asymptotic directions on a surface in a 4-dimensional metric Lie group, 163-182 [Zbl 07085102]
Cui, Xiupeng; Pei, Donghe, Singularity analysis of lightlike hypersurfaces of partially null curves, 183-200 [Zbl 1421.53017]
Fujimori, Shoichi, Triply periodic zero mean curvature surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space, 201-219 [Zbl 1426.53015]
Fukuda, T.; Janeczko, S., Hamiltonian systems on submanifolds, 221-249 [Zbl 1425.53096]
Giblin, Peter; Reeve, Graham, Equidistants and their duals for families of plane curves, 251-272 [Zbl 1421.58009]
Honda, Shun’ichi, Rectifying developable surfaces of framed base curves and framed helices, 273-292 [Zbl 1421.53006]
Ido, Ayako; Jang, Yeonhee; Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi, On keen Heegaard splittings, 293-311 [Zbl 1423.57039]
Izumiya, S.; Romero Fuster, M. C.; Takahashi, M., Evolutes of curves in the Lorentz-Minkowski plane, 313-330 [Zbl 1428.53020]
Nabeshima, Katsusuke; Tajima, Shinichi, A new method for computing the limiting tangent space of an isolated hypersurface singularity via algebraic local cohomology, 331-344 [Zbl 1420.13044]
Ogata, Yuta; Termoto, Keisuke, Constant mean curvature surfaces with \(D_4\)-singularities, 345-363 [Zbl 1420.53068]
Romero Fuster, María Carmen; Sanhermelando Rodríguez, Luís, Singularities of secant maps on closed plane curves, 365-381 [Zbl 1423.58024]
Rossman, Wayne; Yasumoto, Masashi, Discrete linear Weingarten surfaces with singularities in Riemannian and Lorentzian spaceforms, 383-410 [Zbl 1431.53014]
Saji, Kentaro, On pairs of geometric foliations on a cuspidal edge, 411-429 [Zbl 1431.53008]
Tsuchida, Asahi, Implicit Hamiltonian systems and singular curves of distributions, 431-448 [Zbl 1420.53041]
Yasumoto, Masashi, Weierstrass-type representation for timelike surfaces, 449-469 [Zbl 1423.37062]
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57M50 General geometric structures on low-dimensional manifolds
57R45 Singularities of differentiable mappings in differential topology
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