On the motion of a body with a moving internal mass on a rough horizontal plane. (English) Zbl 1419.70003

Summary: We consider a vibration-driven system which consists of a rigid body and an internal mass. The internal mass is a particle moving in a circle inside the body. The center of the circle is located at the mass center of the body and the absolute value of particle velocity is a constant. The body performs rectilinear motion on a horizontal plane, whereas the particle moves in a vertical plane. We suppose that dry friction acts between the plane and the body. We have investigated the dynamics of the above system in detail and given a full description of the body’s motion for any values of its initial velocity. In particular, it is shown that there always exists a periodic mode of motion. Depending on parameter values, one of three types of this periodic mode takes place. At any initial velocity the body either enters a periodic mode during a finite time interval or it asymptotically approaches the periodic mode.


70E18 Motion of a rigid body in contact with a solid surface
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