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Automated reasoning with analytic tableaux and related methods. 28th international conference, TABLEAUX 2019, London, UK, September 3–5, 2019. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1428.68011
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11714. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-29025-2/pbk; 978-3-030-29026-9/ebook). xxi, 477 p. (2019).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. In 2018, TABLEAUX was part of IJCAR 2018, see [Zbl 1391.68006]. For the 26th conference, TABLEAUX 2017, see [Zbl 1371.68015].
Indexed articles:
Geatti, Luca; Gigante, Nicola; Montanari, Angelo, A SAT-based encoding of the one-pass and tree-shaped tableau system for LTL, 3-20 [Zbl 1435.68368]
Färber, Michael; Kaliszyk, Cezary, Certification of nonclausal connection tableaux proofs, 21-38 [Zbl 1435.03033]
Britz, Katarina; Varzinczak, Ivan, Preferential tableaux for contextual defeasible \(\mathcal{ALC}\), 39-57 [Zbl 1435.68312]
Li, Chu Min; Manyà, Felip; Soler, Joan Ramon, A tableau calculus for non-clausal maximum satisfiability, 58-73 [Zbl 1435.68372]
Dvir, Yotam; Avron, Arnon, First-order quasi-canonical proof systems, 77-93 [Zbl 1435.03085]
Ciabattoni, Agata; Lang, Timo; Ramanayake, Revantha, Bounded sequent calculi for non-classical logics via hypersequents, 94-110 [Zbl 07200663]
Fiorentini, Camillo; Goré, Rajeev; Graham-Lengrand, Stéphane, A proof-theoretic perspective on SMT-solving for intuitionistic propositional logic, 111-129 [Zbl 1435.68367]
Galmiche, Didier; Marti, Michel; Méry, Daniel, Relating labelled and label-free bunched calculi in BI logic, 130-146 [Zbl 07200665]
Pimentel, Elaine; Ramanayake, Revantha; Lellmann, Björn, Sequentialising nested systems, 147-165 [Zbl 07200666]
Lick, Anthony, A hypersequent calculus with clusters for data logic over ordinals, 166-184 [Zbl 1435.03057]
Goré, Rajeev; Lellmann, Björn, Syntactic cut-elimination and backward proof-search for tense logic via linear nested sequents, 185-202 [Zbl 1435.03084]
Lellmann, Björn, Combining monotone and normal modal logic in nested sequents – with countermodels, 203-220 [Zbl 07200669]
Acclavio, Matteo; Straßburger, Lutz, On combinatorial proofs for modal logic, 223-240 [Zbl 1435.03041]
Lang, Timo; Olarte, Carlos; Pimentel, Elaine; Fermüller, Christian G., A game model for proofs with costs, 241-258 [Zbl 07200671]
Ralph, Benjamin; Straßburger, Lutz, Towards a combinatorial proof theory, 259-276 [Zbl 07200672]
Găină, Daniel; Ţuţu, Ionuţ, Birkhoff completeness for hybrid-dynamic first-order logic, 277-293 [Zbl 07200673]
De, Abhishek; Saurin, Alexis, Infinets: the parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof-theory, 297-316 [Zbl 07200674]
Nollet, Rémi; Saurin, Alexis; Tasson, Christine, PSPACE-completeness of a thread criterion for circular proofs in linear logic with least and greatest fixed points, 317-334 [Zbl 1435.03088]
Docherty, Simon; Rowe, Reuben N. S., A non-wellfounded, labelled proof system for propositional dynamic logic, 335-352 [Zbl 1435.03032]
Ebner, Gabriel, Herbrand constructivization for automated intuitionistic theorem proving, 355-373 [Zbl 1435.68364]
Goertzel, Zarathustra; Jakubův, Jan; Urban, Josef, ENIGMAWatch: ProofWatch meets ENIGMA, 374-388 [Zbl 1435.68370]
Kamburjan, Eduard, Behavioral program logic, 391-408 [Zbl 1435.68063]
Echenim, Mnacho; Iosif, Radu; Peltier, Nicolas, Prenex separation logic with one selector field, 409-427 [Zbl 1435.03056]
Martins, João G.; Platzer, André; Leite, João, Dynamic doxastic differential dynamic logic for belief-aware cyber-physical systems, 428-445 [Zbl 1435.68318]
Leuştean, Ioana; Moangă, Natalia; Şerbănuţă, Traian Florin, Operational semantics and program verification using many-sorted hybrid modal logic, 446-476 [Zbl 1435.68199]
68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68V15 Theorem proving (automated and interactive theorem provers, deduction, resolution, etc.)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
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