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Cryptology and network security. 18th international conference, CANS 2019, Fuzhou, China, October 25–27, 2019. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1428.68039
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11829. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-31577-1/pbk; 978-3-030-31578-8/ebook). xiii, 540 p. (2019).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1425.68007].
Indexed articles:
Sehrawat, Vipin Singh; Desmedt, Yvo, Bi-homomorphic lattice-based PRFs and unidirectional updatable encryption, 3-23 [Zbl 1444.94099]
Izabachène, Malika; Sirdey, Renaud; Zuber, Martin, Practical fully homomorphic encryption for fully masked neural networks, 24-36 [Zbl 1444.94073]
Seo, Hwajeong; Jalali, Amir; Azarderakhsh, Reza, SIKE round 2 speed record on ARM Cortex-M4, 39-60 [Zbl 1444.94100]
Xin, Wenqian; Liu, Yunwen; Sun, Bing; Li, Chao, Improved cryptanalysis on SipHash, 61-79 [Zbl 1444.94109]
El Khatib, Rami; Azarderakhsh, Reza; Mozaffari-Kermani, Mehran, Optimized algorithms and architectures for Montgomery multiplication for post-quantum cryptography, 83-98 [Zbl 1444.94066]
Wang, Shixiong; Zhang, Juanyang; He, Jingnan; Wang, Huaxiong; Li, Chao, Simplified revocable hierarchical identity-based encryption from lattices, 99-119 [Zbl 1444.94104]
Zhang, Yanhua; Liu, Ximeng; Hu, Yupu; Zhang, Qikun; Jia, Huiwen, Lattice-based group signatures with verifier-local revocation: achieving shorter key-sizes and explicit traceability with ease, 120-140 [Zbl 1444.94124]
Zhang, Zhengyu; Wei, Puwen; Xue, Haiyang, Tighter security proofs for post-quantum key encapsulation mechanism in the multi-challenge setting, 141-160 [Zbl 1444.94115]
Chen, Lanxiang; Chen, Zhenchao, Practical, dynamic and efficient integrity verification for symmetric searchable encryption, 163-183 [Zbl 1444.94052]
Chen, Kai; Lin, Zhongrui; Wan, Jian; Xu, Lei; Xu, Chungen, Multi-owner secure encrypted search using searching adversarial networks, 184-195 [Zbl 1444.94051]
Yuen, Tsz Hon, PAChain: private, authenticated and auditable consortium blockchain, 214-234 [Zbl 1444.94123]
Wijaya, Dimaz Ankaa; Liu, Joseph; Steinfeld, Ron; Liu, Dongxi; Limerlina, Senarai: a sustainable public blockchain-based permanent storage protocol, 235-246 [Zbl 1444.94108]
Haböck, Ulrich; Krenn, Stephan, Breaking and fixing anonymous credentials for the cloud, 249-269 [Zbl 1437.68053]
Zhang, Meng; Qi, Saiyu; Miao, Meixia; Zhang, Fuyou, Enabling compressed encryption for cloud based big data stores, 270-287 [Zbl 1437.68057]
Desmedt, Yvo; Dutta, Sabyasachi; Morozov, Kirill, Evolving perfect hash families: a combinatorial viewpoint of evolving secret sharing, 291-307 [Zbl 1444.94062]
Lin, Fuchun; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong; Zeng, Neng, Threshold changeable ramp secret sharing, 308-327 [Zbl 07222959]
Morita, Hiraku; Attrapadung, Nuttapong, Client-aided two-party secure interval test protocol, 328-343 [Zbl 07222960]
Rathee, Deevashwer; Schneider, Thomas; Shukla, K. K., Improved multiplication triple generation over rings via RLWE-based AHE, 347-359 [Zbl 07222961]
Gavin, Gerald; Bonnevay, Stephane, Fractional LWE: a nonlinear variant of LWE, 360-371 [Zbl 07222962]
Datta, Amit; Joye, Marc; Fawaz, Nadia, Private data aggregation over selected subsets of users, 375-391 [Zbl 1437.68050]
Ferradi, Houda; Naccache, David, Integer reconstruction public-key encryption, 412-433 [Zbl 07222965]
Pradhan, Ankit; Sethi, Kamalakanta; Mohapatra, Shrohan; Bera, Padmalochan, Distributed multi-authority attribute-based encryption using cellular automata, 434-456 [Zbl 1437.68054]
Choi, Kyu Young; Kim, Eunkyung; Yoon, Hyojin; Moon, Dukjae; Cho, Jihoon, Generic construction of bounded-collusion IBE via table-based ID-to-key map, 457-469 [Zbl 07222967]
Tezuka, Masayuki; Su, Xiangyu; Tanaka, Keisuke, A \(t\)-out-of-\(n\) redactable signature scheme, 470-489 [Zbl 07222968]
Ünal, Ali Burak; Akgün, Mete; Pfeifer, Nico, A framework with randomized encoding for a fast privacy preserving calculation of non-linear kernels for machine learning applications in precision medicine, 493-511 [Zbl 1437.68154]
Zheng, Mengce; Hu, Honggang, Implicit related-key factorization problem on the RSA cryptosystem, 525-537 [Zbl 1452.94098]
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