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Nature-inspired methods for metaheuristics optimization. Algorithms and applications in science and engineering. (English) Zbl 1432.90007
Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies 16. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-26457-4/hbk; 978-3-030-26458-1/ebook). xiii, 502 p. (2020).

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Publisher’s description: This book gathers together a set of chapters covering recent development in optimization methods that are inspired by nature. The first group of chapters describes in detail different meta-heuristic algorithms, and shows their applicability using some test or real-world problems. The second part of the book is especially focused on advanced applications and case studies. They span different engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, and earth/environmental science, and covers topics such as robotics, water management, process optimization, among others. The book covers both basic concepts and advanced issues, offering a timely introduction to nature-inspired optimization method for newcomers and students, and a source of inspiration as well as important practical insights to engineers and researchers.
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Indexed articles:
Katsifarakis, Konstantinos L.; Kontos, Yiannis N., Genetic algorithms: a mature bio-inspired optimization technique for difficult problems, 3-25 [Zbl 1436.90165]
Sarma, Arup Kumar, Introduction to genetic algorithm with a simple analogy, 27-34 [Zbl 1436.90175]
Poirson, E.; Petiot, J.-F.; Blumenthal, D., Interactive genetic algorithm to collect user perceptions. Application to the design of stemmed glasses, 35-51 [Zbl 1436.90173]
Gandhi, B. G. Rajeev; Bhattacharjya, R. K., Differential evolution and its application in identification of virus release location in a sewer line, 53-72 [Zbl 1446.90164]
Akay, Rustu; Akay, Bahriye, Artificial bee colony algorithm and an application to software defect prediction, 73-92 [Zbl 1436.90155]
Kumar, Dilip; Gandhi, B. G. Rajeev; Bhattacharjya, Rajib Kumar, Firefly algorithm and its applications in engineering optimization, 93-103 [Zbl 1436.90167]
Gandhi, B. G. Rajeev; Bhattacharjya, R. K., Introduction to shuffled frog leaping algorithm and its sensitivity to the parameters of the algorithm, 105-117 [Zbl 1436.90159]
Kumari, Komal; Dhar, Anirban, Groundwater management using coupled analytic element based transient groundwater flow and optimization model, 119-134 [Zbl 1436.90169]
Ram, J. Prasanth; Rajasekar, N., Investigation of bacterial foraging algorithm applied for PV parameter estimation, selective harmonic elimination in inverters and optimal power flow for stability, 135-167 [Zbl 1436.90174]
Islam, Sirajul; Talukdar, Bipul, Application of artificial immune system in optimal design of irrigation canal, 169-182 [Zbl 1436.90161]
Savsani, Vimal; Patel, Vivek; Tawhid, Mohamed, Biogeography based optimization for water pump switching problem, 183-202 [Zbl 1436.90176]
Kumar, Dilip; Gandhi, B. G. Rajeev; Bhattacharjya, Rajib Kumar, Introduction to invasive weed optimization method, 203-214 [Zbl 1436.90168]
Chauhan, Sandeep Singh; Kotecha, Prakash, Single-level production planning in petrochemical industries using novel computational intelligence algorithms, 215-243 [Zbl 1436.90157]
Mejía-Gutiérrez, Ricardo; Fischer, Xavier, A multi-agent platform to support knowledge based modelling in engineering design, 245-263 [Zbl 1436.90170]
Zielinska, Teresa, Synthesis of reference trajectories for humanoid robot supported by genetic algorithm, 267-282 [Zbl 1436.90178]
Kalita, Hriday Mani; Bhattacharjya, Rajib Kumar; Sarma, Arup Kumar, Linked simulation optimization model for evaluation of optimal bank protection measures, 283-302 [Zbl 1436.90162]
Sophia, Leichombam; Bhattacharjya, Rajib Kumar, A GA based iterative model for identification of unknown groundwater pollution sources considering noisy data, 303-321 [Zbl 1436.90177]
Bhattacharjya, Rajib Kumar, Efficiency of binary coded genetic algorithm in stability analysis of an earthen slope, 323-334 [Zbl 1436.90156]
Kalita, Zahnupriya; Datta, Dilip, Corridor allocation as a constrained optimization problem using a permutation-based multi-objective genetic algorithm, 335-358 [Zbl 1436.90163]
Kalita, Zahnupriya; Datta, Dilip, The constrained single-row facility layout problem with repairing mechanisms, 359-383 [Zbl 1436.90164]
Deka, Abhijit; Datta, Dilip, Geometric size optimization of annular step fin array for heat transfer by natural convection, 385-402 [Zbl 1436.90158]
Munusamy, Selva B.; Dhar, Anirban, Optimal control of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers using analytical approximation based on density dependent flow correction, 403-420 [Zbl 1436.90171]
Patwardhan, Apoorv P.; Patidar, Rohan; George, Nithin V., Dynamic nonlinear active noise control: a multi-objective evolutionary computing approach, 421-439 [Zbl 1436.90172]
Kommadath, Remya; Kotecha, Prakash, Scheduling of jobs on dissimilar parallel machine using computational intelligence algorithms, 441-464 [Zbl 1436.90166]
Briheche, Yann; Barbaresco, Frederic; Bennis, Fouad; Chablat, Damien, Branch-and-bound method for just-in-time optimization of radar search patterns, 465-488 [Zbl 1436.90118]
Garewal, Sahajpreet Kaur; Vasudeo, Avinash D.; Ghare, Aniruddha D., Optimization of the GIS-based DRASTIC model for groundwater vulnerability assessment, 489-502 [Zbl 1436.90160]
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