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Information and communications security. 19th international conference, ICICS 2017, Beijing, China, December 6–8, 2017. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1435.68039
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10631. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-89499-7/pbk; 978-3-319-89500-0/ebook). xvi, 384 p. (2018).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1351.68023].
Indexed articles:
Wang, Weijin; Liu, Jingbin; Qin, Yu; Feng, Dengguo, Formal analysis of a TTP-free blacklistable anonymous credentials system, 3-16 [Zbl 1452.94108]
Shen, Jiahui; Chen, Tianyu; Wang, Lei; Ma, Yuan, An efficiency optimization scheme for the on-the-fly statistical randomness test, 17-35 [Zbl 1452.94083]
Mo, Ruo; Ma, Jianfeng; Liu, Ximeng; Li, Qi, FABSS: attribute-based sanitizable signature for flexible access structure, 39-50 [Zbl 1452.94079]
Li, Huorong; Pan, Wuqiong; Lin, Jingqiang; Cheng, Wangzhao; Li, Bingyu, SSUKey: a CPU-based solution protecting private keys on untrusted OS, 51-62 [Zbl 1452.94074]
Wang, Wenwen; Lv, Kewei, The reductions for the approximating covering radius problem, 65-74 [Zbl 1452.94129]
Liu, Jianing; Lv, Kewei, Solving discrete logarithm problem in an interval using periodic iterates, 75-80 [Zbl 1452.94076]
Liang, Bei; Mitrokotsa, Aikaterini, Distributed pseudorandom functions for general access structures in NP, 81-87 [Zbl 1452.94058]
Qiu, Shuang; Zhang, Rui; Zhou, Yongbin; Zhang, Hailong, Reducing randomness complexity of mask refreshing algorithm, 88-101 [Zbl 1452.94081]
Li, Changting; Liu, Zongbin; Zhang, Lingchen; Ma, Cunqing; Zheng, Liang, A plausibly deniable encryption scheme utilizing PUF’s thermo-sensitivity, 105-117 [Zbl 1452.94072]
Wang, Xueqing; Wang, Biao; Xue, Rui, Two efficient tag-based encryption schemes on lattices, 118-131 [Zbl 1452.94088]
Li, Jie; Zhang, Daode; Lu, Xianhui; Wang, Kunpeng, Compact (targeted homomorphic) inner product encryption from LWE, 132-140 [Zbl 1452.94075]
Wang, Zhedong; Fan, Xiong; Wang, Mingsheng, Compact inner product encryption from LWE, 141-153 [Zbl 1452.94090]
Zhang, Daode; Li, Bao; Liu, Yamin; Xue, Haiyang; Lu, Xianhui; Jia, Dingding, Towards tightly secure deterministic public key encryption, 154-161 [Zbl 1452.94096]
Zhao, Qingsong; Zeng, Qingkai; Liu, Ximeng, Efficient inner product encryption with simulation-based security, 162-171 [Zbl 1452.94097]
Yu, Gang; Ma, Xiaoxiao; Cao, Zhenfu; Zhu, Weihua; Zeng, Guang, Server-aided directly revocable ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption with verifiable delegation, 172-179 [Zbl 1437.68056]
Feng, Xinyu; Jin, Cancan; Li, Cong; Fang, Yuejian; Shen, Qingni; Wu, Zhonghai, Practical large universe attribute-set based encryption in the standard model, 180-191 [Zbl 1437.68051]
Feng, Xinyu; Li, Cong; Li, Dan; Fang, Yuejian; Shen, Qingni, Fully secure hidden ciphertext-policy attribute-based proxy re-encryption, 192-204 [Zbl 1437.68052]
Gupta, Kanika; Selvi, S. Sharmila Deva; Rangan, C. Pandu; Dighe, Shubham Sopan, Identity-based group encryption revisited, 205-209 [Zbl 1452.94068]
Zhang, Daode; Fang, Fuyang; Li, Bao; Xue, Haiyang; Liang, Bei, Compact hierarchical IBE from lattices in the standard model, 210-221 [Zbl 1452.94095]
Kabin, Ievgen; Dyka, Zoya; Kreiser, Dan; Langendoerfer, Peter, Methods for increasing the resistance of cryptographic designs against horizontal DPA attacks, 225-235 [Zbl 1452.94070]
Yang, Wenjie; Weng, Jian; Zhang, Futai, New certificateless public key encryption secure against malicious KGC attacks in the standard model, 236-247 [Zbl 1452.94094]
Ahn, Soyoung; Lee, Hyang-Sook; Lim, Seongan; Yie, Ikkwon, A lattice attack on homomorphic NTRU with non-invertible public keys, 248-254 [Zbl 1452.94059]
Li, Kang; Yang, Rupeng; Au, Man Ho; Xu, Qiuliang, Practical range proof for cryptocurrency Monero with provable security, 255-262 [Zbl 1452.94105]
Peng, Feiyang; Liu, Zhihong; Zeng, Yong; Wang, Jialei, Modeling key infection in large-scale sensor networks, 265-275 [Zbl 1437.68030]
Huang, Meigen; Yu, Bin, SDN-based secure localization in heterogeneous WSN, 276-287 [Zbl 1437.68028]
Li, Changting; Liu, Zongbin; Zhang, Lingchen; Ma, Cunqing; Zheng, Liang, A PUF and software collaborative key protection scheme, 291-303 [Zbl 1452.94073]
Liang, Xueping; Shetty, Sachin; Tosh, Deepak; Foytik, Peter; Zhang, Lingchen, Towards a trusted and privacy preserving membership service in distributed ledger using Intel Software Guard Extensions, 304-310 [Zbl 1452.94104]
Liang, Mingyue; Li, Zhoujun; Zeng, Qiang; Fang, Zhejun, Deobfuscation of virtualization-obfuscated code through symbolic execution and compilation optimization, 313-324 [Zbl 1452.94071]
Xiang, Guangli; Yu, Lu; Li, Beilei; Xia, Mengsen, A self-healing key distribution scheme for mobile ad hoc networks, 325-335 [Zbl 1452.94092]
Li, Yu; Wang, Yazhe; Zhang, Yuan, SecHome: a secure large-scale smart home system using hierarchical identity based encryption, 339-351 [Zbl 1452.94077]
Zhu, Dali; Rong, Wenjing; Wu, Di; Pang, Na, Multi-attribute counterfeiting tag identification protocol in large-scale RFID system, 352-362 [Zbl 1452.94100]
Liu, Jingjing; Niu, Wenjia; Liu, Jiqiang; Zhao, Jia; Chen, Tong; Yang, Yinqi; Xiang, Yingxiao; Han, Lei, A method to effectively detect vulnerabilities on path planning of VIN, 374-384 [Zbl 1452.94106]
Liu, Hai; Wu, Zhenqiang; Peng, Changgen; Zhang, Shuangyue; Tian, Feng; Lu, Laifeng, Perturbation paradigms of maintaining privacy-preserving monotonicity for differential privacy, 446-458 [Zbl 1437.68058]
Yoneyama, Kazuki; Kimura, Shogo, Verifiable and forward secure dynamic searchable symmetric encryption with storage efficiency, 489-501 [Zbl 1437.68055]
Basu, Anirban; Xu, Rui; Corena, Juan Camilo; Kiyomoto, Shinsaku, Hypercubes and private information retrieval, 509-515 [Zbl 1437.68048]
Wang, Yuntao; Aono, Yoshinori; Takagi, Tsuyoshi, An experimental study of Kannan’s embedding technique for the search LWE problem, 541-553 [Zbl 1452.94089]
He, Ruan; Pattaranantakul, Montida; Zhang, Zonghua; Duval, Thomas, SDAC: a new software-defined access control paradigm for cloud-based systems, 570-581 [Zbl 1452.94069]
Bai, Xiaoxuan; Xiang, Yingxiao; Niu, Wenjia; Liu, Jiqiang; Chen, Tong; Liu, Jingjing; Wu, Tong, A cross-modal CCA-based astroturfing detection approach, 582-592 [Zbl 1452.94061]
Xu, Zhiqiang; He, Debiao; Huang, Xinyi, Secure and efficient two-factor authentication protocol using RSA signature for multi-server environments, 595-605 [Zbl 1450.94049]
Sharma, Gaurav; Sahu, Rajeev Anand; Kuchta, Veronika; Markowitch, Olivier; Bala, Suman, Authenticated group key agreement protocol without pairing, 606-618 [Zbl 1450.94044]
Fan, Rong; Chang, Yaoyao, Machine learning for black-box fuzzing of network protocols, 621-632 [Zbl 1452.94066]
Yang, Jing; Wang, Liming; Xu, Zhen, A novel semantic-aware approach for detecting malicious web traffic, 633-645 [Zbl 1452.94109]
Wang, Zhi; Tian, Meiqi; Jia, Chunfu, An active and dynamic botnet detection approach to track hidden concept drift, 646-660 [Zbl 1452.94091]
Qian, Wenjun; Shen, Qingni; Yang, Yizhe; Yang, Yahui; Wu, Zhonghai, Statically defend network consumption against acker failure vulnerability in storm, 661-673 [Zbl 1452.94080]
Trifa, Zied; Hajlaoui, Jalel Eddine; Khemakhem, Maher, Pollution attacks identification in structured p2p overlay networks, 674-686 [Zbl 1452.94086]

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