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Proceedings of the international congress of mathematicians 2018, ICM 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 1–9, 2018. Volume III. Invited lectures. (English) Zbl 1437.00045
Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific; Rio de Janeiro: Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática (SBM) (ISBN 978-981-327-292-7/hbk; 978-981-327-287-3/hbk-set; 978-981-3272-89-7/ebook-set). xviii, 1477-2758 (2018).

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Publisher’s description: The proceedings of the ICM publishes the talks, by invited speakers, at the conference organized by the International Mathematical Union every 4 years. It covers several areas of Mathematics and it includes the Fields Medal and Nevanlinna, Gauss and Leelavati Prizes and the Chern Medal laudatios.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
For the preceding congress see [Zbl 1314.00103; Zbl 1314.00104; Zbl 1314.00105; Zbl 1314.00106].
For Vol. I, II and IV see [Zbl 1436.00059; Zbl 1437.00044; Zbl 1437.00046].
Indexed articles:
Argyros, Spiros A.; Haydon, Richard G., Bourgain-Delbaen \(\mathscr{L}_\infty\)-spaces, the scalar-plus-compact property and related problems, 1477-1510 [Zbl 1459.46008]
Bishop, Christopher J., Harmonic measure: algorithms and applications, 1511-1537 [Zbl 1455.30015]
Demeter, Ciprian, Decouplings and applications, 1539-1560 [Zbl 1448.42021]
Dinh, Tien-Cuong, Pluripotential theory and complex dynamics in higher dimension, 1561-1581 [Zbl 1447.32051]
Exel, Ruy; Steinberg, Benjamin, The inverse hull of 0-left cancellative semigroups, 1583-1611 [Zbl 1445.20048]
Fall, Mouhamed Moustapha, Constant nonlocal mean curvatures surfaces and related problems, 1613-1637 [Zbl 1448.35005]
Ioana, Adrian, Rigidity for von Neumann algebras, 1639-1672 [Zbl 1461.46058]
Johnson, William B., Some 20+ year old problems about Banach spaces and operators on them, 1673-1690 [Zbl 1459.46010]
Mayboroda, Svitlana, The effect of disorder and irregularities on solutions to boundary value problems and spectra of differential operators, 1691-1712 [Zbl 1448.35157]
Máthé, András, Measurable equidecompositions, 1713-1731 [Zbl 1454.28007]
Petermichl, Stefanie, Higher order commutators and multi-parameter BMO, 1733-1752 [Zbl 1452.42014]
Poltoratski, Alexei, Toeplitz methods in completeness and spectral problems, 1753-1778 [Zbl 1448.42013]
Thom, Andreas, Finitary approximations of groups and their applications, 1779-1799 [Zbl 1445.20039]
Winter, Wilhelm, Structure of nuclear \(C^*\)-algebras: from quasidiagonality to classification and back again, 1801-1823 [Zbl 1462.46070]
Bochi, Jairo, Ergodic optimization of Birkhoff averages and Lyapunov exponents, 1825-1846 [Zbl 1448.37059]
Bowen, Lewis P., A brief introduction to sofic entropy theory, 1847-1866 [Zbl 1450.37001]
Demarco, Laura, Critical orbits and arithmetic equidistribution, 1847-1866 [Zbl 1450.37043]
Díaz, Lorenzo J., Nonhyperbolic ergodic measures, 1887-1907 [Zbl 1451.37042]
Fayad, Bassam; Krikorian, Raphaël, Some questions around quasi-periodic dynamics, 1909-1932 [Zbl 1450.37024]
Gouëzel, Sébastien, Subadditive cocycles and horofunctions, 1933-1947 [Zbl 1451.37078]
Hochman, Michael, Dimension theory of self-similar sets and measures, 1949-1972 [Zbl 1447.28007]
Khanin, Konstantin, Renormalization and rigidity, 1973-1993 [Zbl 1451.37062]
Koropecki, Andres; Nassiri, Meysam, Boundary dynamics for surface homeomorphisms, 1995-2015 [Zbl 1451.37065]
Moller, Martin, Geometry of Teichmüller curves, 2017-2034 [Zbl 1447.32021]
Navas, Andrés, Group actions on 1-manifolds: a list of very concrete open questions, 2035-2062 [Zbl 1451.37039]
Potrie, Rafael, Robust dynamics, invariant structures and topological classification, 2063-2085 [Zbl 1451.37026]
Przytycki, Feliks, Thermodynamic formalism methods in one-dimensional real and complex dynamics, 2087-2112 [Zbl 1451.37047]
You, Jiangong, Quantitative almost reducibility and its applications, 2113-2135 [Zbl 07250555]
Bedrossian, Jacob; Deng, Yu; Masmoudi, Nader, The Orr mechanism: stability/instability of the Couette flow for the 2D Euler dynamic, 2137-2166 [Zbl 1448.35374]
Bresch, Didier; Jabin, Pierre-Emmanuel, Quantitative estimates for advective equation with degenerate anelastic constraint, 2167-2192 [Zbl 1448.35041]
Córdoba, Diego, Interface dynamics for incompressible fluids: splash and splat singularities, 2193-2213 [Zbl 1448.76033]
De Philippis, Guido; Rindler, Filip, On the structure of measures constrained by linear PDES, 2215-2239 [Zbl 1448.35099]
Delort, Jean-Marc, Long time existence results for solutions of water waves equations, 2241-2260 [Zbl 1448.76034]
Dolbeault, Jean; Esteban, Maria J.; Loss, Michael, Symmetry and symmetry breaking: rigidity and flows in elliptic PDES, 2261-2285 [Zbl 1453.35066]
Giga, Yoshikazu, On large time behavior of growth by birth and spread, 2287-2310 [Zbl 1448.35007]
Gubinelli, Massimiliano, A panorama of singular SPDEs, 2311-2338 [Zbl 1453.60127]
Guillarmou, Colin, Analytic tools for the study of flows and inverse problems, 2339-2361 [Zbl 1448.35008]
Kiselev, Alexander, Small scales and singularity formation in fluid dynamics, 2363-2390 [Zbl 1448.35398]
Logunov, Alexander; Malinnikova, Eugenia, Quantitative propagation of smallness for solutions of elliptic equations, 2391-2411 [Zbl 1453.35061]
Majdoub, Mohamed; Tayachi, Slim, Well-posedness, global existence and decay estimates for the heat equation with general power-exponential nonlinearities, 2413-2438 [Zbl 1447.35196]
Martel, Yvan, Interaction of solitons from the PDE point of view, 2439-2466 [Zbl 1447.35007]
Mouhot, Clément, De Giorgi-Nash-Moser and Hörmander theories: new interplays, 2467-2493 [Zbl 1447.35008]
Nonnenmacher, Stéphane, Resonances in hyperbolic dynamics, 2495-2518 [Zbl 1447.81131]
Lopes, Helena J. Nussenzveig; Filho, Milton C. Lopes, Fluids, walls and vanishing viscosity, 2519-2540 [Zbl 1448.35378]
Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard; Kashaev, Rinat, The Teichmüller TQFT, 2541-2565 [Zbl 1447.57013]
Belavin, Alexander, Special geometry on Calabi-Yau moduli spaces and \(Q\)-invariant Milnor rings, 2567-2580 [Zbl 1447.32041]
Di Francesco, Philippe, Integrable combinatorics, 2581-2596 [Zbl 1448.05019]
Kawahigashi, Yasuyuki, Conformal field theory, vertex operator algebras and operator algebras, 2597-2616 [Zbl 1447.81179]
Landim, Claudio, Variational formulae for the capacity induced by second-order elliptic differential operators, 2617-2642 [Zbl 1458.60087]
Liverani, Carlangelo, Transport in partially hyperbolic fast-slow systems, 2643-2667 [Zbl 1453.82039]
Schlein, Benjamin, Bogoliubov excitation spectrum for Bose-Einstein condensates, 2669-2686 [Zbl 1447.81126]
Shcherbina, Mariya; Shcherbina, Tatyana, Transfer operator approach to 1D random band matrices, 2687-2707 [Zbl 1447.60028]
Tachikawa, Yuji, On ‘categories’ of quantum field theories, 2709-2731 [Zbl 1447.81156]
Toninelli, Fabio, \((2+1)\)-dimensional interface dynamics: mixing time, hydrodynamic limit and anisotropic KPZ growth, 2733-2758 [Zbl 1453.82046]

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