Compactness and continuity properties for a Lévy process at a two-sided exit time. (English) Zbl 1440.62066

Summary: We consider a Lévy process \(X=(X(t))_{t\geq 0}\) in a generalised Feller class at 0, and study the exit position, \(\left\vert X(T(r))\right\vert\), as \(X\) leaves, and the position, \(\left\vert X(T(r)-)\right\vert\), just prior to its leaving, at time \(T(r)\), a two-sided region with boundaries at \(\pm r\), \(r>0\). Conditions are known for \(X\) to be in the Feller class \(FC_0\) at zero, by which we mean that each sequence \(t_k\downarrow 0\) contains a subsequence through which \(X(t_k)\), after norming by a nonstochastic function, converges to an a.s. finite nondegenerate random variable. We use these conditions on \(X\) to characterise similar properties for the normed positions \(\left \vert X(T( r))\right \vert /r\) and \(\left \vert X(T( r) -)\right \vert /r\), and also for the normed jump \(\left \vert \Delta X(T(r))/r\right \vert = \left \vert X(T(r))-X(T(r)-)\right \vert /r\) (“the jump causing ruin”), as convergence takes place through sequences \(r_k\downarrow 0\). We go on to give conditions for the continuity of distributions of the limiting random variables obtained in this way.


62E17 Approximations to statistical distributions (nonasymptotic)
62B15 Theory of statistical experiments
62G05 Nonparametric estimation
60G65 Nonlinear processes (e.g., \(G\)-Brownian motion, \(G\)-Lévy processes)
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