Theory and applications of satisfiability testing – SAT 2020. 23rd international conference, Alghero, Italy, July 3–10, 2020. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1457.68014

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12178. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-030-51824-0/pbk; 978-3-030-51825-7/ebook). xi, 538 p. (2020).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1428.68027].
Indexed articles:
Chew, Leroy; Heule, Marijn J. H., Sorting parity encodings by reusing variables, 1-10 [Zbl 07331008]
Vallade, Vincent; Le Frioux, Ludovic; Baarir, Souheib; Sopena, Julien; Ganesh, Vijay; Kordon, Fabrice, Community and LBD-based clause sharing policy for parallel SAT solving, 11-27 [Zbl 07331009]
Feng, Nick; Bacchus, Fahiem, Clause size reduction with all-UIP learning, 28-45 [Zbl 07331010]
Hickey, Randy; Bacchus, Fahiem, Trail saving on backtrack, 46-61 [Zbl 07331011]
Möhle, Sibylle; Sebastiani, Roberto; Biere, Armin, Four flavors of entailment, 62-71 [Zbl 07331012]
Shaw, Arijit; Meel, Kuldeep S., Designing new phase selection heuristics, 72-88 [Zbl 07331013]
Lorenz, Jan-Hendrik; Wörz, Florian, On the effect of learned clauses on stochastic local search, 89-106 [Zbl 07331014]
Audemard, Gilles; Paulevé, Loïc; Simon, Laurent, SAT heritage: a community-driven effort for archiving, building and running more than thousand SAT solvers, 107-113 [Zbl 07331015]
Heisinger, Maximilian; Fleury, Mathias; Biere, Armin, Distributed cube and conquer with Paracooba, 114-122 [Zbl 07331016]
Nabeshima, Hidetomo; Inoue, Katsumi, Reproducible efficient parallel SAT solving, 123-138 [Zbl 07331017]
Kochemazov, Stepan, Improving implementation of SAT competitions 2017–2019 winners, 139-148 [Zbl 07331018]
Mull, Nathan; Pang, Shuo; Razborov, Alexander, On CDCL-based proof systems with the ordered decision strategy, 149-165 [Zbl 07331019]
Bonet, Maria Luisa; Levy, Jordi, Equivalence between systems stronger than resolution, 166-181 [Zbl 07331020]
Vinyals, Marc; Elffers, Jan; Johannsen, Jan; Nordström, Jakob, Simplified and improved separations between regular and general resolution by lifting, 182-200 [Zbl 07331021]
Yolcu, Emre; Wu, Xinyu; Heule, Marijn J. H., Mycielski graphs and PR proofs, 201-217 [Zbl 07331022]
Larrosa, Javier; Rollon, Emma, Towards a better understanding of (partial weighted) MaxSAT proof systems, 218-232 [Zbl 07331023]
Li, Chunxiao; Fleming, Noah; Vinyals, Marc; Pitassi, Toniann; Ganesh, Vijay, Towards a complexity-theoretic understanding of restarts in SAT solvers, 233-249 [Zbl 07331024]
Agrawal, Durgesh; Bhavishya; Meel, Kuldeep S., On the sparsity of XORs in approximate model counting, 250-266 [Zbl 07331025]
Slivovsky, Friedrich; Szeider, Stefan, A faster algorithm for propositional model counting parameterized by incidence treewidth, 267-276 [Zbl 07331026]
Berg, Jeremias; Bacchus, Fahiem; Poole, Alex, Abstract cores in implicit hitting set MaxSat solving, 277-294 [Zbl 07331027]
Filmus, Yuval; Mahajan, Meena; Sood, Gaurav; Vinyals, Marc, MaxSAT resolution and subcube sums, 295-311 [Zbl 07331028]
de Colnet, Alexis, A lower bound on DNNF encodings of pseudo-Boolean constraints, 312-321 [Zbl 07331029]
Le Berre, Daniel; Marquis, Pierre; Wallon, Romain, On weakening strategies for PB solvers, 322-331 [Zbl 07331030]
Mencía, Carlos; Marques-Silva, Joao, Reasoning about strong inconsistency in ASP, 332-342 [Zbl 07331031]
Hecher, Markus; Thier, Patrick; Woltran, Stefan, Taming high treewidth with abstraction, nested dynamic programming, and database technology, 343-360 [Zbl 07331032]
Seed, Thomas; King, Andy; Evans, Neil, Reducing bit-vector polynomials to SAT using Gröbner bases, 361-377 [Zbl 07331033]
Jonáš, Martin; Strejček, Jan, Speeding up quantified bit-vector SMT solvers by bit-width reductions and extensions, 378-393 [Zbl 07331034]
Beyersdorff, Olaf; Blinkhorn, Joshua; Peitl, Tomáš, Strong (D)QBF dependency schemes via tautology-free resolution paths, 394-411 [Zbl 07331035]
Shukla, Ankit; Slivovsky, Friedrich; Szeider, Stefan, Short Q-resolution proofs with homomorphisms, 412-428 [Zbl 07331036]
Schlaipfer, Matthias; Slivovsky, Friedrich; Weissenbacher, Georg; Zuleger, Florian, Multi-linear strategy extraction for QBF expansion proofs via local soundness, 429-446 [Zbl 07331037]
Mayer-Eichberger, Valentin; Saffidine, Abdallah, Positional games and QBF: the corrective encoding, 447-463 [Zbl 07331038]
Anderson, Matthew; Ji, Zongliang; Xu, Anthony Yang, Matrix multiplication: verifying strong uniquely solvable puzzles, 464-480 [Zbl 07331039]
Češka, Milan; Matyáš, Jiří; Mrazek, Vojtech; Vojnar, Tomáš, Satisfiability solving meets evolutionary optimisation in designing approximate circuits, 481-491 [Zbl 07331040]
Ehlers, Rüdiger; Treutler, Kai; Wesling, Volker, SAT solving with fragmented Hamiltonian path constraints for wire arc additive manufacturing, 492-500 [Zbl 07331041]
Janota, Mikoláš; Morgado, António, SAT-based encodings for optimal decision trees with explicit paths, 501-518 [Zbl 07331042]
Karpiński, Michał; Piotrów, Marek, Incremental encoding of pseudo-Boolean goal functions based on comparator networks, 519-535 [Zbl 07331043]


68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Q25 Analysis of algorithms and problem complexity
68R07 Computational aspects of satisfiability
68T20 Problem solving in the context of artificial intelligence (heuristics, search strategies, etc.)
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